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  1. MattyP


    Konami arcade classics collection is currently on Steam for £3.99 if anyone doesn't have it! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1018000/Anniversary_Collection_Arcade_Classics/ EDIT : It also has all the Japanese versions too. Need to check to see if works fine with my arcade stick later.
  2. Agree Japan would be an awesome location for the next FH game. The mountain track Fujimi Kaido in Forza Motorsport 3 was one of my favourite tracks ever in any racing game. Have to add that Forza Motorsport 3 is still my favourite FM game. Great range of tracks in there. They seem to be far less varied these days IMHO. Shame it's not BC love to play some of those tracks again. Agree about Forza Horizon 4 BTW and in general about the Forza Horizon series. Hate the festival bro dude thing going on. Latest one adding clothing etc was just a bit too far. I can see why they
  3. Thought FM 8 was the next Forza game to be released. Although both Forza lines are due a release going by past timescales.
  4. I think retail will ultimately return to focus on the customer experience to survive. Although saying that people seem to be just more focused purely on price these days. Perhaps we are all just more tech savvy these days. In store demos are a nice touch though as is the human interaction.
  5. Great game. Just hope Sony continue to make the more abstract gaming experiences like TLG and SOTC. Also things like Little Big Planet and Tearaway too. Really enjoyed Sony's PS2/3 era really tried all sorts of ideas out. Guessing PSVR was their big experiment for the PS4 though. Noticed Dreams is in the Argos sale too. This sounds fun. Never got around to playing around with that on PS4
  6. Be interesting to see how The Last Guardian runs on the PS5 although heard that the disk version is the only one that has its vertical sync switched off so will run at a full 60fps whereas the digital version was patched to lock it to 30fps. Hopefully they'll patch the digital version again! Never did finish The Last Guardian in the end after all the years waiting for it. I did manage to complete Shadow of the colossus though which was great on the PS 4 Pro at 60fps.
  7. Great update. Astrobot and that controller is the only reason I'd want to pick up a PS5 at the moment. Just got offered a swap for my Series X but decided against it. I will have to be patient and wait! It was a tough decision though love messing with new tech and this is very shiny and techie so ticking the boxes. Damn pandemic... I think a PS5 demo pod would have scratched the itch to try all this out nicely.... Enjoy the new console and the PS games.. there is a fair backlog of PS4 titles to get through if you've not owned one before... Also Argos has a good black Frid
  8. Well it was announced 7 YEARS ago! So I guess a while longer won't harm....
  9. Not making excuses for them but I guess they maybe a victim of their own success I guess... if they have a lot of pre-orders for a particular game it may take them a while to get them out? I have noticed that the keys are get seem to be scanned sometimes or from retail type packaging? Nothing dodgy I guess but depends what format they get their keys in.
  10. Another to vouch for CDKeys. Never had any problems been using them for years. Think these days you have to be very careful about what you read on the web. Of course there will be a few issues with some people and of course they will be much more vocal than the 1000s of satisfied customers.... I have bought PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox games from them in the past without issues. Just make sure the key is for UK/EU* territories as noticed some keys need use of a VPN etc. * For now. Guess the rules might be different for the UK in future.
  11. Ah don't worry about it... If Sony had delivered a machine you were happy with in the first place then you wouldn't be in the situation right now. Just get it sold bank the money and wait for Sony to put something out that is worthy of your money The only thing you did wrong perhaps is post about it here.... It's a second hand games console in the end and if people are silly enough to take it off your hands for a bit more than you paid for it so be it. People make a lot more money by far more dodgy practices in this world.....
  12. Indeed its ultimately the replacement for the all digital S and a cheap entry point into the Xbox ecosystem and a GamePass machine. It is what it is. For £250 it's at a good price point. If I was a nipper getting this for Xmas with a GamePass sub I'd be more than happy!
  13. What is a fair wage? Stealing is stealing and if people value a quick bit of cash over potentially losing their job in the current climate they are a bit stupid IMHO. The cash will he short lived vs loss of income.
  14. Full Throttle Just finished up on this last night. Last time I played this was way back on release for the PC. Really enjoyed the experience of going through this again. Love the humour and production quality in the this, the voice work is great. I do miss a good LucasArts adventure. Fairly short at around 5-10 hours too. Also got Day Of The Tentacle downloaded and made a start on that. Great to revisit the old games after all this time. There are games like this now but just lack a certain something that was always present in the LucasArts games.
  15. To be fair I am actually hoping that the focus moves away from the visuals a bit and onto creating new types of games and concepts! More dynamic worlds etc. Something odd about having lovely visuals in an antique game world - eg walking into barriers etc. I guess that is talk for a different thread though and don't want to derail this one.
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