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  1. Working on this guy with my painting teacher, mostly veins tonight also have done a bit more work developing this guy’s skin
  2. Finished off this guy And started on this, just layering up washes & glazes to make old, broken, weather beaten skin
  3. they’ve been changing the music across the episodes to reflect the feel of the episode. It’s the same score but performed/arranged differently. Like episode 7 is very triumphant, performed on strings (sounds like synth strings), episode 8 & 9 is electronic, discordant, uneasy. It’s a nice touch.
  4. and ties in nicely with the allusions to Northern Ireland in the first set of episodes and the highland clearances in this set.
  5. What’s wrong with his acting?
  6. Yup. Tells a better story in the first three episodes than any of the other live action series have managed in their entire runs. Imo anyway.
  7. I loved Drop7 back in the day but to me there’s something off about the feel of it ever since one of the early updates after Zynga bought it. I think they just tweaked the speed slightly but enough that it broke the spell that game had over me.
  8. Last Games Day & Golden Demon I went to was ‘97 so I’m surprised by people saying they didn’t need tickets to enter GD in the past, I’ve always assumed it was a ticketed event. As @JoeK says there’s a lot of pretty entitled whine going on just now in some painting groups. Yeah I can totally understand the frustration of not getting a ticket when there’s not been an event since 2019, but the attitude of I deserve to be there & gw is screwing me is a bit much.
  9. Thought I should try and finish this before I really start anything else, so been doing more work on the turtle/tortoise and the gourd.
  10. That looks great, not 100% accurate but who cares it definitely more than reads as a shiny glass/gem/translucent ball. Loving these lizardmen you're doing.
  11. The Bag


    This came you in my YouTube recommendations earlier, it’s a really well put together wee documentary
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