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  1. S0L

    Play Expo alternatives

    They announced a Blackpool date this week, on 27th-28th October. They must have been sharing your pain Tickets here by the looks of it... https://www.playexpoblackpool.com/tickets Note not on commission, but they're a lovely bunch and I sneak in from time to time
  2. S0L

    Sumo Digital acquire The Chinese Room

    I go on holiday for a week...
  3. S0L

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Just seen the news. Always sad to see a fellow dev studio go, especially one I have a lot of respect for, some cracking racing games came out of those guys. If it's any consolation and any of the team are not sick to death of making games, it's worth getting in touch with us (SUMO) as we're definitely hiring at the moment.
  4. S0L

    General Gaming Kickstarter Thread

    This looks remarkably familiar...
  5. S0L

    Nintendo Switch

    Note that we always used JPN to denote a Japanese version. Which is the accepted form to avoid any upset!
  6. S0L

    Code Vein - Prepare to Dine

    Beat me to it. You can spend hours pouring love into something and no-one will ever buy it. You can throw something together and it sells tons. Attention to detail does not equal sales.
  7. S0L

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I’m enjoying the discussion in here. I love the original trilogy and for me, I view both the prequels and modern trilogy so far as fan fiction, I can take them or leave them as they’re at best emulating something I love or they are betraying it to some degree. The odd thing for me is the big gap was filled by games and books which I think to some degree did a better job of filling out the universe in a way that made sense and expanded on it. As much as I love Rogue One, I’m pretty sure I stormed that base as Kyle Katarn to liberate the Death Star plans in a way that was only the opening act to later taking out Dark Troopers before the Force awakened in me. Though it was weird when I fought side by side with Max that time... And I sit and scoff at the really amateur way some pilots like Poe dont charge their front sheilds before a frontal assault on some First Order Dreadnaught, especially as if he could for a moment, just resist hitting the trigger, he could dump the charge from the laser banks into the shield as needed and then let loose wth the torpedoes that don’t take any energy from the power distribution systems. And thus is the problem. When you’ve realised ‘wait a minute, this Revan guy sounds awfully familiar...’ it’s always going to be uphill compared to the original stories, the ones you’ve lived through and the ones you’ve imagined. Like I say, fan fiction, its someone else having a go at telling a new story in a universe I know and love, but its up to me if I like it. I consider Tie Fighter as cannon, Masters of Teras Kasi can do one (though it was nice it was referenced in Solo!). I can only imagine how terrible a design by comittee fan finaced venture of TLJ would be, but I’d still give it a watch
  8. S0L

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I’m loving this discussion as it validates a lot I’ve thought about the new trilogy so far... ...but I do have to point out that just before the attack on the Death Star in Star Wars you can clearly see them disconnecting fuel pipes from a number of fighters. The whole chase is clearly cumbersome and contrived of course I get the feeling though that both TFA and TLJ are for the next generation of Star Wars fans and for the creakier ones like me, thats why we’ve got Rogue One and Solo to pull on those nostalgia glands.
  9. S0L

    PlayStation VR

    The Jackal one is OK, but it's missing the magic of the Star Wars one. Honestly, although it takes up about 48GB of HDD, I still fire it up now and again as it makes me happy. It's a great showpiece to anyone going 'Why did you buy that then?' too.
  10. S0L

    PlayStation VR

    Have you always wanted to fly an X-Wing? If so get it. If you have never wanted to fly an X-Wing, don't. Arguable at £4 it's a couple of goes on the Star Wars Battle Pod arcade game and worth it for that alone. I bought it when it was £10 and regret nothing.
  11. S0L

    Team Sonic Racing

    I didn't have anything to do with it, but it seems to be going down well. I'm tied up on Crackdown 3!
  12. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    *cough* E3 coming up *cough*
  13. S0L

    Team Sonic Racing

    Yes it's us (Sumo) on dev duties. That is literally all I can say on the matter. I'd expect some more info in the near future
  14. S0L

    Crackdown 3

    You guessed correct. E3 is around the corner chaps. Just saying.
  15. S0L

    PlayStation VR

    Randomly I had an email survey from Sony today saying they'd noticed I'd not used my PSVR recently. Which is random, I've been playing God of War so I guess it's been a couple of weeks. Some interesting questions about price, quality, cables etc. Told them to announce some new games

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