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  1. Horner’s indignation would ring a lot less hollow if he didn’t defend every dangerous move Max has pulled off over the years. If it was reversed he’d be say racing incident and changing the conversation to talk about how great Max was.
  2. Added to my cart at 6 on the dot, only completed checkout now.
  3. I wish. As @Nicky says it’s they’re all transfers. After coughing up eBay prices for the sheet I’m going to use the thing as much as possible
  4. Now that looks like a good idea, I've got so many paints and crap spread everywhere (made even worse by not being in my own home atm). I bought some little plastic drawers to shove things in and they're too short for dropper bottles to stand up in, plus they only hold the small set of GW & Vallejo paints I've got, the SC75, Scale artists range, oils, pigments, waxes, and everything else are just in random cardboard boxes atm. It's a mess. Edit, although looking at the sizes I wonder if I could fit everything in. I might be better off with something more like this:
  5. Started construction of the warmaster. Still a bunch of painting to go but thought it made sense to start seeing it in context.
  6. That's a system I stuck in near the end of dev, I cannot remember if we capped it or not. I've got a feeling we might have, but it's going to be pretty high if we did. The reason it went in so late was one of the design goals of F2 was money should be hard to come by - myself and the simulation designer spent days working out how the simulated economy worked, how money flowed in towns. Shops sold to NPCs as well as you so their stock fluctuated, they only paid a fraction of what an item cost when you sold it back to them, the rent on you charged on buildings had an effect on things, etc, etc - I can't remember all the details now tbh, it was 06/07 we were working this out. Then come the big design playthroughs toward the end of dev and Peter finds it really hard to get money, despite that being his directive, so all balance is changed and it becomes really easy to get it. And we add the system for giving you offline rent too. The thing that always comes up is time travel, since it's based on the 360's clock you can change the clock and earn more money. The way it works it it compares the time you saved the game to the time now, and works out how much money you've made in that passage of time. Originally I made it so you couldn't time travel, if the new time was less than the save time it would remove money from you. But although the 360 clock was accurate and couldn't be changed when connected to the internet if you unplugged one from the power it would reset the clock to 2005, so you could go backwards by accident so we removed it. Since I'm telling stories, we also had a crime called gross indecency which was cut very near the end. I worked on the world sim coding things like NPC behaviours (their lives, not the interactions with the heroes that was my flatmate at the time), crime, economy, decoration, etc so this was my doing. If you did any of the flirty or sexual expressions towards a child you'd be charged with gross indecency (the child would run for a guard or adult), this was the most punished crime in the game. Microsoft wanted us to take it out because they couldn't condone such things, I argued that we weren't condoning it it was the worst crime in the game, they argued you have to support it by coding it, I argued that actually I didn't it's part of the simulation and is supported by that and putting an artificial block on who you can do expressions to is more of a thing, and a betrayal of what we're trying to achieve with the simulated world. I actually won that round, we were going hard on the simulated world but the problem is not one can see it because as soon as the hero gets close to them they stop what they're doing and respond to the hero, or it's happening behind closed doors. For example families have dinner every night, they sit at the table and one adult gets bowls from the cupboard, fills them from the pot on the stove and serves them to the npcs at the table (and themselves), then they eat, then the bowls are tidied back into the cupboard. The all happens behind closed doors, the player can't see that. Anyway as those who played F2 may remember not everywhere has guards, in places that don't crime is met by villagers attacking you. One such place is the gypsy camp at the start of the game. On a playthrough our art director went to blow a kiss at on of those dancing around the fire, a child ran in front of their intended target and the entire camp pulled weapons and attacked him. This was when all your quests came from there and he couldn't set foot near the place. That's what finally killed that crime, production actually got someone else to take it out rather than argue with me about it again
  7. Thankfully he’s only in it for a few mins, unfortunately they’re near the start.
  8. Cool, didn’t know you were working on it. Charlie & Neal are great guys who know their shit. I’m looking forward to playing it, I backed it on Kickstarter & played some early builds but now I’m waiting for it to come out of early access.
  9. Ah fuck, is that bug still in there…. It’s rare, but if you do get stuck turn off the console or quit to the dashboard in a way that doesn’t save. I think if you go into the loading screen there might be rolling saves, can’t 100% remember if that was only for dev or not.
  10. Beautiful. Loving the wings especially. I really need yo get one of those, but I’m honestly pretty intimidated by it.
  11. Been doing some more work on the warmaster
  12. Can you see the results, I’m not allowed apparently.
  13. yeah, this seems to have gone very quickly. Didn’t see the thread until now.
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