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  1. Had a go on this earlier. It's not too bad reminds me a bit of Burnout Paradise except BP felt a much faster game. The visual effects are fun. It does feel like it's a game "designed by committee" though I can imagine a group sat around a boardroom table with a prototype adding all sorts of tick box items in there. The chatter between the characters in the car is annoying it's trying to be a racer with a story?! The characters feel very wooden and like a pair of nice and down the line high school kids from middle America. Not very gangsta at all. I guess this all disappears after a while in the full game though and it's just introductory stuff. However £65 for this? Hmmm. Download a copy of Burnout Paradise and perhaps seek out Rockstars Midnight Club. (Both still available on Xbox at least and BP Remastered is on GP I believe)
  2. It is. And Tempest 2K is great on it. Fantastic way of playing the game these days without having the old hardware.
  3. I am right there. Not enjoyed any arcade racing games for a fair while now. This why I just keep this lot handy and just go back to these when I want some arcade racing fun. A bit of PITA as I have to keep the 360 around. But the arcade racers these days aren't targeted at me and I accept that! Just hate all the "in your face" presentation of most of them. The constant jibber-jabbering, noise and fluff. Just want some decent tracks, good selection of cars, perhaps some music in the background and just left to get on with it. Yes I am getting old. But just got to enjoy what you enjoy in the end... * * yes I am downloading the trial of the NFS game. I'll see what its like and try and go in objectively and see what the racing/fun element is like. I expect I won't get on with it though reading some posts upthread! However always willing to give things a go....
  4. But... The QTE's Alright for a fiver I guess it's got atmosphere. This is the exact type of thing Sony should be putting on their sub services.
  5. Atari 50 Anniversary Celebration. And it's brilliant Reignited my passion for gaming. I do love games that are easy to pick up and addictive.. Also been tinkering with MAME and playing some Outrun and Donkey Kong. Forgotten how difficult the old arcade games can be. Playing the US version of DK and the barrels can drop you when you are half way up a ladder whereas the Japanese version they can't..hmmmm fun though and very frustratingly morish....
  6. I suppose the question is do Nintendo need to release new hardware? I wonder if the Switch in its current form is holding any game developments back? Third parties will always want more powerful hardware but I guess the question is will it make for better games? Arguably not... I quite like the fact Nintendo are keeping long cycles on hardware makes a change from most areas of tech. Sure it's based on older hardware but really if the games are great who cares? All this is leaving me in a bit of a quandary. Not sure to buy one now or just wait until the next Zelda game gets a release.
  7. On a related note it seems arcade centres in Japan are shutting down sigh. Been a lifelong dream to head over there and experience these and Japanese culture. It would seem I need to get a move on.
  8. Long shot but has anyone tried the Steam controller on the PC version? Wondering if the touch panels on the controller work with games like Pong...
  9. Phone camera and zoom... one of the joys of aging eyes seem to be doing that all the time these days.. because the fonts keep getting smaller... or my eyes are getting worse or a combination of both....
  10. So guessing my account can be on both machines but only one machine can be logged into at any one time? That would make sense....
  11. So I've regained access to my Nintendo account (long story phones, authenticators and MFA involved!). Quick question and its not 100% clear on the Nintendo site so thought I'd ask here. Can I have more than one console linked to my Nintendo account? My son grabbed my account a while back and has his console attached to it. If I make another console the "Primary console" can he still log in to my account on his Switch and access the content I have bought?
  12. Yeah the Switch just keeps on selling in volume... I can see why though small, compact cheap. Works with a TV and portable. Covers off everything I guess. Seems like the Japanese really have moved away from the typical home console. However looking at the sales of other Nintendo portables looks like the Switch has just taken over the sales of these. Tempted to pick up another Switch (OLED version this time) in the black Friday sales and get the Atari collection on it. Would be sweet playing those wherever. Although I expect a new Switch will be announced next year so I'll hold off perhaps and see what gets announced. I expect when the new Zelda is announced it will be in tandem with and upgraded hardware...
  13. I'd just like a new Metropolis Street Racer or PGR game. Even a remastered PGR 4 would be great.... PGR4 celebrated its 15th birthday back in October..wow now I feel even older!
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