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  1. MattyP

    Xbox One X

    All Xbox One pads do... I use my Xbox One controller on the PC just by plugging it in... no wireless dongle needed.
  2. MattyP

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Regret buying a PS4 shortly after launch (bought it in the January after release). Played and enjoyed Resogun - bought Killzone : Shadow Fall with it... wasn't that impressed. Actually bought it for DriveClub but that kept getting delayed so think in the end I sold it while it was still fetching good prices and bought a XBox One with Forza Horizon 2. Think the main issue for me was none of the games seemed to live up to expectation... DriveClub (on release was not great), The Order 1886 (was delayed and not great) etc. Since picked up a cheap one second hand just to play the odd exclusive - really enjoyed Uncharted 4. Playing Shadow Of The Colossus and The Last Guardian. Hardly gets used though. In general agree though lots of games seem to be trying to be movies these days... don't think its just Sony though...
  3. MattyP

    PGR 4

    Nice little vid that compares the Edinburgh circuit in FH4 vs PGR2 (Around 2:16 onwards)... PGR2 holds up quite well given it was released what 14 years ago!
  4. MattyP

    PGR 4

    Probably (annoyingly) licensing issues...
  5. MattyP

    PGR 4

    Well I put it on this morning because I've been slightly disappointed by Forza Horizon 4 - can't work out why and I thought I was bored of driving games in general... I was nearly late for work because I got engrossed in this all over again. So it definitely scratches that driving game itch that nothing else seems to touch these days. One thing I did notice were the car sounds in PGR4 going from a range of cars they just sound so good (put them through a surround sound system!) the Ferrari Enzo sounds like it should as did the growling burble of the Bentley Continental....The music too - love the prodigy sound track that this came with (think The Shadow was written specifically for this game). Really wish this would get added to BC and enhanced for the X.... That would just be great - be interesting to see it run at 60fps too, however I'm guessing it might feel all wrong at that speed!
  6. MattyP

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is Burnout just a visual improvement? Think I already have BP and it is backward compatible...
  7. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Got a code for the McLaren Senna sent to me yesterday for playing the demo nice bonus....
  8. MattyP

    PGR 4

    Had a quick blast on PGR4 this morning and managed to get an achievement... Still enjoy this game... wonder if the scores and times still update?! Guessing the servers have long gone....
  9. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Never spent more than 5 minutes looking for any up to now.... (well only done 10 so far). Drone view just makes it easy along with the turbo button! Although TBH thought they'd try something original this time instead of barn finds...again. Stopped playing this temporarily because just finding the credit grinding tedious... not really interested in getting clothes, houses, horns or emotes. Cars? Well played 2 to death so cars aren't doing it for me either... been there done that - shame the cars I earnt in 2 don't carry over as it feels like I'm doing the same old again. Enjoyed the stunt driver events and finished up on those, done all the showcases. Raced a few races. Found a few more roads, broke a few boards, found a few beauty spots, done some danger locations and drift zones. All in all spent around 20 or so hours on it and I think I'm done with it at the moment! Although I think someone mentioned a range of events opening up at level 40.. one of which pays homage to the PGR series... so might aim for getting to level 40 (or just shove PGR4 back on for a bit ) Anyway going into moany mode here so I'll shut up had I not played any other Forza horizon game I'd be silly happy with this I'll come back to it at some point again... Glad everyone is enjoying though.....
  10. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Think perhaps there is an element of that... Although think at least Playground could have had some kind of championship structure to each of the driving types in the game - ran the seasons a bit longer and had a tournament per season perhaps? Suppose its all quite tricky how to get the structure working with offline/online... Maybe they should have had a offline tournament mode where there was a tournament per season that you played at your own pace (say 10 events per tournament) then once that season was done onto the next season. Online the seasons and tournaments would be controlled centrally not sure. The other things (showcases etc) could be drip fed through the season progression. Still a bit confused to how this works when offlne. However essentially as I see it at the moment:- When you first start the game you play through the four seasons offline - amassing credits by completing various races and events. when a certain number of credits are reached the season changes until you are eventually let loose into the game. At this point the game world is online with live players on a server (which can host upto 72 racers). You can choose to play solo by just completing an event in "solo" mode. There are a number of event types - road, street race, dirt and a few others. There are no specific order in racing of event types - completing in a type increases your level in that particular type (eg dirt). If you have no network connection the online players are replaced with drivatars (similiar to those in FH2) but essentially the game still works as above. Showcases, events , barn finds etc pop up during play at random times. Seasons are triggered weekly on Thursdays at 3.30BST. Which open up additional seasonal events. If you are not online how do these seasons progress? Do they only move on if you are connected online? Forzathon Live! are random events that you can participate in if you choose. Essentially playing co-op with other players in the game world at that time. Forza Horizon LIfe is basically a summary of what you have been doing in the world and what level you are at in each progression element of the world - be it Photographer, Dirt racer, Road racer etc. Team adventure is essentially a group of events that you play with other online players, parties (or drivatars if offline?). This is equivalent of Road Trips in FH2. Convoy - Is essentially a party mode where you can participate in events together (whoever is in your Convoy) Plus all sorts of other random stuff that happens and can be collected! Did Playground ever put out some videos and stuff of the various features of FH4 and how they work? Anyway... feel free to correct me on the above just my findings so far! Maybe worth bunging a quick list of stuff on the first page for people new to this?!...
  11. MattyP

