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  1. 1 hour ago, Jamie John said:

    Is this good, then? I don't think there have been many reviews since it SHADOW DROPPED the other day.

    Well good is subjective I guess but it feels like a breath of fresh air. Well defined genres fused together with a Japanese feel to everything. Fast, slick and fun gameplay with fantastic visuals and sound. 


    I like the way this was simply dropped out and released during a presentation too so no opinions all over the web before release etc just download and form your own opinion!  Probably why there aren't many reviews either because you don't really need them as it's out there and part of GamePass just try it. You can even instaplay it via xCloud.  


    I get tired of all the crap these days the reviewers put out before a game releases over hyped? Paid for reviews etc etc. It's great to just play something without all the hype beforehand. In fact I'm going to adopt this on future and just wait for things to get released I'm interested in.

  2. 7 hours ago, Darwock said:

    Reading that link I just learned that the Edge controller has customizable analogue stick input curves.


    Surely that is done via the software on the PS5? In which case why can’t it be done for all controllers? I would love to be able to adjust the input curve for the Hori flight stick (which identifies to games as a DS4 and therefore usually has input curves not suited for a big joystick).

    Becausse they want to give players the "Edge"... :D 


    All BS TBH - get that you pay a premium for all the configurability of the pad but to use the same components as the regular pad inside? And a smaller battery? I'd expect better quality components inside.. and still using carbon track based potentiometers in 2023 ... yep only reason for this is they are cheap and expect people to cough up for a new pad all the time. 


    At least you can swap the modules out on this one for better ones... But really at £210 they could do better IMHO. Same with MS and the Elite controller too. Shameful. 

  3. This is great. Fast smooth fun and just very playable. It's like the essence of what gaming is about for me brought upto date a bit. Loving the visuals and sound. A lovely fusion of rhythm game, fighter and platforming. 


    Someone mentioned upthread it feels like something Sega would have brought to the Dreamcast. Absolutely. A "gamers game" - old school concepts fused and brought upto date. Certainly a refreshing game after all these open world movie type games. 


  4. 29 minutes ago, footle said:

    they mentioned twenty environments, rebuilt for this version of forza, of which five were new and they focused on one in South Africa.

    were you watching it?

    Just watched the last half as I turned it off the first time mid way though! 😂


    Interesting to see what they have added. Still miss the point to point races from earlier Forza games. (Fujimi Kaido type locations). Fingers crossed the inject some fun races back into this rather than all circuit racing. 

  5. 1 minute ago, thesnwmn said:

    Not a bad show but honestly saved by the shadow drop of HiFi Rush. The missing date for Forza feels like a big ball drop to me. This is years and years in the making and it can only imply its "not soon". So June at the earliest looking at that release slate.

    Indeed no date on Forza Motorsport is a bit poor. Half expect this to slip to a winter release or forth quarter. Also would have been nice to see a build of the game running. What was shown tonight has already been shown before.


    To be fair unless they've add VR support not really getting that hyped about Forza no mention of new tracks or anything. Great that they have lots of cars but for me tracks are where it's at.

  6. I've been playing a bit of Tempest 2000 tonight since the update. Strangely the Series S controller seems a bit laggy* on this compared to my older Xbox One controller (one before Series). Thought they'd reduced the lag on the new controller. Hmmm very odd. Other thing is that the analogue controller is now an option however if you enable it and using a pad the cross pad up and down stops working making the warp levels impossible.


    Anyway T2K plays really well at least with the old controller! :)


    EDIT * did a firmware update on the Series controller and it seems to have fixed the issue... :D Forget everything seems to need a firmware update these days.. sure it wasn't that long since I did this...

  7. 9 hours ago, Darwock said:

    That suggests that everyone that has been raving about Tempest has been enjoying it at 30fps. What happened to rllmuk, is it broken?

    Ssssshhhh this was one area of the forum where the mention of FR stuff wasn't mentioned. Until now at least :)


    Think a majority of people playing this package don't really care that much about frame rates given the software catalogue on offer here.... :)

  8. On 07/01/2023 at 11:09, fat flatulent git said:

    Well, fuck that.  Even after deleting everything to do with the game, it now won’t start without the latest patch.


    It seems that if you have updated at all, Warbirds is gone forever even if you delete the patch.


    I tried it on my Switch Lite, which has never had the update, and it worked fine.  Looks like I will be playing Warbirds on my secondary Switches.



    Bad news. So even if you have bought a physical version will it update and patch this out? Guessing it you just don't update anything you'll be fine however that means no bug fixes etc.


    Sigh this is a sign of things to come I guess its actually questionable what you are actually buying if they can change and revoke things in their initial offering.


    I remember when Sony patched out other OS support from their firmware (PS3)  technically altering and removing a feature that was part of the original console offering.  Of course you couldn't play the latest games unless you did a firmware update so nothing you could really do about it. Same as games. If they put some features in that depend on the update you loose out if you don't update.


    Of course they will cover off everything on the T&C's which you sign upto when you buy the game or use a service. 


    Progress I guess. ;)

  9. 10 hours ago, Pob said:

    Are all Xbox remotes infra-red? My Series X is facing sideways so that's no good. The bluetooth PS3 TV remote was the best. Wish there was a decent Xbox alternative.

    Can you use to Xbox remote on the app via a phone? Think I used to use this to play video etc. It was a while back so may not be there anymore now ...


    Edit just checked you can Just select the Library button in the app then the consoles menu. Your Xbox consoles will be listed there and when you click on one it will give the option to "open remote control". Saves buying remote controls for it. All for saving e-waste and all that....


