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  1. Official supply is a must. Mine randomly reset till I got one.
  2. S0L

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    Yeah, Yogscast. How I forgot Football Manager Man I have no idea. One of my favourite development moments ever is sitting in Richard Jacques studio, with Miles Jacobson adlibbing lines for that character as he provided the voice. I'm pretty sure me and Rich went for a pint after too. I remember having fun making games
  3. S0L

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    Pretty sure we didn't. We patched some exploits out people were using online, so abuse of rolling in planes, but other than that I'm pretty sure we didn't pull the difficulty back. I didn't have the designers available to do it for one thing! We didn't even do it for the Japanese release, as we had to maintain online compatibility so had to leave everything reasonably untouched in that department. You miss out on the crazy Takenobu Mitsuyoshi of 'Let's Go Away' from Daytona USA commentary though outside of Japan, I'm surprised no-one has ever tried to hack that into the PC version.
  4. Note they also do the Picade Console, which is essentially the same thing without a screen. Think they're about £60 at the mo. I picked one up on Black Friday when they were closer to £40 and finally put it together the other day. It's pretty damn nice, not to tricky to build and as other people have done here, just grabbed the Retropie image, run the Pimoroni setup which did the buttons and sound in one easy install. I like the inbuilt speaker too, makes it feel like playing an arcade cab. Not yet figured out how to turn the volume down If you think you'd spend more time playing on a TV, might be a better option. Plus no screen means cheaper I will likely mod mine with a second USB in for two players, but it's perfectly fine either as played in your lap or on a table from my limited experience. I got mine here... https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/picade-console Other vendors are available Note I had the original Picade too, but the modern one without three separate power supplies looks much better!
  5. S0L

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    Pretty sure we didn't make it easier. It's been a long running (and fair) complaint if anything that it got tough when you went to the higher difficulties, which you needed to do to unlock all the goodies.
  6. S0L

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    This will be shaders building the first time it needs to do them. The bad news is you can't speed it up (much) the good news is they're cached and will eventually be all present and correct. We typically told people to drop the detail or resolution down a peg till you've got them all. We changed the way it worked completely for the second game so they were all pre-compiled. Ralph was in due to Sonic being in Wreck It Ralph, someone canny at SEGA went 'Hey, why not have Ralph in All-Stars Transformed'. I remember announcing Ralph at Sonic Boom and watching the room go crazy. Movie director was a lovely bloke who really knew his games too. Team Fortress, Total War and Yogscast were specific to the PC version, the latter causing so much fallout it let me get Ryo in (finally). That's a story for a few years from now
  7. With regards to the original, you'd be better asking M2 that question! I think they have essentially written their own emulator and likely tweaked the source code too. The original certainly didn't support wide-screen for a start, if you took the screen borders out without touching the original code good chance it'd draw none of the scaled stuff. For OutRun2 et al, the answer is always the same, about 6 months. When we did the original OutRun2, I'm pretty sure we had the game up and running in about a week, but then the Chihiro hardware was essentially an Xbox with double the memory. But therein was the rub... We had to cram it into half the memory and also get it to load from DVD, I don't think we were allowed to rely on caching to the HDD, thus we spent a while doing that. And adding a whole bunch of new stuff, the 101 missions, online co-op, new characters and of course the Daytona and SEGA GT tracks. And all the boring console stuff like making sure it didn't crash or wipe your save games by pulling out the pad or disk. Then when we did OutRun2006: Coast 2 Coast, it was all of the above and cram it into even slower systems with less memory in the form of PS2 and PSP. Now you're making the game run on hardware which was very different to the Chihiro and Xbox hardware. So we essentially had to rewrite the rendering code, audio code, controller IO, saves and all the rest. Games tend to be modular so it's essentially swapping each of these for platform specific code, but we still had to go into core files as on an unmodified PSP, we couldn't get to a solid frame rate so had to run the rendering separate to physics. And bear in mind back then we were still in analogue video land so we also had to make sure we could play online between people running at 50hz and 60hz (the game physics always running at 60hz incidentally!). A lot of time was spent reducing down art assets to fit into that restricted memory. But again, all in, around 6 months. Then of OutRun Online Arcade, it was... 6 months. Here you technically had faster platforms, but... We also had a bump in resolution. And again the rendering hardware was different to the original. One of the problems faced there was that we had to optimise it like hell as it couldn't maintain framerate at 60 at the higher resolutions. Amusingly the 360 and PS3 needed a whole bunch of work, and new shaders, and work on the tracks to get there and get the framerate stable. Plus all the UI needed to be reworked to run in Wide-screen, it'd been 4:3 until then. And you still had to handle the boring console stuff like pulling out pads or MU's. In many ways the lack of dedicated HDD on the 360 was a huge headache compared to the original Xbox. QA would insist on half full ones, broken ones, pulling them out at inopportune moments, copying the saves, corrupting the saves ARRGGGGHHHH. So I suspect if we were to do a Switch version, or pick any modern platform, it'd take about 6 months just as you'd need to redo the renderer, audio code, IO etc as well as add any expected features like online, leaderboards etc and then deal with all the gnarly console stuff that everyone takes for granted, but we have to spend a whole bunch of time on
  8. 'Officially' I am of course horrified. But personally, given you can't buy a copy for love nor money, I think I'll be able to sleep at night. I did wonder if we'd talk SEGA into letting us do a HD remaster, what with it being 15 years, I'll have another go closer to 20... I'd love to have a Switch version for sure.
  9. But OutRun isnt a racing game and is point to point, and Ridge is a lap based racer. I'm not sure you could easily smash those two together. I'd happily give it a go of course
  10. He was stood behind me when I spotted it, but yes he's here with me at Sumo. We've also got Pete Harrap here and we've had Dave Jones (Magic Knight one!) here in the past. So quite a few of the old school are very much still at it! Tony is helping me get Crackdown3 out of the door, I've known him since I joined Gremlin way back in 1997 when he had to deal with me expressing my love for Realms of the Haunting. He told me for the Captive intro above, he did all the code work and hand moved all the elements using his own animation system, but he left the artist to make all the graphics 'As I'm rubbish at those!'. I love the stories of the old days, plus it's meant I've wound up out with him and Jeff Minter for a few jars at Replay etc. Hard life innit.
  11. You just made Tony Crowthers day
  12. S0L

