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  1. Its by the chap who made the emulator for the Atari 50th Celebration collection he open-sourced the project I believe. I can categorically state the Jag was the worst console I have ever had the misfortune to own. Tempest 2000 was the only game on the system that I enjoyed. Playing and experiencing most of the Jag games on the Atari Celebration compilation I am so glad I kept hold of my money back when I had it. Even Alien Vs Predator was a bit rubbish IMHO. Why people are paying crazy prices for these is really beyond me. Just proves people will buy any old tat when it comes to retro stuff. At least we have a decent emulator now so people will be able to try things out before buying any physical things. I expect most will end up in a display cabinet or something anyway. Sad thing it doesn't even look good IMHO. Looks like some kind of toilet with the CDROM drive on the top. Shame Atari went out on this. EDIT: In fact I'd go so far as to say if you want to have a play with a Jag - go out and buy a Xbox Series S. Buy Ataris 50th Celebration Collection. Play the Jag games on there and then thank me for at least having a Series S to play some great games on when you are done! The D-Pad on the Series controller even feels like a better version of the Jag's original D-pad Also there are plenty of great games to play on that Atari collection too...
  2. Think the RRP was £49.99? I think generally they were £45 at retail though.. PGR3 was £45 IIRC...
  3. Yep... I just see it as any other sub service. If I wanted to see a film for example that I really wanted to see I'd go to the cinema. Most other times I'd find something to enjoy on Netflix. I won't "wait" until something comes onto GP just enjoy what is there. In the end it doesn't have to work for everyone- its not mandatory that you need to enjoy it or use it... however I think its a great service to have around and personally getting lots of value from it. I actually play more games because of it - I was in a lull not wanting to try anything as I they might end up on my unplayed pile. WIth GP if I don't like something I move onto something that I might. No money wasted or disk to try and sell on etc.
  4. Don't know have they? Got a SNES and SF2 packed in... If you look at inflation etc we are technically giving them less...
  5. Not sure how much were NES games? £40? SNES £45? N64 £50? Not sure have a fuzzy memory as I only started console gaming around SNES times (then to only play SF2 really as I was playing/using an Amiga most of the time). Sure PS games were actually cheaper than Nintendo/Sega carts though? £30-35? Just saying I don't think the price of a high calibre/profile AAA game at £70 is unreasonable these days. I personally would only buy something at that price on exception. Thinking about my buying habits over the last few years only bought a few Nintendo Switch titles (at RRP) and GT7 at full price. Rest has mainly been Steam, odd online sale items and just subbing to GamePass.
  6. Again that was the RRP though as is the £70 price point now. "Rip off" is dependent on what you value? I would say that most £70 games at the moment don't offer value to me.. however do to others. Only full price game I personally bought this gen is GT7 and had plenty of value out of that.
  7. If anything gaming has actually got cheaper over the years taking inflation into account. A say £50 N64 game released in 1998 if you index to inflation would be £88 now. Switch games are what ~£50 now? Gamepass at £10.99 pcm is insane value. Even if you just play and finish one game a month. There is such variety on there of enjoyable titles. TBH as gamers we have never had it so good in terms of price points and options something for everyone.
  8. Mine runs out in March next year....fully expect them the close up the gold conversion thing before this though. At the moment not sure if I'll sub at full rate or not. It's a great service but have such a backlog of games kicking about I might just go back to playing some of these. That's before Steam etc. Guess I'll see what comes to the service and really £10.99 is not a huge amount to find for some gaming fun to be fair. I expect by March next year it'll be the price of a pint in the pub the way inflation is going at the moment 🙄
  9. They are certainly becoming much more formulaic I guess because they don't want to deviate to much from what will sell. People like the same things and given the amount of investment needed for games they need to be selling in volume so it's a good job. Personally why I really stay away from AAA games these days yes they have lovely audio visuals but they are almost all have the same elements in them. For me anyway no real innovation and padded out to 25-30 hours or more to give the illusion of "value for money".
