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  1. Still looking forward to getting this. However my lofty expectations have been managed now a few reviews are out. Not sure what to make of it still. Is it a sim type game or an arcade game? Does it feel like a successor to a PGR game? Anyway now have Forza Horizon 2 on the XBO and to be honest never had so much fun in a car game.... the off road stuff is frustratingly fun! Its everything what I want from a fun racer TBH and certainly puts a big grin on the face which is what its all about right?! Forza 5 has the more sim like game covered. Even the social stuff seems to be covered really well by the two Forzas to be honest. Looking forward to seeing what DC offers. More out of curiosity than anything else. Best of all I don't have to spend any money to try it.....
  2. Not sure what is going on with Edge at the moment. Heard that the new CEO is chopping all the websites hence the online site never gets any reviews anymore. Bit of an odd way to go if you ask me and will ultimately spell doom for the mag IMHO.
  3. This is the thing really isn't it? As a PS+ game it's probably acceptable as the base game is free and will be expanded over time. As a £35-45 proposition though? What frustrates me most is... well.... I bought a PS4 for this. I waited 10 months for this game. Anyhow. Going to reserve judgement until I've played it for myself.....
  4. Ouch. DriveClub is *always* going to be a difficult game to review at launch. . Thing is:- 1) IT'S FREE 2) It's on a constant upgrade cycle and will only ever get better (weather etc etc). Not read the review yet however I'm guessing it's based on "Is this worth parting with £35" view. Potters off to EG to read the review....
  5. Agree. The CPUs in both systems are comparatively weak when compared to a recent PC so I'm guessing it's this that they are having problems with. I'd hope they'd max out the different versions to suit the hardware it's playing on - in much the same way PC games scale on hardware available.
  6. LMAO. The discussions these days seem to relate more to what resolution a game runs at and at what frame rate more than anything else! In the end what is the game like to play? A crap game is crap at 600p, 900p, 1080p. TBH I think *most* gamers would probably be hard pushed to notice any difference when they were playing. It's just for playground "mine is better than yours" bragging rights.
  7. Interesting point. Think the emphasis is on clubs so you form clubs with your mates and race other clubs. Be interesting to see how all this pans out. Clubs have a limit of 6 cars AFAIK too...
  8. As far as I understand it's Friday too. If you have pre-ordered the downloads will start happening from tomorrow but won't unlock until Friday.
  9. Yeah. This is kind of my feeling too. It's very pretty.... but just want to know how much substance is behind those shinies. As a keen Forza and PGR fan (both of which have done social extremely well - in the case of Forza clubs made an appearance in the original). Having recently played Forza 5 with it's drivatar tech - which I genuinely feel is a nice innovation in racers I'm addicted to Forza all over again. This will have to be something special to tear me away from F5 and Forza Horizon 2. I'm really hoping it is. Fingers crossed. Reading everyones experiences on here with interest.. Oh and much respect to Rushy for posting here and the Evolution team for hosting last weeks event. Roll on Friday!!!
  10. List of launch titles of consoles over the years:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_video_game_console_launch_games#Sony_PlayStation When I look at the original Xbox EU launch list on there it's simply staggering how much is in there... 3 or 4 racers alone. Suppose games were quicker (and cheaper) to develop back then....
  11. Thing is the last gen consoles were released in 2007.... so coming up to 7 years ago! You would have thought the R&D teams would have been developing the next set of consoles and software etc from then. Feel that, in particular the PS4, didn't have a killer app on release. Like for example Ridge Racer or ToshInDen etc on the PSOne or Halo on the XBox. At least the One had something for everyone at launch TBH. One thing I will give MS they deliver when they say they are going to don't ever remember suffering the massive delays that Sony seem to do on a regular basis. (remembers the wait for GT5 on PS3). Speaking of GT surprised Sony haven't even pushed out the equivalent of prologue yet on PS4... Just to give us an idea of what to expect. Even if they just tarted up GT6 a bit - and the PS4 has been out nearly a year now. Think Polyphony lost me when I played on the original Forza on the Xbox it was such a refreshing change and every release of Forza after has been on time and generally offered something innovative and new. Loving the Drivatar tech they have built into Forza 5 - such a simple idea but makes it hugely entertaining and more challenging.
  12. Think this is happening a bit with me. Mainly because the 360 was console of choice last gen and everything just feels familiar now that I have a One. PS4 is a great console though and the controller hugely improved over the DS3! Still prefer offset analogue sticks though (feels more natural for me!)... LOL....
  13. Forgot about the WiiU! This is the only Ninty console I've not lusted after owning! We have the Wii set up and the nippers love it to bits it's great fun. Thing that puts me off the WiiU a bit is the touch screen controller thingy. Great idea but think it was a bit late - and maybe Ninty could have used something like a DSi-XL for similar purposes? Anyhow I'm guessing I'll probably end up getting one once the next Zelda shows up (as always) - although was a little bit dissapointed with Skyward Sword for the waggle controls in some of the flying bits... (probably as much me as the motion tech to be fair).
