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  1. Makes sense given they are the same architecture however I take what companies say with a pinch of salt at times. So essentially what we have then is a Xbox One and Xbox One X scenario where everything will work on both consoles but you'll get a richer experience on the higher end machine in terms of frame rate, texture quality and resolution.
  2. Just meant that games haven't yet been developed will need extra resources the X has over the S. Agree though generally the S just has less memory and the APU is clocked at a slightly lower clock speed however I guess at some point Devs might start to target games that require more memory for example so we might get things that are Series X only. Doesn't really bother me the S is so cheap anyway happy to move on should this happen. Or just keep playing what is available for the S. I expect it will be some years away and perhaps in another iteration of the hardware anyway (Zen 3 etc).
  3. Just have external drive and shift things across - takes a few moments to bring over a game. XB1 games run off the external drive only S/X games need to be in internal storage (or in an expensive memory expansion card). But I guess it depends on what you want. I am finding I just have one "big" game on the go at any time and then a few smaller indie games. Seems to be working for me despite having an X earlier with the additional storage I mostly didn't play the games I'd downloaded on there at the same time or needed instant access to them.
  4. Had both. Series X initially and now only have a Series S. Depends on what your needs are? Just a simple console that will do 1080p and play the latest games with the new features then the S maybe your ticket. Its lovely and compact and doesn't invade the room. The series X gives you more storage and targets 4K - ultmately more powerful but at the moment its arguable whether that power is used in anyway to make different games. Sure you'll get a frame rate boost perhaps or a resolution boost (or both). All depends what you want and what your budget is. The Series S at £190 is a steal IMHO. A great way of getting this gen upgrade for not much money at all. Not missed the X at all. The experience feels the same. Personally hanging on the side-lines a bit now. Want to see what games come up. I might invest in a upgraded Series X at some point (or just the vanilla one) if the games get more demanding or upgrade the PC. Right now though getting a lot of gaming out of the Series S and don't feel like I've compromised anything. Saved some money too.
  5. Its great having it (Tempest 2K) easy to access for me it was worth the price of this collection alone! It's been a while since I played this but it's addictive as ever. Also the rest of the collection too... The neo games are great. Fantastic really well done. One of the best retro collections I've experienced 👍 It's one of those titles that will probably end up in a sale at some point no doubt but I'm far too impatient and well enjoying it now!
  6. Good point and same for me if I think about it... Last couple of months played and enjoyed: Panzer Dragoon R-Type Final 2 Inside Plague's Tale Requiem Return to Monkey Island Atari 50 Anniversary Collection (Tempest 2K mainly) Currently playing Somerville. There is so much and why I enjoy GamePass so much pick up something play it for an hour or so if it resonates and I'm enjoying I'll keep playing. What it does allow me to do is explore all types of games I might not have tried.
  7. Tend to enjoy puzzlers - things like Inside. Racing games now and again but usually games that don't eat too much time. Not a huge fan of RPG games last one I played in any depth was Elite Frontier 2 some years ago now but just don't want to spend so long playing them now. Other than that like games that are quick to pick up and play for quick gaming sessions. Enjoy the odd story game that I can play in chunks say a chapter at a time. Hardware wise just play on whatever the games I want to play are on. Prefer the layout of the Xbox pads analogue sticks just find the pad more comfortable so generally Xbox is where I'll play most of the time. Online gaming is something I'm just not in to well not competitive anyway might have a stab at some co-op games now and again. But usually play to get away from things and be well be a bit anti-social
  8. Cool! I was just pondering over something like this the other week! I expect someone might come up with a spinner mod for the PC at some point.
  9. MattyP


    Started this last night. Went in completely cold not knowing anything about it. Loving the art style and the very hands off approach. At first I found it a bit frustrating as well we are used to games being games and giving you hints and cues on what to do next. So after adjusting to this quite enjoying the experience. Just got outside of the house and looking forward to continuing the journey. Definitely got Another World/Inside vibes.
  10. Not hugely as there weren't really many around me where I was growing up so usually had to make a trip to the coast which was quite the event. Loved the glow of all the screens and the sounds etc. Main things back then were things like Ataris Star Wars, Battle Zone loved vector games with the neon like glow. Other gems like Nemesis and Salamander by Konami. Even playing the "retro" games back then was great Defender, Space Invaders etc the arcades on the coast had a good collection of new and old. The Sega classics a sit down Outrun cab, Space Harrier etc quite the event with all the hydraulics etc. Remember seeing Power Drift for the first time simply staggering in its size etc. Just lots of innovation and fast paced gaming although it was expensive! We have an Arcade Hub in town here where you pay one fee for a days access which is great although unfortunately none of my favourites are really in there and a lot of the hydraulic machines aren't always functional. Sigh.
