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  1. Yup, as my painting teacher tries to repeatedly drum into me it doesn’t have to look good now, it has to look good at the end.
  2. Asking to define a certain type feels very disingenuous here, unless you happen to live under a rock and have missed all the incidents of mass shootings committed by alienated young men who have found solace with certain groups. Now none of us know what the film actually contains but the trailer really suggests shows an outsider driven to become the joker, and seek his revenge on the world, by his alienation and treatment. Even if the film is a condemnation of what he becomes there will be people who misinterpret it. Is the film going to be the trigger for anything, I doubt it there’s already plenty of proven avenues of radicalisation of alienated young men, but to make a film like that (and I assume it’s like that because otherwise why ask the question) without thinking you’d get questions like that is naive. At least have a prepared answer or deflection.
  3. Never heard of it but having now watched the trailer it’s at the top of my must watch list. Seems there was a TV version in 1960.
  4. Calling the robot finished, there’s stuff I see in the photos I want to change/fix but that way madness lies I’ve gotta paint something else. This has been great fun, first foray into using oils & weathering powders, even using graphite shaved from a pencil to do a subtle metallic edge highlight in places. I mean the base was airbrushed on in the first hour then it’s been beating the shit out of it ever since to more pics:
  5. The Bag

    Ad Astra

    In what way poor? What were you wanting from it? I can sort of see it from a production design where certain locations felt a bit “Which multi-storey carpark did you film this in?” but I thought the brutalism worked, as mentioned above. I thought the cinematography was a high point. The obsession with reflections, especially with the character visors so you could see what they see and the reaction. And when the gold visors are down giving a completely reflective surface those were used to great effect, especially when they opened an airlock into darkness and a reflected black hole opened up on the character’s faces. Lots of Kubrick-esque one point perspective but breaking the symmetry either through set design or in places where it was symmetrical not shooting square but at an angle so the line of symmetry doesn’t run horizontally or vertically so it doesn’t read as symmetrically. I would have ended it earlier, more ambiguously
  6. I keep hearing a bell sound when walking around New Serene (or whatever it's called), is this trying to tell me something or is it just a sound effect misfiring?
  7. I mean what even is the point of the summaries, they read like someone glanced at Wikipedia rather than knows anything about the show. There’s plenty of other examples too. I’m surprised South Park with its centrist, everyone is bad take made in onto a Guardian list.
  8. So the other night I did a quick under painting on a bust and I kinda like the look. The sensible thing now would be to glaze over that to make use of it. My original intent was to sponge paint the skin, lots of stippling but now I don’t know. Anyway I stuck a couple of pictures up & Roman Lappat like it. Roman Lappat! I can die happy now, I’ll stop fanboying out in a minute. Silly but it put a smile on my face
  9. Did we do a game of the decade 10 years ago? I remember game of the last generation, which was great.
  10. really please with his rusty fist
  11. Going way overboard with the pigments to make it all cruddy, and starting on the “face”. Need to do something about that rope thought, not happy with it. Every time I’ve highlighted it I’ve gone back over cause I’m not happy with it. Leaning towards doing something stupid like painting texture on it, lots of lines line my forest troll.
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