  10. The price of games really only has an impact if you are a "must have it on day one" type buyer that follows all the hype for a game etc. From my perspective they can charge what they want for games however if they don't represent value for me I won't buy and play them simple as that. I'll pay what I think they are worth to me. These days happy to just play the long game and let others pick up the initial release costs because I'm happy to wait. Usually once the initial hype has gone away you get a more balanced view of what experience they offer. Quite like reading through topics on the latest releases as you can see the hype reach fever pitch before release and then as time goes on the niggles and frustrations come to light and the bugs etc. Then the game passes into almost insignificance as the next big thing gets a release and the cycle continues..:) Needless to say "AAA" gaming isn't my scene anymore really.
  11. Seems to be the way things are these days... Wouldn't want to stop people spending good money on a buggy mess of a release..... I'm getting to cynical
  12. Think that is the issue I have with a price point of £70. It would have to do something exceptionally different to make it worth that much. In the days when you have the likes of Forza Horizon 4 or 5 on GamePass for example. Even Burnout Paradise is part of GP or available much cheaper. OK different games but if I'm honest this just isn't worth it for me. But then I've played a fair few arcade style racers before I guess and it takes a bit to impress.
  13. Meant the full game... The trial is what I've been playing...
  14. To be fair that is for the "Palace Edition" although I note that it is the default version pre-selected on the store!!!! Regular version is £70. Have I missed something recently? Have EA aligned with Sony's first party prices? Its also £70 on the Xbox store and £60 on steam. Not that I'm going to buy it this is a prime candidate for ending up on GamePass/EAPlay after Xmas.
  15. Had a go on this earlier. It's not too bad reminds me a bit of Burnout Paradise except BP felt a much faster game. The visual effects are fun. It does feel like it's a game "designed by committee" though I can imagine a group sat around a boardroom table with a prototype adding all sorts of tick box items in there. The chatter between the characters in the car is annoying it's trying to be a racer with a story?! The characters feel very wooden and like a pair of nice and down the line high school kids from middle America. Not very gangsta at all. I guess this all disappears after a while in the full game though and it's just introductory stuff. However £65 for this? Hmmm. Download a copy of Burnout Paradise and perhaps seek out Rockstars Midnight Club. (Both still available on Xbox at least and BP Remastered is on GP I believe)
  16. It is. And Tempest 2K is great on it. Fantastic way of playing the game these days without having the old hardware.
  17. I am right there. Not enjoyed any arcade racing games for a fair while now. This why I just keep this lot handy and just go back to these when I want some arcade racing fun. A bit of PITA as I have to keep the 360 around. But the arcade racers these days aren't targeted at me and I accept that! Just hate all the "in your face" presentation of most of them. The constant jibber-jabbering, noise and fluff. Just want some decent tracks, good selection of cars, perhaps some music in the background and just left to get on with it. Yes I am getting old. But just got to enjoy what you enjoy in the end... * * yes I am downloading the trial of the NFS game. I'll see what its like and try and go in objectively and see what the racing/fun element is like. I expect I won't get on with it though reading some posts upthread! However always willing to give things a go....
  18. But... The QTE's Alright for a fiver I guess it's got atmosphere. This is the exact type of thing Sony should be putting on their sub services.
  19. Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration. And it's brilliant ❤️ Reignited my passion for gaming. I do love games that are easy to pick up and addictive.. Also been tinkering with MAME and playing some Outrun and Donkey Kong. Forgotten how difficult the old arcade games can be. Playing the US version of DK and the barrels can drop you when you are half way up a ladder whereas the Japanese version they can't..hmmmm fun though and very frustratingly morish....
  20. I suppose the question is do Nintendo need to release new hardware? I wonder if the Switch in its current form is holding any game developments back? Third parties will always want more powerful hardware but I guess the question is will it make for better games? Arguably not... I quite like the fact Nintendo are keeping long cycles on hardware makes a change from most areas of tech. Sure it's based on older hardware but really if the games are great who cares? All this is leaving me in a bit of a quandary. Not sure to buy one now or just wait until the next Zelda game gets a release.
  21. On a related note it seems arcade centres in Japan are shutting down sigh. Been a lifelong dream to head over there and experience these and Japanese culture. It would seem I need to get a move on.
  22. Long shot but has anyone tried the Steam controller on the PC version? Wondering if the touch panels on the controller work with games like Pong...
  23. Phone camera and zoom... one of the joys of aging eyes seem to be doing that all the time these days.. because the fonts keep getting smaller... or my eyes are getting worse or a combination of both....
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