  11. Well I guess at least there is only one console for Nintendo to focus on so they should be able to optimise for it. In the end we've had games that push the hardware to the limit and they've been great... I mean Zelda on the N64 ran on limited host hardware (20fps IIRC) and from a cart and it was still a fantastic game. Played through A Plague's Tale requiem on the S recently and apparently it's only running at 30fps etc but really enjoyed it had no basis of comparison though so essentially I was happy with what I was playing. Like the old days of console gaming you kind of have to accept that there might be an odd limitation here and there but the experience overall is enjoyable. Think MS did muddy the console waters a bit this gen with the Xbox TBH with a low end system. Guess we'll just have to see how everything goes with the lower end hardware. But with Steam deck now in market I expect the devs will be going where there is money to be made so adapting their games to work well on all levels of hardware.
  12. https://www.xbox.com/play/media/E3QT23JEBA Messing around on Tempest 2K tonight on this. Managed to notch up nearly 300K on this session.. slowly getting back into the swing of this.... It's been a while.... Need to beat Yak's score!
  13. Great vid and insight into how this collection was pulled together. The passion really shines though on this. It would make an ideal thing to experience over the festive period... Like mentioned in the vid like other media many memories of an era are collections of life things that were happening at the time and playing a certain game or seeing a poster can trigger memories at the time. Of course the festive period is a time when we sometimes reflect and reminisce of what has gone before. Also these games are just so simple but damn addictive. This collection is one of the most fun things I've experienced this year.
  14. It does... All the music etc there and perfect. Loving it all over again although seems to be more difficult than I remember 😂
  15. Pretty spot on (from what I remember of the Jag version which granted was played a fair while ago!). Only thing I did notice is the Game Over screen animation runs a bit fast but game is fine. This is on a Xbox Series S.
  16. I've found that it's a great way to try out a game. If it's a good game or it just engages me I'll play it to completion. I've bought so many games and not really touched them or got full value from them because I didn't get on with them which in the digital world is risky especially where there is no refund policy in place. Which is why I mostly buy digital content on Steam on the PC.
  17. And the lack of hardware sprites. Or a blitter* chip. Essentially for want of a better comparison it was a bit like comparing a Spectrum with a C64 in the previous gen. The ST was a touch faster the the Amiga. However the Amiga was loaded with custom hardware specifically for shifting graphics around and making nicer music. *Although think the last few models of the ST did have an upgraded chipset which included a blitter.
  18. I'm using the Gold trick which expires in March next year. Generally think its great and on par would get the value at full RRP. However guess I'll see next year - there are rumours of it increasing in price. I think around £10 a month is the sweet spot for me. If it goes up to say £15 then I would probably think twice. Because I currently have a Series S I will be at the mercy of digital store prices! To be fair there are plenty of sales and places to get codes for games anyway. I'm not overly fussed about the big AAA games so much as the indie titles. Handy to try the big releases though as part of the package.
  19. Do you currently use GamePass because its cheap? (gold trick) or do you genuinely value it (Ie: would you pay full RRP for it). Just be interesting to see if people are just using it because of the offers and its pretty cheap with the Gold conversion trick.
  20. Here's one I made earlier... And yes YT is generally full of fluff really. Half vids would be only a minute or so long without the fluff I guess...
  21. Hope it's smaller, cooler and less power hungry... I think having a detachable drive is handy as at least if you decide you need a drive at some point in future you can grab one. Also simplifies Sony's production line I guess to maybe allow them to get more into circulation!
  22. That coder guy repairs a lot of consoles so guessing he sees a pattern emerge over time? It's a business he runs after all! The other video of the chip temperature thing is from a well respected PC channel on YouTube. Watching the vid and the process he uses seems sensible. Who knows right but you can't argue with facts and evidence.
  23. Fair enough! Didn't realise it was on unopened consoles too. Guessing it's not a hugely common problem though as we'd have lots more stories about it all over the 'net. In a way glad I sold on my launch PS5 when I did not that I was concerned about all this but if/ when I grab another I'll go for a slim version when it appears. Even if it's just to get a smaller system!
  24. Remember watching the above vid a bit back.. some of the memory components are not as well cooled as others so run a bit on the hot side. I expect still within operating temperature though. Be interesting to see when Sony do a re-design (slim with detachable disk supposed to be coming next year) if they address this and keep the liquid metal cooling solution.
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