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  1. Probably. I drive from the bonnet cam view as I find all the instrumentation a distraction and blocks your view of the circuit - cockpit view works better in VR from my experience where you can have a quick look around but no VR in this game unfortunately. Hopefully next PC iteration will support it - like Flight Sim. I'd try switching to a non-cockpit view and see how you get on... Might be worth a try. Not sure if there are any adjustments for the wheel I haven't had a proper look around yet - think there is an "advanced options" in the controller menu somewhere so there maybe so
  2. Not sure just send them... think most of us have been here long enough... But usually we all know who we are in this thread so will be expecting a FR at some point.... Speaking of which in the good old 360 days you just sent and invite over and people accepted and job done. These days (since the Xbox One) seems to be slightly different... You "follow" someone and I guess when someone "follows" you back then you are friends? Seems to be how it works anyway.
  3. Always the problem with these lists all very personal. Everybody remembers the seminal games that appealed to them. Also these lists would be better without numbers headlined with something like "30 games that defined 90s gaming for me" or something similar. In that article for example it says "Officially Ranked" by who? What are the metrics? Sales numbers? Popularity? Who knows.... Don't like these list things. Have a book called "1001 games to play before you die" which is kind of cool. Nice little rundown of the game and a few screenies. Problem is its actually difficult to play the games w
  4. I'd stick with the wheel. Despite my disastrous attempts at laps at the moment actually quite enjoying the learning experience of using a wheel with this. Flicked between the pad and wheel. Pad was giving me better times but I was using auto gearbox with all the assists off. Now gone full manual with all the assists off but the braking line. However think I'm going to take that off too as its distracting me! Think the key with the wheel is to take it nice and smooth and don't oversteer. It's easy to put your foot down too much on the first half of the circuit and it
  5. Which wheel are you using? Having issues here as I just have to tap the brake pedal breifly and it spins out. I know...don't tap the brake Have all the assists off though and steering set to simulation and manual gears. Bit of a handful. All just seems really sensitive. Think I just need to spend some time learning the wheel with this and getting around the circuit first and then work on getting my time down. Also cheers to Boozy for organising this! Guess at some point might be worth organising a race or two perhaps see how the TT go and then maybe once a month some racing. Altho
  6. That last corner is really tricky. Hard to carry the speed through it but you have to get the speed down so braking at the right time is key.
  7. Great having the replays to watch... Although essentially the trick is to control the car with the throttle, don't use brakes and if your tyres are screechin' you are losing time!
  8. OK managed to nudge past rafaqat75 with 1:06:580.... Now heading for TehStu.... Enjoying this... although don't think I'll ever make the top of the leaderboards fun to keep trying....
  9. Wow this is *very* twitchy on the wheel!!!! Never quite sure when the car is going to let go on the corners and when it does it instantly spins with little chance of recovery (as you can on the pad). So gone back to the pad for a bit - I'm still shockingly bad though This is fun although as always this is a completely different proposition when you turn the assists off. No way I can do manual gears on a pad.... never managed this far Turned all the assists off (although still auto box) and managed a 1:07.497 so far. So chasing rafaqat75 down at the momen
  10. Getting my wheel out today and having a play. The series X plays this smoother than my PC though but my wheel doesn't work with the Xbox at least I don't think it does! It's a Logitech G29 which is essentially the same a G920 but think they use different drivers so it won't work on the Xbox (it was designed for PS4). PC as always most flexible.
  11. The PS5 GPU can ramp up the clock speed (effectively like overclocking a PC GPU) when needed. Guessing it's when this happens it's driving components a bit harder. The Series X has a fixed GPU clock rate though.
  12. GPU cards suffer from it on the PC too.... Just one of those things. Think the PS5 ramps up the GPU frequency quite high when games need the extra grunt and I guess this is why the whine is there when some games are played. Not sure why Sony did this rather than just run everything at the highest stable clock frequency they could get. There would have been less instances of coil whine I'm guessing or at least they could have manufactured them the have some consistency using components that would have performed at the clock frequency chosen.
  13. Out of interest does anyone have a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 kicking about that they are willing to part with? Fancy playing this again after 3....
  14. It was Dirt 5 that drove me back to Forza Motorsport 3! After belting around in Sega Rally the week before I tried Dirt 5 must say I wasn't overly impressed with Dirt 5. It's lovely in terms of visuals but just feel left wanting in that game. Like it's missing a spark. Then I wanted to play some of my favourite tracks again to see if it was just rose tinted specs syndrome. However no. The old racers still have it. Even the graphics and sound aren't bad either!
  15. Don't know if I'm getting old really and there is perhaps an element of "seen it all before" when I boot up a recent racer. Just think they aren't as good these days. Sure they may look a bit shiner but just don't feel as creative like it's almost as if the designers have no passion anymore either that or they are designed by committee. I think the last recent racing game that had me hooked in was DriveClub. Great circuits and none of the fluff we seem to get on modern drivers. I did enjoy Forza Horizon 4 too but that is more of an open world game. And you can buy clothes in it. Wh
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