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  1. TBH I'm done with the series now. Peaked at FH2 for me. FH4 because it was set in UK and added weather was a highlight - but never liked the actual "game" bit. Great environments and graphics etc but in the end just felt like a mindless grind in the same way many RPG games are. And then the clothing etc they added.. It will have its audience I'm just bored of it now.
  2. Indeed. Think that is where I'm heading.
  3. Had a Google around and found this:- "Reddit - linux_gaming - Virtual machine for gaming?" https://amp.reddit.com/r/linux_gaming/comments/hdaj63/virtual_machine_for_gaming/ So looks like there are things I can try.
  4. Hi all. Probably one for the more techie amongst you. So I'm thinking of rebuilding my PC and running Linux as my base OS. Putting a VM host on there ( probably VirtualBox) and running Windows 10 as a VM on that. So the question is has anyone done this and played games through such a setup? Do VMs now have more ability to access GPUs etc so you don't loose performance? Any advice would be much appreciated before I attempt this! Thanks in advance....
  5. Have one of these kicking about if anyone is interested? It a collectors edition Skyward Sword Guide. You know when they used to make paper ones!!!! Bought back when I had the Wii version. Send me a PM with an offer.... Not sure if this should be in trading or not but thought I'd post in the topic area on this as it might get lost amongst the noise. Note: This did come with some sort of cloth map but its somewhere in the house after a house move so not sure of its exact location!
  6. Ratchet and Clank : Rift Apart. Really enjoying it nice to play something that is full of humour and lovely environments. Old school gameplay I guess but the time rifts make things a bit more interesting. The visuals are lovely too as is the sound. Like playing an interactive Pixar cartoon.
  7. Never had any issues when I had an X or now on the PS5. I tend to only have a couple of games on the go though and just delete stuff if I don't play it after a week or so. Unless you have a slow internet connection I see no need to have a local disk rammed with things I don't play. I just download what I want on a night ready for the next day. And download again if I feel a pressing need to revisit something.
  8. The magnificent trufflepigs. Wonderful experience.
  9. No. :) Gaming is something I enjoy over watching other media so it fits in where TV and films usually do.
  10. 5Ghz WiFi on a fibre based network. Tablet is a Surface 3 and phone a Nokia. Nothing special to be honest and I was playing Forza 7 though the Edge browser on the Surface. Phone again browser based using Vivaldi browser (Chromium API).
  11. Not sure. Store is OK but then I just use the search function which seems to work fine. Never been one for messing around with all the advertising fluff on stores.
  12. Well my phone, Edge browser and tablet says otherwise. And a great experience it is too. Of course YMMV.
  13. You using a 5GHz WiFi connection? It's not worth using on a 2.4Ghz connection from my experience with it.
  14. Indeed the remastered version is nice. Makes a great game even better!
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