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  1. Not until it lets me play Outrun 2 again.
  2. Or alternatively, they haven't made a blanket decision and genuinely will decide on a case by case basis. I expect there will be some, maybe even most, Bethesda games that are Xbox exclusive, but I don't see any reason to believe that the odd one won't show up on other platforms. And the interpretation of Microsoft's statements about the situation seem entirely at odds with how statements about exclusivity are normally read. If a publisher says "we're not talking about other platforms right now, but it's definitely out on platform x" the default interpretation is that the game almo
  3. I've pre-ordered because most of my favourite games this gen have been Sony exclusives, and I haven't seen any exclusives from Microsoft that pique my interest. If I couldn't play God of War 2, or the next Naughty Dog game, I'd really feel like I was missing out. Nothing MS has shown makes me feel like that. I get that GamePass is a fantastic deal. There's no denying that. But the reality is, I've been subscribed for the past 12 months and only spent meaningful time with a couple of games on there. Unlike in my 20s, when I'd have eagerly consumed dozens of them, I'm now in a situat
  4. Everyone: "I'm worried Sony are going to go crazy with PS3-style pricing again." Sony: "Actually, it's in the same price range as the Xbox." Everyone: "Well done Sony! So what can you do to compete with Ga—" Sony: "WORK A SECOND JOB TO AFFORD A GAME."
  5. Went £349/449, but I think £100 is too big a gap between the machines, and £349 is optimistic. So suspect it will actually be £379/449.
  6. To be fair, that is the correct reaction to all versions of Gran Turismo.
  7. I'm a little way into Act II now, and it's definitely picked up considerably, both action- and looks-wise. There is something I'm slightly confused about, that may have been explained in a cutscene I didn't pay enough attention to: is the only way to get between the north and south islands to fast travel? I tried going via Castle Kaneda, but the gates were shut even though I've liberated it.
  8. I don't really see the comparison between this and BoTW, beyond the generally green, slightly painter-ly look. The thing that made BoTW great for exploring was the fact you could see way into the distance, pick a landmark, then have fun navigating your way there, with confidence that there'd be something interesting at the end. In this, you usually can't see more than about 10 metres in front of you, so that doesn't apply.
  9. What’s the best approach for combat in this before you’ve got all the stances unlocked? I’ve got water now, and it makes a massive difference when fighting shield users, but against spear holders and brutes I tend to end up running round, mashing buttons and hoping for the best, especially when almost all their attacks are unblockable. I feel like I’m missing something, because it makes the fights frustrating and messy, and I’m often getting through more by luck than judgement.
  10. For me, an engaging open world must either: a) Be fun to navigate (e.g. Spider-Man, Breath of the Wild); or b) Be fun to exist in (e.g. Red Dead Redemption 2, also Breath of the Wild). If you can't tick at least one of those boxes, you shouldn't be making an open world game. Alas, the plague of modern gaming is that most devs don't ask themselves, "Why is this an open world?", they just ask themselves "Why isn't this an open world?".
  11. One thing that really struck me, but I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, is how utterly unhinged Ellie appears when you're playing as Abbey in the theatre showdown. It's not just the knowledge of what she's done, or that she's heavily armed and lethal to approach, it's the way she moves during the battle, scuttling around like Gollum on speed or a facehugger, only ever pausing to put together a new mine or nailbomb. She genuinely comes across as monstrous, and it makes you realise that's how all the NPCs were perceiving you for the first half of the game.
  12. I agree that Ellie's arc is tragic, but not in the sense of being mishandled, and not without a final act of redemption. For me, everything that happens is completely consistent with the first game, and the flashbacks we see. Abby is someone who had a caring, honourable father who tried to show her how to be good in a terrible world. Ellie's real father was completely absent, and her replacement father figure was a mentally unstable murderer. Of course Abby is the better person. The fundamental question in part 2 is not which of them is right, it's whether Ellie can escape Joel's i
  13. I find all the arguments that run along the lines of "Oh, so you wanted me to kill all those other people/dogs, and that was fine, but now I'm supposed to feel guilty about this particular one just because they get a cutscene?" a bit disingenuous. It's like watching Saving Private Ryan and coming out complaining you can't be expected to care about Private Ryan, because what about all the soldiers that die during the film but don't have their names in the title? The idea is that you take a particular event that you have more detailed personal knowledge and experience of,
  14. Me before playing this: “There’s no way I’ll kill the dogs, that’d just be awful”. Me as soon as I encounter a dog now:
  15. In contrast to everyone else, I'm finding this significantly tougher than the first game, even on normal. On a few of the bigger areas, I've felt like I'm getting through more by a combination of luck and perseverance than anything else. But loving it, nonetheless.
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