  14. So we are almost at the year anniversary (ok its really November but hey...) How is everyone feeling with this generation of consoles so far? What did you go for? High points? Low points? Not jumped in yet? Why? I went with a PS4 in January this year and its been a mixed 10 months. The console came with Killzone Shadowfall which was a nice tech demonstrator but felt a bit sterile as a game if that makes sense. Most of the high points have been the superb Indy games, resogun, outlast, velocity 2x etc. Also recently of note that was a bit different was the PT demo - a nice demo of things to come. Which leads to my main low point - waiting for things to come! Seems to me that the PS4 was released to early with not enough AAA games. Having to wait so long for DriveClub has been torturous. As with other titles Sony pushed back (Order 1886 for example). Recently picked up a XBO too despite trying my best to stick to a one console generation the lure of the Forza games was simply too much. LOL. So far impressed with it. On reflection I should have gone with a XBO and Forza 5 first - however the initial price and Kinect fiasco put me off TBH and I think MS have suitably refocused and have a great price point now and range of exclusive games coming up this winter. Overall a mixed bag this far. Suffice to say I'm enjoying the XBO immensely catching up with the Forza duo..... Looking forward to next year seem be plenty on the horizon, particularly for the PS4!
  15. Absolutely. Go for it.... Think it's going to play host to the best exclusive games this winter IMHO. PS4 next winter... But then what to I know... LOL. I do know that Forzas are my favourite racers though and Sunset Overdrive looks sublime and so much fun. Just wish I'd bought the XBone first. Although Kinect did put me off a bit (well more to the point the high price *because* of Kinect put me off a lot!).
  16. They are different games though and complement each other quite nicely. Played Forza 5 and briefly the demo of FH2. Sure F5 is a bit more sterile but it's supposed to be.... It's also 60fps which does make a difference to some (including me). Anyhow both are great games. And both are on the same platform. Win/Win really. Also just picked up FH2 today.... Can't wait to get back home and get stuck in. Feels like a natural successor to PGR and the location it's set in is perfect. Think XBO is going to turn into to my console of choice for the foreseeable. More exited about playing FH2 than DriveClub on PS4 (and waited nearly a year for that!!!!). But then I have been a Forza fan since the original on XBox. Glad MS dropped all this mandatory kinect nonsense and the silly policies it announced on the XB One reveal. MS are now doing a fine job of rebuilding the XBox brand IMHO.
  17. 9/11 - Think some of the slower moving games it was trickier (was clicking through at a fair old rate though! LOL) However on any "racer" type games got them every time.
  18. Caved and picked up a XB one today. Enjoying it. Loving Forza 5 and looking forward to getting my mitts on Forza Horizon 2. Which is the game that made me cave in that and the lack of decent AAA games on the PS4 (which will be getting a bit more dusty now although DriveClub is out on Friday). I'm actually impressed with the hardware and OS love the tweaks on the pad motors in the triggers feel a bit weird first time they male an appearance. Think this will be my most played console this winter without a doubt. Roll on Sunset Overdrive too....
  19. Oh sodding hell.... should stop reading this thread...... Tomorrow I will hopefully be the owner of a shiny new Xbox One. Just knew Forza games would make me crack. So weak. Well that's the one console this gen policy out of the window then. May as well pack up the ps4 when I grab this and Forza 5 I expect it will be getting rather dusty.... LOL....
  20. Interesting to read about Sony's customer service. I subscribed to PS+ and then downloaded resogun which was free on PS+ but was charged £11.99. Rang up and I explained my problem and the chappie on the other end of the phone was really helpful and explained that he would log the problem and forward it to the billing team for assessment and got a refund. Had to wait a couple of days though. Suppose it depends who you get on the line when you talk to someone..... I'd have pushed them a bit more. Anyhow think they are all as bad as each other. Remember the fiasco I had trying to cancel an Xbox live subscription once....
  21. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-10-02-playstation-network-hit-by-worldwide-connection-issues Might explain why people are currently having issues with PSN.... (at least it isn't DriveClub weekend! ) Note: It's back up now apparently.
  22. Its at times like this... I get frustrated at my "only one console this gen" policy... And of course having played Forza Horizon on the 360.... This is looking awesome!
  23. LOL you'll have a "day one" experience... Hopefully it'll be back up. If your used to Xbox then the PSN will be a bit of a shock. When it works its great but lets say it's not as consistently up as XBox live is. Sundays/Mondays seems to be the worst days for some reason.... Being a Xbox fan last gen I'm actually enjoying the PS4. Much nicer experience than the PS3 was when that was launched.
  24. Enjoy! DriveClub should be fantastic! The indy content is great. Really enjoyed Outlast (was part of PS+ offering earlier in the year).Of course ResoGun is great if you love old skool shooters (think defender on steriods!) Velocity 2X is fantastic fun... PS4 is a bit barren in terms of exclusive content this year but should pick up nicely over next year! Destiny is my current time sink at the moment when I get time to actually play it... great fun. Definitely worth picking up if you like co-op shooters.
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