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  1. Think both the Amiga and ST had Mac emulators out at the time. All the machines were based around the Motorola 68K processor so figures... Think the Amiga emulator was called A-Max. Always wanted a Mac through but wow they were expensive back then (well they are now TBH!). Eventually got one of these years ago:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_SE/30 (They were $4389 back in the day equivalent to $8625 in 2017!!!!) Although not really sure what I want to use it for now... also have a knackered 2012 21" iMac... (hard drive and SuperDrive have gone).
  2. I know but Noisetracker was great on the Amiga and you didn't need any additional hardware.... (think another popular one was OctaMed). Both great! Also remember building a sound sampler for the Amiga that plugged into the parallel port and sampling things in and then using this to make some tunes.... great fun!
  3. Is "Game" finished?

    Noticed that last time I went in... in particular Coney St... lots of closed shops. Shadow of its former self.... Grew up there and left a good while ago. Too many cafes and food places these days..... Guess its like most city centres TBH.
  4. Indeed although it is using a PowerPC processor and has Zorro slots....
  5. Wow you can still buy Amigas... https://amigakit.amiga.store/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1071 £2K though! Wonder who is buying them and what they are doing with them!
  6. I had an Amiga and my brothers had STs so got to experience both! Always remember the day I picked up my Amiga from a local indy shop back in 1989. Cost me £399 and I got Roger Rabbit and StarRay (defender clone) with it! What a machine and gave me years of entertainment. Out of the two preferred the Amiga though the sound and visuals were better and it had Deluxe Paint!!!! Also the OS was better IMHO felt like a streamlined Unix system.... Just remember back then doing so much more creative things with my Amiga than I do these days. I have a PC that hardly gets used. Guess its because I work on the things all day and doing want to when I get back home.. back then I was at college then uni ....
  7. Is "Game" finished?

    Didn't know the one in York has shut.... however don't go into the centre that much these days.... being opposite CEX won't have helped it - think Game is also in the same street (or was!)....
  8. Just generally playing games! I was looking at getting a pro controller at some point but put off a bit by the price and the fact I have a DS4 and a Xbox One controller knocking about... this sounds a great compromise.
  9. It will be good to get some feedback on this! Wonder what the latency is like (if any)....
  10. Just pre-ordered! Love the nice touches to this - sprite viewer and well just having all the Streetfighers in one place will be great! Went for the PS4 version... Prefer the controller of the PS4. Did briefly consider the Switch version but can't imagine playing this on the Joy Cons and well it was £15 more expensive than the PS4 version.
  11. 80s LCD/VFD handheld/tabletop games.

    Awesome! Remember these back in the day... Mate had Firefox by Grandstand... I owned something called Astro Wars (also by Grandstand). I killed it unfortunataly by trying to use it with a Spectrum PSU oopsie. Great game though... Only thing I have like this now is a Nintendo Donkey Kong 2 dual screen game and watch... Also I'm sure Nintendo released a Game and Watch compilation for one of their consoles once.... EDIT Ah yes for the DS: http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/game-watch-collection
  12. ONRUSH - New Arcade Racer from Codies!

    Looking great! Only just fired up Sega Rally on the 360 the other day and then remembering Motorstorm.... Need some more games like this! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  13. Nice collection... only just managed to fire up my Saturn the other day and had a blast playing through Street Figher Alpha 2 - not played StreetFighters in years but manged to pull both the hadouken and dragon punch off as if it was yesterday. You never forget! Also its as if the Saturn pad was made for this. Interested in this but only have a Switch with JoyCons and PS4. Don't really want to buy another pad or stick for either. Never liked the PS pad for SF games - "d-pad" gives me blisters... over enthusiastic hadoukens

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