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  1. you rang… Made a start on the base skulls of big boy Abaddon today. I like to imagine each one was a optimistic little Ultramarine. Was thinking I should paint the rest of my Abaddons. I’ve got the original ‘90s model painted at the time, I’m painting the FW statue from the turn of the millennium, and waiting to paint I’ve got FW’s Abaddon vs Loken and the new GW Abaddon. A little family of Abaddons.
  2. very cool. What are the rocks(?) made of?
  3. A lot. The great thing about oils is they have such a long working time, anything you do can be undone with spirits. They take a bit to get used to, and I’m definitely no expert in using them but if I fuck up it can be easily undone.
  4. The Aeronauts It was okay, well enough made & acted but it completely failed to make me care about any of the characters. 2/5
  5. 2015 1. The Hateful Eight 2. The Big Short 3. Creed 2016 1. Arrival 2. Moonlight 3. Into the Inferno 2017 1. Blade Runner 2049 2. The Death of Stalin 3. The Post 2018 1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2. Free Solo 3. Behind the Curve 2019 1. Uncut Gems 2. Apollo 11 3. Rocketman I’ve not seen Parasite yet.
  6. he’s not said, everyone thinks GW is behind it. You’ve got longer than I remembered: As for downloading them, there’s a bunch of stuff around: https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/the-best-free-youtube-downloader I've just used online stuff in the past, but the 4K downloader in there looks good.
  7. Darren’s channel is getting take down in April I believe it is, so save videos now. I really like Marco’s channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SicarioRimini A good number of the Patreon based channels are doing $1 tiers atm, and putting free stuff out e.g. Banshee https://youtu.be/fjvTffxZeCg
  8. I have to ask who your son is, pm me if you like, as I also worked on it. It’s a small world at times.
  9. More eyes cause apparently I hate myself. One day I’ll manage to paint a round iris but today is not that day.
  10. That’s cool. What sort of size are they?
  11. Oils are interesting, I used them to weather the big robot I did. Are you using premixed washes or missing your own? Mixing my own I rarely got it thin enough for the capillary action to work over large distances for pin washing, I just had to move the brush around. I just used some cheap synthetics I got out of the works for a couple of quid, Boldmere is the brand. I’ve only got lamp black & burnt umber (weathering) but I’m tempted to pick up some other colours and try and use staining to modulate surface tone in an interesting way. Like say a surface is red and some dots of various red, purple, oranges around and the clean them up later to leave a subtle stain and a more interesting surface. @Nicky uses a lot of oils I believe.
  12. Very late reply to this, I’ve only just found the thread. There are visual scripting tools for both Unreal & Unity. Unreal has blueprints as a core part of its workflow, and Unity has a plugin called Playmaker which has been used in many games. How’s the job hunt going? In the new game I’m working on we have a system where player can report each other’s names. If a name gets reported by enough players then it’s sanitised, ie they get a random name instead. But like good old fashioned hell banning the user themselves still sees their old name. Our first mistake was trusting users to not abuse this feature. The players who have had their names sanitised are those at the top of the leaderboards. So I’ve been writing a tool to un-sanitise them. And to allow us to mark someone as sanitised, so we don’t have to wait for our player base to take action on BaldGayNiqqa - real example of someone who’s only sanitised cause I sanitised them. It’s the only thing we’ve trusted them on, and they failed us.
  13. More giant Abaddon, blocking in the base colour for all the metallics.
  14. Only watched the first episode so far and I like it. If you’ve got Netflix check out the documentary Playing Hard about the development of For Honour, it’s this but real. I went in expect a Ubisoft PR job and it really, really isn’t. It’s the best document of being part of large scale game dev, some of its ubi specific but much of it rings true to my days of 100+ person teams.
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