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  1. I ended up with two of these so I’m trying to do it in a speed painty way rather than my usual slow ass style.
  2. Maybe not the smartest move by Bottas to say he didn’t let him past in the post race interviews.
  3. That’s completely down to Red Bull, how many drivers do the have to go through before they make changes to how their running things. Cause how they’re doing it now isn’t helping them.
  4. Four world champions on the grid, and only one of them in the top ten.
  5. Good Q&A with Dan Abnett. Q: Can one feel pity for Magnus The Red A: No... he’s a dick
  6. Is the Aeronautica stuff the same scale is Titanicus? Could you use it as scenery/basing elements?
  7. I went for some Mr Cement SP, which is S but faster drying according to the description. Also the one that would get to me the fastest.
  8. Lewis actually sounds tired after that.
  9. This seems like a good place to ask, what sort of plastic cement do people use? There’s so much choice out there, do I want the thin variety? Since getting back into the hobby I’ve used superglue on everything as my memories of plastic cement from back in the day is it getting everywhere & leaving finger prints on things.
  10. Been doing some work on the turquoise bits. I’ve got my hands on redgrass games’s new palette paper - they sent some to my painting teacher, he sent a sheet to me. And holy shit it’s a massive jump in quality. I was very sceptical about it, and honestly not that interested cause I still have a bunch of the original stuff to use. They’ve changed it so there’s now a shiny side and that’s what you put your paints on, I’ve no idea what they’ve treated it with but it’s like having the paints of a tile or something - there’s no absorption into the paper, the paint just gl
  11. I agree, great batch. And pre-emptive congrats to @Albert Fish (it came up when I googled pass the crown )
  12. Speaking of airbrushes I was in a hurry cleaning and not thinking about what I was doing so I’m now down a nozzle for my Iwata CM-C. FML.
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