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  1. Indeed. Its a wonderful little game... nice in co-op too... Another experience I would have probably overlooked if it hadn't have been on GamePass and I'd had a quick go on it.
  2. Rapidly becoming my plan too. Although I expect I won't have time either. Problem is getting hold of another might still be difficult and really interested in PSVR2.
  3. So there you go... you get more value out of buying and playing single games on systems. Everyone is different.. celebrate the differences plenty of options and choices out there... I hate Metroid games for example and Demon's Souls type games leave me cold*- doesn't make them bad just games I don't enjoy. By and large these days hardware is the same (well PS5/Xbox Series X)... give or take... just comes down to what you want to play and what you want to pay doesn't it.... Anyway...too sensible for a console wars topic.... Just buy all the consoles... then get paralysis of choice. have no space for them all and have no time to play all the content! These are the real challenges these days. Time challenges. And more to the point trying to justify to the other half why you need to have all these game boxes... * I've tried Metroid and Bloodborne in the past. Whilst not playing Demon's Souls it looks to be of a similar nature.
  4. Indeed. Well I only paid £35 for it so not so bad. However this is not worth £70 to me. I know I could have just downloaded an old R&C game but that is somewhat missing the point as I wanted something to play that used/shows of the features of the PS5. Perhaps they are building discounts and sales into the sales model... there will be a whole bunch of early adopters that will pay £70 and a whole bunch of people will bite at different price points. Keeping the disc option for people at the other end who tend to buy mostly pre-owned games. Even if Sony sees no return from pre-owned it keeps gamers on their eco-system and therefore potentially a future customer.
  5. I think FH4 is a very varied game with the different seasons etc. Quite like the different "mission" type structures - Stuntman etc. Also it was a bonus that it was set in the UK too. Looking back I really enjoyed it and played the hell out of it for a couple of months when it first released.. back in 2018? Wow has it been three years?! From what I have seen of FH5 it has a wet season - I'll still enjoy playing it but think 4 will take some beating. My favourites so far have been 2 followed by 4.
  6. This is kind of where I'm at. Almost thinking about just getting rid of the PS5 and waiting a couple of years, seeing what the exclusives turn out like and then picking another PS5 up then and cherry pick the ones I want to play - some might even make their way to the PC eventually too. I don't think I'll pick any new release up for the PS5 at £70. Its not that I don't want to spend the money just don't think they are good value for money for me. Suppose recent case in point is Ratchet and Clank. Lovely game - audio/visuals are stunning etc. I'm around 14% in. Not played it for a while as its become well tedious. Picked up Psychonauts 2 the other night - whilst granted its not as pretty as R&C it plays really well and is equally and if not more inventive and fun as R&C. I could have paid £70 for R&C (I didn't). Or 6 months of GamePass. To me it is clear which one offers me the better value for money. Like I say depends how you want to game and the types of games you want to play to which offers you the better value proposition and I am learning more towards the subscription model. And yes I know Sony offers PS Now but well GamePass hooked me in first offering day/date first party titles on the service. Mainly Forza Horizon 4 and Crackdown 3.
  7. This is really odd device... is it the new play and charge kit/grip thing? So you hold everything including stand whilst playing?
  8. Guess it depends on the game. If its a single player game sure you can wait for a sale or second hand however guessing most multiplayer games need to be bought day one so you can join in the community. Which is the nice thing potentially about GamePass. All games are available to all subscribers at the same time so communities around games can be easier to build. I guess to a degree however first party titles do stay on for a fair while if not indefinitely (licenses pending). There is no right or wrong - depends how you like to play and what. At least we have options I guess. Too many at times perhaps...
  9. Ended up just watching this... No real spoilers in there... well apart from the usual fare with a showcase event - but they are largely the same in every Horizon game and involves an aircraft of some description. I've pre-loaded this on the PC ready.. however it does look pretty much "business as usual". Personally don't think I'll be sinking much time into this. Its far to similar to what has gone before. I wanted to be excited about this too but there are too many other things so squander my precious gaming time on. However for those new to the franchise it looks to be a great introduction also as mentioned in the vid there is a distinct lack of arcade racers these days.
  10. Indeed as we get a bit more disposable income... time is the currency. Life is too short to be wasting it on things that aren't entertaining. However I guess that is where GamePass gives me the benefit of finding something interesting to play from a selection without paying to find out if I actually will enjoy something. Saved me plenty of money and time too win/win here....
  11. Picked this up again over the past few nights... spent around 5 hours so far on it. Really enjoying it now... initially I was a bit unimpressed but not sure what I was expecting to be fair. Its a great little platformer full of quirky visuals and inventiveness... can't complain really these types of games aren't made too often these days.
  12. Space Giraffe... Fun game that... Loved Minters latest follow up Polybius which is mindblowing in VR BTW... He also did the music visualiser on the original 360 firmware. Not sure if its still there anymore... now I will need to check
  13. Yeah that is bad. Think you only need an hour max from starting up something to realising its not for you. Saying that I've only ever requested a refund from Steam... think it was for the VR version of Trackmania... it was vomit inducing... However bought a game on PSN that I'm not really happy with and thats it no recourse. Sigh. Live and learn I guess. At least it wasn't £70 I guess. Think going forward all my digital purchases will be on PC via Steam. Seems to be the most consistent thing I've had over the years. Rest of my gaming will be on GamePass though.
  14. Indeed. TBH never really saw the problem with MS's plans for digital... but then I'd been on Steam for nearly 10 years at that point and my first bit of content being Half Life 2. I get why people like the idea of physical media though because if you don't like something its easy to just sell it on and re-coup some costs. Steam is quite mature in the sense that you get a grace period for a refund - I bought a game and think I got 4-5 hours with it and could still request a refund. Not sure what the case is with digital content on PlayStation and on Xbox? I've had refunds from Xbox before however I think with Playstation store as soon as you download and boot it then no refund unless this has changed.
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