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  1. Got enough to play at the moment so going to wait this one out. It'll probably get an Xbox/PS4 release at some point. Hoping on the XBox it will get a Games Pass release...
  2. MattyP

    Abzû - Journey Successor

    Yes thats how I got to play it... Great game although not as memorable as Journey.... Not sure how well it will port to the switch.. seemed to have a few frame rate issues when I played it though on the XBO-X...
  3. MattyP

    Doom - 25 years old today

    I was at Uni at the time and managed to eventually get a 386 DX33 with 4MB of RAM and one of the first games I played was Doom and X-Wing. They were even better when I managed to get a 8bit SoundBlaster card installed though. Remember messing around with the autoexec.bat and config.sys files to free up enough "conventional" memory to run things. Learnt a lot out PCs and technology back then. Fantastic times....
  4. Not quite games of yesteryear but cheap way of gaming none-the-less - I bought a 6 month sub to GamePass last month for half price (~£24)... and half price Gold sub back in August. Between the two cheap gaming for 6+ months.... So no outlay for games for the foreseeable... just need to find some time and pick a few games now....
  5. Amen. Would never want to see the gaming world without a Nintendo machine around. I've bought every console they have made all have been enjoyable for various reasons. Having a tough time with the switch at the moment in finding content that interests me... but I would never have wanted to miss out on SM: Odyssey. Think the switch design is a stroke of genius - even if I don't use it much undocked the option is there. Its a bit compromised because of it but still well designed.
  6. MattyP

    Epic Games Store Coming - RIP Steam

    This is great news... all for more £££'s going to developers. Competition is always good and will keep Valve in check. Thing is this is the beauty of the PC its an open platform and long may it be.....
  7. Agree with what you are saying but from a previous Nintendo machine owner (WiiU) Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon feel old hat and no reason to re-buy them. They could have at least revamped MK8 on the Switch to make a completely new game. Suppose many people bought GTA5 on the newer consoles despite already buying it on the last gen....so perhaps its fair point. There just doesn't seem to be the sheer variety of Nintendo content that the GameCube offered in its first couple of years. Again maybe that the games don't appeal to me but nothing is enticing me back to the switch to play.... Maybe I should just sell it and quit complaining...
  8. Bad personally for me as an owner of the device... I think that it isn't a machine for me as plenty of people seem happy with it and the games that are getting released. I guess if you don't own a PC or other consoles and it was your only gaming device it would be fantastic. I do and it just feels like a compromised gaming experience when I have much more capable platforms to play the same games on and cheaper too. Shame I couldn't have got Mario and tried Zelda on the PC really... Still Ninty got my money for it so there you go.... In retrospect what I should have done is just kept the WiiU and tried Zelda on that. Which would have left me without Mario. And I probably would have still bought it for Mario.
  9. Didn't think it was a bad game after playing the demo... just not worth ~£45 IMHO. Effectively a super cute 2D platformer. It should have been £19.99 max.
  10. There is a distinct lack of AAA games on the Switch IMHO... or perhaps games that appeal to me. We are now what coming up to 2 years since release. Where is a new Mario Kart (not a WiiU port)? Mario? F-Zero? Pikmin? New franchises etc. Think the last Nintendo console I really enjoyed was the Gamecube... so many games came out on that.. The Wii to some extent had its fair amount of shovel ware but got more use than the Switch has up to now for me anyway. Its almost as if Ninty have have given up other than a few select franchises and let the indies take over with the fresh ideas. Agree Labo was great though although a fairly limited experience once you've built the models and messed around with them for a bit. What have people done with the models once they have built them BTW?.... Mine are cluttering up the house and I really don't want to throw them out... Part of the reason decided not to buy any more kits.
  11. I have a switch and kind of regret buying it a bit. Since finishing SM:Odyssey hardly touched it. Problem for me is any game that does come out that I'm interested in (indie titles) - get released on another platform that I have where it performs better, IMHO has a better controller and is cheaper. Not really fussed about it being portable but I can see why the converged portable and home consoles. Rather have a proper home console with a full size controller though supplied as standard. For me its lacking compelling Nintendo exclusive content beyond Mario. Never really got on with the new Zelda and played MK8 and Splatoon on the WiiU.
  12. Indeed it was one of the games I was interested in buying for the Switch... Think I may have to sell the Switch at some point it never gets much use these days at all....
  13. The steam issue... I have a digital pile of shame on there but at least I can't physically see it so that makes it kind of OK...
  14. I gave up a long while back trying to find time for big time sink games. Last time I spent any significant time (100+ hours) on a game was Elite when I was at school! Since then I realised that many of these 100+ hour games are pretty much grind-fests and tire quickly when playing them so never buy them anymore. I like games that give me a quick blast of fun (arcade type games / racers etc) or story driven games that can be completed in say 20 hours max. I could have more time to spend on games but choose not to as its only one element of life I enjoy and there are plenty of other things that I want to do with my time. Oh and don't get me started on the sheer volume of games out there... Gamepass, Games with Gold.... lots of choices. Which I think is the problem in general these days with anything media related. If you are not careful it will consume your life so my plan is to be very selective going forward. Right now I need to have look through my collection of games related stuff and have a zen moment and get rid of it all. Although I will find that extremely difficult.....
  15. MattyP

    Games with Gold for Christmas 2018

    Well looking forward to Never Alone... never played it but like the look of its art style!

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