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  1. I really don’t know, since we want this to be open to as many people as possible I feel we’re limited to paint/colour challenges rather than something like paint a vehicle/monster or something so specific. So my current thought is a limited palette like monochrome, doesn’t have to be greyscale, could be red-scale. Or primaries + black & white. Or the Zorn palette, here’s folder favourite Marco working with it: Or down the technique path of NMM or OSL or something. Both things I’ve hardly used and would like to give a go or. Or something l
  2. That’s cool, so do they work with remote painters? I kinda imagined they were a collective in one place.
  3. Thanks . I’ll have to think about this…
  4. That sounds like a good idea. Can I just say thanks to people who have voted for my way, I didn’t expect it
  5. I think this painting challenge has been one of the hardest things I’ve done painting-wise. Violet and myself are no longer on speaking terms . And who thought it was a good idea to paint metal, it chips as soon as you look at it… First Eldar I’ve painted since ‘95/‘96, great mini but spindly little detail.
  6. Definitely not my best work, but I’m reasonably happy with him But mistakes were make and I’m starting the wings again…
  7. It really did, so much happier with where I can go now. Who’d have thought violet would be the colour I have the most issues with. And thanks for your suggestions the other day.
  8. The pastel violet wasn’t leaving me much for manoeuvre before it just desaturates too far. So I’ve gone back to just a violet and work up from there. Just blocking in highlights.
  9. I do that so often it hurts. That’s looking pretty good. What if it just do this Ruined.
  10. Quick coat of paint on the base now, what else can I do to avoid making decisions about the rest of it.
  11. Because of indecision I built a base for him using my spare fire prism.
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