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  1. “That lazy bastard” always cracked me up
  2. Oh shit, are they plastic or resin?
  3. So glad I bought a 1/4” brush at some point
  4. While they're not a behemoth they are still a large studio, but they also take years to develop their games (more time not people) - it's the whole adage of fast, cheap, good pick two. They have some good tools and processes too which really help. That's actually how Bethesda does it, by using a very mature toolset that's remained pretty unchanged since Morrowind. Also look up CDPR & crunch, they are no angels there. Additionally one or two companies being exceptions does nothing to counter my argument about the majority. Remember CDPR also have GoG as a nice income stream to help keep them going too, or more accurately their parent company does, I forget the split these days. K makes a good point about operating costs, the rule of thumb in US/Western Europe for a long time has been 10k per person per month.
  5. Increased costs is not bogus, as we've progressed as an industry the fidelity games expect stuff to be produced at keeps increase so the amount of people needed to produce art content alone is always increasing. Everywhere tries to mitigate it by outsourcing but in my experience outsourced work needs tidied up in house because it never quite meets standards. Add the push towards bigger and longer games, all that needs produces which means more people (more cost) or longer dev times (most cost). And there's more, to pretend there's not actually a rising cost of development with the type of games AAA devs feel they need to produce to compete is extremely disingenuous.
  6. Could you take a comparison to a 28mm mini, im trying to picture how big it is
  7. A write up/review of the weekend from another attendee: https://www.greymountainreviews.co.uk/2019/07/journeyman-miniatures-roman-lappat.html
  8. And we’re done. Fucking exhausted. Learnt a lot, Roman is a great teacher. For me the base is the star, never done a display base before, the demonette suffers from mistakes and poor choices but it’s a learning piece. The demonette is so small, I didn’t have any magnification so was having to do a lot of squinting & guessing.
  9. Love it. Oddly enough your post on eavier metal popped up on FB feed just before I opened this
  10. Doing Roman Lappat’s infamous beginners course this weekend, 30 hrs over 2.5 day. We did 5.5hrs last night stopping just before midnight, I think we’ll be going to midnight again today. So far it’s been great, he’s a really good teacher. On the theory side we looked at colour theory & some composition. On the practical side we’ve prepped our demonette and built a base. Roman ran us through the various ways he builds them, different techniques, materials, and options but... you’ve gotta make your own. Nothing is prescribed, it’s about taking the theory and running with it. My mind is going to be mush by the time this is over. Or I’m just gonna melt, 32 ppl in a scout hut with no aircon Progress on my base so far, going for a contrast of the beauty of nature vs the chaos & destructive power of nature with the tree having grown through the tiles & the branch taking down the wall. The wall, branch, & tree all lead to the demonette at the front center of the base. The split in the branch mirrors her claw. Or that’s what I’m going for anyway Last night was the big parts, the shape, the flow, the composition. With demonette balanced to get an idea. This morning we’ve added detail, and primed. Fine detail will be added tomorrow.
  11. Going to try the do a version of the “box art” by Sergio Calvo Rubio, so very weathered yellow.
  12. I hate painting eyes, been working on the face of the cowboy guy with my teacher. Lots of stippling to shade & give him a weather beaten, worn face. Was going okay, I’m surprised at how well the painted shadow works. Then I attempted to paint the eyes, then I attempted to fix the surrounding area with too much black/dark blue. Definitely going to have to redo this Been building my next victim, a guardian from black sun minis. Haven’t built the little kid, he can get fucked I’m here for the robot. He’s a big lad:
  13. Still WIP - trying to push the contrast & push the texture on the duster
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