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  1. Just picked the special edition of this up for £3 on Xbox. Just in need of some arcade racing fun at the moment... Looks like fun....
  2. Yep Forza Horizon 4 is the reason I looked at GP. Amazing its been around for 5 1/2 years now...
  3. Well looking at the breadth of genres on GamePass and whats available in the store I think they cover just about everything? Of course they don't really have the big story/movie based type games like God Of War/Ghosts Of Tsushima etc but third parties can fill that gap up to a degree.
  4. Don't they just get synced from the cloud? Sure that used to happen? Actually thinking about it you need an active PS+ sub to do cloud save on PS... (unless this has recently changed?!)
  5. Absolutely.... Personally hate buying into eco-systems all the time just want to play the games. Why sub services are my ideal solution really to get to the content without having to buy multiple devices. Think we'll get there eventually however I think I'll need a PC to access them...
  6. Don't the Acti/Blizzard group own lots of mobile content? (Candy Crush etc) so maybe a route into the mobile market for MS? Who knows.... does seem odd though.
  7. Ah the Neon... Tempest 3000 made an appearance on that!
  8. Either that or have a clear and consistent strategy for moving first party titles to the PS Premium sub. It does seem a very seemingly random approach to things at the moment. Returnal popped up and Ghosts Of Tsushima for example. Ratchet and Clank, Sackboy's Adventure not etc etc. It will be interesting to see how Sony respond.
  9. If you've had Gold for a bit I think it was given away with that at some point too... at least its on my library on the 360 and I haven't bought it! EDIT: https://www.trueachievements.com/games-with-gold/games Looks like DS2 and DS3 are also on there.
  10. Yes I do think the move by MS is to drive gamers to GamePass nothing else. To have parity with Sony's pricing is a pretty good strategy really kind of saying "Our AAA full price games appear on GamePass day one" so further highlighting to value proposition of GamePass. Arguable whether the games are the same quality or not (that is on the gamer) however the messaging here is clear. You get our latest releases day and date on our service if you want to use it. Think the key thing here is MS are offering choice - play on sub or buy outright. Sony are not. Would I want to play the latest Sony game on a Sony sub? Of course I would because I largely just play through the story and I'm done. In the end its Sony's strategy which is fine but its the main reason why I eventually dropped Sony's platform. It doesn't align with how I want to consume games these days - barrier to entry is too high - I really don't want to pay £70 to try something I might not enjoy and then have the hassle of selling it on (at a loss for a physical copy) or unable to get a refund (for a digital copy) etc. Things may have changed on the digital front now and Sony maybe offering a refund on games that have been played upto a time limit (like Steam do). Not sure its been a while since I checked out Sony's T&Cs. This is also the main reason why they are worried about the MS Blizzard take over IMHO. Even if MS offer a great deal on keeping CoD on PS for 10+ years - MS will pop it on GamePass. Again gamers will have a choice of where and what price point they want to play. Essentially GP lowers the barrier to entry for people to enjoy their content. Suppose in the end its great to have choice on how you want to play the games. Luckily there is enough between the Xbox and PC/Steam to keep me busy and serve my gaming needs. Shame the barrier to entry on Sony's platform is too high for me personally but well you know things get cheaper and if anything comes up worthwhile playing at least it will be there in future... you never know it may even end up on a Sony sub service at some point.
  11. Yes think Rebellion bought the rights to it... there is a version on Steam in VR (Battlezone Gold) its pretty impressive! Probably what the vision might have been for Battlezone when it was developed all those years ago!
  12. Think Jeff Minter did a visualiser for it? Although not sure it would be classed as essential
  13. Weird time to put up prices though. If people are going to be tightening their belts next year things like buying new games at £70 will go out of the window first so putting games up in price will lose them an advantage over the competition and lower sales anyway? As mentioned upthread driving people to GamePass is probably the ulterior motive perhaps?! Makes it feel even more of a great value proposition. Anyway be interesting to see what happens over the next year....
  14. If they'd got the Panther out before the SNES/Megadrive or around the same time yes. However getting dev support might have been an ask even then. Atari started loosing traction in consoles way back at the 5200 which was a bit of a flop followed up by the 7800.... Nintendo basically had stole Ataris market at that point with the NES.
  15. This is where Nintendo kind of get it right. They value what they make and hardly ever have things at super low prices even at anywhere in retail. Its mostly £50 and thats it for a Ninty Switch game. Even Mario Odyssey and Zelda after 5 years are still £50.
  16. Indeed. For example the PS5 God Of War game is currently being sold for between £30-45 on FB marketplace at the moment. This is what just under a month after release? In another few months it'll be down to £20. You don't even have to wait that long before the prices of new releases drop significantly TBH.
  17. Yeah. It is a bit of a shame to be honest. If the Jag had released maybe 3 years earlier than it did it *might* have done a bit better however it was released at the wrong time - back of the 16 bit era (many games playing and looking much better on those consoles) and people looking towards the Playstation and Saturn. Also Atari really never had the funds to back a console release either at that point.
  18. Its by the chap who made the emulator for the Atari 50th Celebration collection he open-sourced the project I believe. I can categorically state the Jag was the worst console I have ever had the misfortune to own. Tempest 2000 was the only game on the system that I enjoyed. Playing and experiencing most of the Jag games on the Atari Celebration compilation I am so glad I kept hold of my money back when I had it. Even Alien Vs Predator was a bit rubbish IMHO. Why people are paying crazy prices for these is really beyond me. Just proves people will buy any old tat when it comes to retro stuff. At least we have a decent emulator now so people will be able to try things out before buying any physical things. I expect most will end up in a display cabinet or something anyway. Sad thing it doesn't even look good IMHO. Looks like some kind of toilet with the CDROM drive on the top. Shame Atari went out on this. EDIT: In fact I'd go so far as to say if you want to have a play with a Jag - go out and buy a Xbox Series S. Buy Ataris 50th Celebration Collection. Play the Jag games on there and then thank me for at least having a Series S to play some great games on when you are done! The D-Pad on the Series controller even feels like a better version of the Jag's original D-pad Also there are plenty of great games to play on that Atari collection too...
  19. Think the RRP was £49.99? I think generally they were £45 at retail though.. PGR3 was £45 IIRC...
  20. Yep... I just see it as any other sub service. If I wanted to see a film for example that I really wanted to see I'd go to the cinema. Most other times I'd find something to enjoy on Netflix. I won't "wait" until something comes onto GP just enjoy what is there. In the end it doesn't have to work for everyone- its not mandatory that you need to enjoy it or use it... however I think its a great service to have around and personally getting lots of value from it. I actually play more games because of it - I was in a lull not wanting to try anything as I they might end up on my unplayed pile. WIth GP if I don't like something I move onto something that I might. No money wasted or disk to try and sell on etc.
  21. Don't know have they? Got a SNES and SF2 packed in... If you look at inflation etc we are technically giving them less...
  22. Not sure how much were NES games? £40? SNES £45? N64 £50? Not sure have a fuzzy memory as I only started console gaming around SNES times (then to only play SF2 really as I was playing/using an Amiga most of the time). Sure PS games were actually cheaper than Nintendo/Sega carts though? £30-35? Just saying I don't think the price of a high calibre/profile AAA game at £70 is unreasonable these days. I personally would only buy something at that price on exception. Thinking about my buying habits over the last few years only bought a few Nintendo Switch titles (at RRP) and GT7 at full price. Rest has mainly been Steam, odd online sale items and just subbing to GamePass.
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