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  1. Some of the parts are the ones they made for the build your own lightsaber thing at galaxy’s edge. Maybe there’s nothing more to it than cosmetics, the tie in to the theme park stuff would suggest that - ”use the lightsaber you build in the game!” This is cool though:
  2. And it’s so neat & clean, I would kill for coverage like that.
  3. I was surprised by just how video gamey bits like that’s were. It was like a Zelda dungeon, here’s all the stuff you can interact with once you get the item (force power) at the core of it, but with no subtly.
  4. Yesterday’s lesson was painting one of Banshee’s busts with skin tones mixed from the primaries and black & white. So this is a sketch, in need of further refinement, trying to find lighting, tones, and extremes of highlight. I’m so bad at pushing my highlights. Lots of wet blending, bit of layering, and some glazing. Using the S75 artists paints, still getting used to them they have a longer working life than I’m used to so at the start the wet blending was lifting rather than blending. Started off by mixing all 3 primaries together into the so called master skin tone, then adding white and more of a primary to find a base skin tone. I ended up with this colour: The start things off by slapping that all over, then while it’s still wet hitting up the colour zones of the face (mix primaries with base or trust wet blend), then sketch out the lighting, blue & black mixdd into the master skin tone for the shadow colour. This is where I was after the first pass, I had to stop cause I was lifting paint like the chest: I probably took the yellow light WAY to far in this first bit but it’s kinda driven the look towards someone in bright sun/warn light. The shine here is just wet paint, in the first pics it’s the highlights trying to make him look a bit sweaty.
  5. Fully customisable controls, on PS4 anyway, so I’ve remapped attack & force attack to R1 & R2 for a bit of darth souls.
  6. A Remedy Star Wars game would be cool.
  7. Played the first hour last night, up until I could meditate for the first time. So far it’s been fun & fulfilling the Star Wars fantasy of being able to use a light sabre - block & reflect bolt, got rushed by four storm troopers, parried one which gives an instakill type move to then, swung & cut down all four at once which was pretty cool. Hopefully it gets more Souls-y as that hype coming out of E3 was what sold it to me, but I’m going to be disappointed on that front going by the above. Downsides: - do not like the stylisation on characters’ faces, it’s just weird. - don’t like the main character’s voice, too American. Don’t like his stupid face either. - kinda want to play the villain, she’s got a cool evil Hollywood English accent. - they make you press a button to climb, is it not enough that I’ve jumped face first onto the climbing surface?
  8. I did after I posted that & realised I hadn’t got round to it yet, sorry dude life’s been crazy around here.
  9. That’s so fucking cool, I’ve already a backlog a mile long of big models but fuck me I need that! Great paint job too!
  10. How often are you breaking it down? I’ve only ever done the couple of times I blocked it with white when I first started using it. I’ve been following the advice of the Badger Airbrushes owner (he did a talk at adepticon on airbrushes, it’s on YouTube) and said you should really only have to shoot cleaner through it. Being lazy that appeals so that’s what I do - empty the cup, put water through it, wipe out the cup, put cleaner through. When it’s coming out clear you’re done. I’ve not yet had an issue with just doing this.
  11. That pretty cool, we had the villagers in Black & White 2 wear desire paths into that grass. It’s an effective thing, AI pathing will tend to take similar routes so will wear their own visible paths, player will gravitate towards existing paths so again things will be reinforced.
  12. The team orders button is what you want, you can give priority to one of the drivers & the other will let them through. Don’t just put it back to race immediately after the pass or the overtaken driver will fight back if they can. Invest in young drivers, they’re a fun story generator & can give some very good drivers very cheaply.
  13. Odd, that definitely shouldn’t happen. Did she leave during the pre-season stuff?
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