  10. A few....


    Setting up my ZX Spectrum Xmas morning in 1983 and then loading up Manic Miner. Pretty much had it on most of the day and any visitors having a play with a new fangled computer thing. Remember trying to teach my Grandad how to move left right and jump on the old rubber keyboard :)


    Gran Turismo 3 on the PS2. Spent most of the day on that.


    Experiencing VR for the first time on an Oculus at one of our contractors playrooms! Amazing especially the demos and Project CARS with a wheel. 


    Still think VR is the most innovative thing to happen to gaming in years. They just need to get things more accessible. 

  11. 30 minutes ago, dave7g said:

    It's depressing to see how long games are taking to make nowadays. It'll be more than 15 years between Elder Scrolls games at the very least, I'm wondering how many more I'll actually get to play. 

    Same thing here. Especially when you have been through eras when you'd get enough AAA games coming through to keep interest. 


    And when new.AAA games do get released these days I do wonder why they have taken so long to make when you peel back the visuals the game bit itself seems a bit generic. 


    Perhaps I've just been playing to long so things never feel that fresh anymore and probably why I keep picking up older games and playing those despite their relatively crude graphics etc the gameplay is great.


    This might actually be the year I leave new AAA games behind and focus on things I actually enjoy playing rather than the new and shiny big budget games.

  12. Recycled my Edge collection a while ago. Kept a few select issues mainly the 100th Edge with the cover drawn by Miyamoto and the three file issues which captured many of the significant stories and developments over the era.


    I couldn't even give the old mags away even to libraries etc didn't want them.... So off they went to be recycled into making something else....

  13. 28 minutes ago, Sarlaccfood said:

    Do it quick for a good price as they say they’ve sorted the stock issues.


    I’m pretty happy with their output, but if you’ve not been interested in the Sony exclusives from the last few years I doubt anything on the horizon will change your mind. 

    Agree although you maybe too late already. Stock seems to freely available and on FB marketplace they can be snapped up for around £350 at the moment. Main reason I sold mine just before the silly season (around October time) for what I paid for it.


    Not that I won't ever pick one up again however waiting for some more releases and a hardware revision. Also want to see what PSVR 2 turns out like in particular how well it works with GT7.


  14. 5 hours ago, Corranga said:

    I'm surprised they haven't announced more, especially with 6 weeks (to the day?) until PSVR2 launches, and the preorders via Sony going live back in Nov / Dec?


    Me too. Be interesting to see how it turns out hoping that supports full races but Sony have hardly been forthcoming about what the VR support will be for GT7. Surely it has to be more than what GT Sport and PSVR did? That was an incredible experience though so hopes are high.

  15. 1 hour ago, MansizeRooster said:

    I live in utter fucking pant-shitting terror of buying something on PSN, only to see it added to PS Plus shortly afterwards. I've been sitting eying up The Sinking City for well over a year now, precisely for that reason.


    Does anyone have any insight as to what developers/publishers have a higher likelihood of putting their games up on PSPlus at a certain point? Can you tell by a game's sales performance or age how likely it is to be added?

    Why not just buy the game and enjoy it when it reaches a price point you are happy to pay? Or conversely just play things that come up on a service and ignore games there are released separately?


    It's like other media really if you like a bands output but their content isn't on say Spotify would it stop you buying and enjoying their latest album?


    Life is too short. 


    Edit: The Sunken City is currently £10. :)

  16. I got rid of my whole retro collection 4 or 5 years ago now. Got a good wedge of cash for it and don't regret getting rid of anything. I was stuck in the cupboards not getting played and for me games and consoles should be played not squirrelled away!


    Not sure about todays consoles/games. What with dependency on digital downloads etc and online servers being up guessing the future value is questionable? Same with mainstream consoles to be honest when they are selling in the huge numbers they do are probably of negligible value.


    I think there maybe some things when kept in boxes etc might be worth something in years to come... like the Mini NES/SNES type things or others that have a fairly limited run.  I've got these that are signed on the bottom by the hardware designer (Masayuki Uemura)  when he visited the National Gaming Museaum in Sheffield a few years back. Those I will never part with! :) Thankfully they don't take up much space!

  17. Always have problems with open world type games. Rarely finish them due to as the the OP mentioned the seemingly repetitive game loops to progress the story. 


    Funny enough though Ghosts Of Tsushima was an exception. Not saying it didn't drag it did around the 15 hour mark for me but actually loved traversing the world and the era the game was set. But yeah that game loop was getting tedious.  If it had been any longer than 20 hours it would have been left though.


    Generally prefer story type games to be around 10-15 hours. Sweet spot for me.


    Favourite games are things that don't end and are fun to play... So end up playing arcade racers or things like SHUMPS, Tetris, Puzzle Bobble etc. Recently been enjoying the Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration. Great quick shots of game without huge time investments.

  18. Expect the revised PS5 will be announced at some point in the first quarter and sales were will be steady .Switch will reach saturation point in '23 - no surprises there as it'll be in its sixth year so expect the sales to tail off a bit this year with a new console being announced in first quarter '24.


    Xbox not sure about depends if MS can deliver on its first party content. Expect MS will be competitive on console pricing and bolstering it's GamePass content. So steady sales. Expect Sony to keep in front marginally.

  19. 2 hours ago, Unofficial Who said:


    I've played Dropzone on both C64 and Atari 800 emulators, the Atari one is the one to go for. Just has the edge over the C64 version. It was Archer's preferred version back in the day as well.

    Never owned an Atari unfortunately but remember that back in the day... So the Atari one it will be!

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