    Edge #325 - Settle your scores here ;)

    Did the same thing last month. Mainly to look at the graphics updates on the X (which were lovely). Soon as the game started proper though quit remembering why I never played more than 5 or 6 hours of the game when it was originally released. Not getting caught up in the hype train again for a R* game... As beautiful as they are both technically and visually just find their games' gameplay dull. Maybe I should quit gaming. Or go and play some old retro games or something....
  12. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I think its a problem largely with gamers that have been gaming for a bit. Its not that the games aren't good these days but the market is changing and the game-play adapting to these market changes. It seems to be less about the challenge and based on skills and reflexes and more on the whole experience of the game - giving more choices to people on how they want to experience the game for themselves rather than being forced down a pre-defined path. Problem personally for me is I like the pre-defined path because its tight and focused - I have a challenge I have to beat it. I play through a story game and it progresses through the story. Quite linear I know but think personally for me its one of time constraints and the completer-finisher aspect of how I like to play my games. Now games seem to be getting more open and need more time investment and there seems to be "no end" of the game just experiences in the game world to be had... certainly seemingly for many of the big AAA games anyway with the focus being on the online play and keeping people attached to the game. Which is understandable given how much they cost to make these days and the base game price hasn't really risen in years now. Anyway probably for a discussion in another topic somewhere else.... I still have PGR2 ,PGR4, and a OG Xbox and Xbox 360 to play them on. So I can always go play them I guess...
  13. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Depends on what you want from a single player mode I guess.... Its a great driving game with plenty to do. If you liked say Burnout Paradise you'll like this. If you have played Forza Horizon and Forza Horizon 2 this is a bit different in single player from what I have experienced so far there is no central championship to take part in just a group of different event racing types - namely street racing, road racing and dirt racing where you just level up all the time and as far as I can see there is no championship to be won in these. There are also extra bits like working as a stunt driver (found these fun but finished them all pretty quickly) and I believe a taxi driver too. Great open world driving game though. Happy that I got it as part of game pass however personally if I'd have bought it at release and paid full RRP for it would have been a bit disappointed once the initial wow factor of the graphics had worn off. Not a bad game at all but not quite what I expected either. If you are not sure just get a deal with game pass for a month (plenty of really cheap deals around at the moment) and give it a try...
  14. MattyP

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    Yep not that impressed with single player so far either and really enjoyed having a more focused competition/tournament aspects the first and second horizons. Never played 3. This feels more like burnout paradise. I was idly looking around for events last night but just ended up driving around... wanted to feel some progression towards completing something. Not just another level at some type of race. For those that have played longer (I'm only at level 23) Do they have Dirt racing championships? Street/road racing championships? Or is it just levelling all the time?
  15. MattyP

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    I have both... Don't want a PC in the lounge cluttering the place up and enjoy relaxing on the sofa to play games and watching blu-rays/DVDs on occasion. It's just much more convenient than using the PC. PC is great for when I don't get access to the TV or want to do some work on it. So a few reasons to own an Xbox there for me anyway.

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