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  1. I expect it'll be around that price. Have you seen how much that scalpers charge for things at launch on eBay for new consoles?! Expect MS will want a reasonable price without going silly. Given the price people are prepared to pay for gadgets these days £599 sounds reasonable for some new premium tech. Personally I'll be getting a new GPU for the PC and just sticking with my PS4 Pro for as long as I can. Hoping MS can back up the hardware with some compelling content.....
  2. Not really a game as such but looking forward to Dreams on the PS4 also Last of us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima. In the meantime got a whole stack of PSVR games and content to go through....
  3. Never is a bold statement. Perhaps not in our lifetimes. Or perhaps we are all living in a VR world right now.... Just not aware...
  4. MattyP

    Xbox Game Pass

    Good news indeed! I was just pondering over buying this for the Switch too.. . Is this on PC via gamepass too? It's also out on the PS4 for anyone wondering... Happy days...
  5. Happy to get any updates on the last of us 2 and ghosts of tsushima.. also any news on PSVR2 or further news on how VR will figure in Sony's future gaming offerings.
  6. Thanks for the reply much appreciated! Yes there is Spotify and I will probably just end up using it however it's great just having your own local collection too. I think at the moment it's just a physical space thing no need having physical disks around anymore but just want the best way possible of capturing them
  7. Hi all, Have a bit of time on my hands at the moment so deciding to move my CD collection onto the PC and then archive them onto a backup disk There are quite a few formats out there and just wondering what the concensus is out there on the best format to use to maintain sound quality whilst being the most compatible with players? I was looking at FLAC? Any other opinions? What do you use? Thanks in advance!
  8. Possibly or I'll just steam the new games to the current PC rather than upgrade. It will give my current PC longer legs and it is perfectly adequate for everything else I need of it. This is why streaming is an interesting proposition for me as I don't have to update my PC hardware to keep up with the latest games... So saving hardware costs....
  9. Indeed I do... Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Stick with it... Found the variety on each level fantastic. Some have more puzzles etc than others so breaks it up a lot. Not sure about controls never really had an issue with them however mainly used a pro controller to play.
  11. Anyone being playing the multiplayer stuff on rhis? Is it any good?
  12. This looks GREAT love Tetris and loving my PSVR. But damn £35 for this on the store. Is it worth it?! I have so many versions of Tetris now it's unreal....
  13. Think "better" is relative though to what you want. I'm just glad the MS are embracing the PC. For the record I've been running the PC and Xbox games in parallel for the past year or so - certainly since MS started the initiative of porting Xbox games over to the platform at the same time as Xbox consoles. I can categorically state I have never had any performance issues all the experiences have been better on my PC - mostly running at 1080p@60fps. This is on what I would say a fairly modest PC - original generation Ryzen 5, 16GB RAM and an ageing Nvidia GTX970 - my machine build is over 2 years old. The GPU over 4. So despite the FUD being spread on here about PC releases being a buggy mess. The reality for many is they aren't. Consoles also get multiple GB day one patches these days - they are effectively a PC in a different shaped box. Difference is all Xboxes are known spec hardware. Although we are getting multiple devices on console hardware anyway (S. X. Scarlett etc). The software libraries they all run on (Direct X IIRC) are standard though between PC and Xbox and this is what makes everything work. There is simply little difference to choose from between Xbox and a PC these days and going forward. We can only gain as gamers because we get more ways to play, more people can join in to play no matter what their chosen device. The PC will *always* be technically superior to a console as its an user upgradable platform and it does more things along with playing games. Personally for me I have a PC for doing work on which is also more than capable of running Xbox content well - my specs will probably exceed that of the next gen of Xbox hardware (OK may have to upgrade my GPU at some point). I get the same (or better) experience than playing on an Xbox console. This is why I won't be buying any more specific Xbox branded hardware because for me it is redundant. Indeed I no longer have any Xbox consoles now the X went a few weeks back as it was simply gathering dust. However still get to use the Xbox software and services. Whether that be in future through streaming on a mobile device, via a steaming based TV app or via the PC. Everyone wins. More choice of where and how you want to play. MS get more money to make more great content. So lets not get bogged down in the details... PC and Xbox we are all the same it is one service.... just getting to the content in different ways. Lets face it. The NG Xbox isn't hardware. It is a platform. How you get to the platform, the services and games is upto you. Never has their been so much choice. The Times They Are A Changin'. For the greater good of the Xbox brand. Embrace and enjoy
  14. I know the last one is PS2 just thought I'd put that in as really it's a celebration of the PlayStation brand!
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