    Doctor Who

    Well that was massively unrealistic. No way will you get from Norfolk Park down to the crane park near Meadowhall by turning left. Totally ruined my sense of disbelief. Otherwise, might have to wait and see the next one. Takes a few to settle in.
  13. S0L

    How would you make a good Superman game?

    I worked on a Superman game (PS2 and GCN) and I can honestly say its not something I ever want to repeat. We tried various ideas to make it work, start off just flying around Metropolis doing some easy stuff, bit which worked best was just having civs going ‘It’s Superman’ , but then you have to have someone to fight, and as Superman would not actually hurt people, well then we had to come up with robots to fight... As you can’t have Superman punching people, not allowed. Even if they’re bad guys breaking out of a prison. He can pick them up and throw them back in a cell, but no punching. So then of course you have to have some villians you can fight. How about Livewire, female villian of electro-powers? Oh Superman would never punch a woman! Thats not allowed. So if you try you get shocked. So now we have a boss fight where you can’t actually touch the boss. I had to design our way out of that (cue battle in an underwater prison where you had to trap her under water sprays...). And then we explored how Superman couldn’t be killed, but he could fail to save folks. All sat around a Dam being damaged/destroyed, part of which involved rescuing civs before they were killed by robots, burned to death etc etc etc. Except of course nothing stopping you ‘rescuing’ someone to drop them by said enemies or fires. Which of course wasnt allowed. And failing wasnt allowed either, cue insta end of stage. We even had a stage where you were undercover as Clark Kent and couldn’t overtly use your powers, think stealth mission. Imagine how much fun that was. And we had to limit the powers anyway, as without some constraint, you just spam whatever the most powerful move is. Outside of bosses, enemies had to be fodder to allow you to feel powerful else you’re kind of missing the point. And thats before you have to be able to burn with laser vision, freeze with super breath, punch, fly, slam from a height and more, so we were expected to have dynamic stuff to use all those powers on. End of the day, it wasn’t a bad game, certainly not as bad as the infamous N64 version, but the rules of the license just got in the way. I think you’d need someone with a proven track record to be able to work to bend those rules or do something brave, I reckon Rocksteady might be able to after the Arkham games, but there is a reason its not happened yet.
  14. S0L

    Play Expo alternatives

    They announced a Blackpool date this week, on 27th-28th October. They must have been sharing your pain Tickets here by the looks of it... https://www.playexpoblackpool.com/tickets Note not on commission, but they're a lovely bunch and I sneak in from time to time
  15. S0L

    Sumo Digital acquire The Chinese Room

    I go on holiday for a week...

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