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  1. Yeah, when I went back to Clone Wars earlier in the year I started with that story line. As I’ve mentioned a few times in this thread that’s one of my favourite moments in all of Star Wars.
  2. I can’t help by think with Grosjean’s accident and watching Stroll crawling out from under his car what would it have been like if it was on fire.
  3. Medical car earning its money today.
  4. Halo definitely saved him there
  5. Can you raid the same places multiple times, does the loot regenerate, or is it a one off thing?
  6. Interesting, I read the stuff in Norway more as some friendly back & forth - "another fine mess you've gotten us into" scooby doo style shit.
  7. I’m still really early in the game but noticed something similar when Sigurd leaves your settlement to find the brothers and leaves you in charge, telling Dag to follow your orders. Dag makes a comment that he’d rather do something I can’t remember than follow your orders. Where’d that come from?! All he’s done all game until now is follow your orders, we just raided our first church and he was happy following orders then.
  8. Adding some finishing touches but ready to fall him done, need to take some better photos.
  9. And now I can see it more clearly in photos I need to fix her off centre mouth.
  10. Bit more work on The Mourning, I’m fiddling with details rather than anything important like skin. When I first saw it I thought the thing in his hands would be perfect for OSL, but everyone’s doing that so I’ve attempted to free hand an impression of a tiny portrait/religious icon (it was a portrait until I added the yellow lines radiating from her). Actually attempted to highlight her hair cause I hate myself
  11. Fuck me, that’s fantastic. What scale is it?
  12. Oh you definitely can, they're just generally a lot thinner out the pot. And Vallejo Metal Colour flakes are milled a lot finer, don't know about their air range metallics but I would assume so too.
  13. It’s a good thing Bottas knows how to drive in these conditions, right Martin
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