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  1. Wise move think I'm going to do the same! Just had a f**k it moment and for some reason the site was busy and the transaction failed to go through! Decided it was a sign to wait! So I am... Painful as it will be... Just ordered myself a new keyboard and mouse instead Hardly something to quench the lust for new tech TBH but getting fed up with all the keyboards on my desk as I'm working from home.. so got one of those Logi flow devices so I can control upto three devices from one keyboard! (so home PC, work PC and phone). Going to make my life much easier. Just have to "put up with" my old 980Ti for a little while longer... first world problems eh...
  2. Shall I put a pre-order in now then given I want to get a new card in January.... Don't think these things are going to be in a sale anytime soon!
  3. I expect MS will release Xbox clients for all kinds of kit. My TV for example (and its fairly old now) - supports bluetooth and my Xbox controller does connect to it. Has Android baked into it and has access to the play store. I can see me being able to play my Xbox games in the room when/if a client gets released for it!
  4. Funny enough Super Mario Sunshine and a GameCube controller are currently £32 and £25 respectively at CEX...
  5. Yes I was wondering that too... IRC it was really useful to have fine control over the water jet.... I guess they could map it to one of the joycon sitcks just won't feel right I guess....
  6. Indeed... Have Last of us 1 and 2, DriveClub headset and Pro (new version). What do you think £200? EDIT: For the console, £162 cash at Game similiar at CEX. Not too bad if you want to move it on with least hassle....
  7. I'd do that right now... there will be a flood of them soon.... I'm thinking of selling mine which I got really for the Last Of Us 2... which I never really finished. So it will be going again soon probably next week. The funds will go to a pot for a new graphics card....
  8. All of the above and the X is a better looking and more powerful machine. Also plays our old content. Sony's message re BC is a mess MS its business as normal.... And X-Stream too. From a hardware, software and service point of view there is a clear winner IMHO. But this is a question about launch. I expect most here will end up with both at some point.
  9. They will on the PlayStation store on launch... and for at least a month or so.... Just had a quick look on the PS store... https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/grid/STORE-MSF75508-GAMELATEST/1?price=5000-*%2C4000-4999 Not too bad I guess...
  10. Looking at the prices for digital games on PS4 ... that price would seem about right. And of course if you have a PS5 digital you only have one place where you can buy digital content....actually that might not be strictly true these days? I know when I had a Switch (and XBox for that matter) I could buy codes from say CD Keys for games and save myself a bit of money. Not sure about PlayStation digital content though. I have never bought a digital game on PS4 on release *ever* they are too expensive for me. I can afford it but not willing to pay that much for a single game I cannot re-sell. It's not as if they are £20 a pop is it? EDIT OK just checked full games are on CDKeys now... https://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn?product_list_order=name&product_list_dir=desc So there are options...
  11. £70 a pop? No. Not for me. Too many options these days that make more financial sense for me. GamePass for example works out at just over £100 a year. OK not cutting edge releases but I always find something on there to play. That's the only way I'm going to consume digital games that and well steam (sales) on the PC. I'm patient and can wait until things are a price I'm willing to pay though. That £359 PS5 won't seem so cheap when you have bought a couple of games with it (£499) and you have no means to recoup the costs when you are done with them via the second hand market.
  12. Enjoy..... Went back to my PC for gaming when PC got the new Xbox releases (Forza Horizon 4 release). Never looked back. Just want to upgrade my GPU next year and everything is good. Out of interest have a first gen Ryzen 5 at the moment seems to run most stuff fine and have an onboard SSD. Don't think this will need tweeking really so just a 3080/3090 GPU next year? Any thoughts ? Currently only have 16GB RAM so may take that upto 32 at some point too. My current GPU is a GTX980ti which seems to be doing really well but then I'm happy with 1080p at high frame rates. Have a 4K monitor ready though as I needed to change that earlier in the year.
  13. Well have an Oculus and my PC I've had the next generation of gaming for me since January this year. Looking forward to Star Wars Squadrons in October and will buy a HOTAS for the PC. That is more exciting than any new console hardware for me period . Now back to some Super Mario Galaxy.....
  14. I was wondering that. This showcase was just for the gamers who want shiner versions of what is already here. No real innovation or anything that gives any kind of wow factor for me anyway. Nothing here for me at all. Oh well at least I don't have to pull any money together to get one of these. Or any of the new consoles for that matter.
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