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  1. Please explain this as I don't know enough about Alien to get it.
  2. To be fair it's a gamepad that can't be held sideways.
  3. To be honest I hadn't really thought it through. I was being purely selfish as I don't really play the 3DS.
  4. It was more the point that the WiiU could run any 3DS game without any changes at all. It seems like a nice idea that any 3DS game would also get a WiiU release. Surely that would require minimal effort. Even better would be the ability the buy a 3DS game and be able to download the WiiU version. Paper Mario for example, I don't know how much that uses the second screen but I'd buy a WiiU version. Animal Crossing I would buy for the WiiU. We have a couple of 3DSs in the house but I've never used on outside the house, the kids have.
  5. I wonder if we'll see games released on the 3DS and WiiU. If MarioKart 7 was available I'd nab a copy. Seems with the two screens it's a no-brainer.
  6. iris

    Nintendo Wii U

    I think it's because mini-games have become shorthand for shit-games because quite a few mini-game compilations have been shit.
  7. iris

    Nintendo Wii U

    Yes, they are mini-games, however they're not all party games. You could get your money's worth from it without any friends. I can quite understand how it looses a lot of it's appeal though.
  8. iris

    Nintendo Wii U

    I think the confusion here is between mini-games and party-games.
  9. I don't agree because I do think a lot of the appeal of skylanders was the fact you knew nothing about the character and they only existed when you brought them to life on the portal of power. I think that's a massive difference but we will see. The game might be great.
  10. To be clear I'm not saying disney aren't massive, much much bigger and more loved than skylanders will ever be. I'm saying just because something is loved it doesn't mean you can turn it into a game. Perhaps my children are odd but I can't see them being intetested in this. Nor any kids my kids know.
  11. I enjoyed Pixar films when they were kid's films that adults could enjoy. I didn't like them as much when they were computer animated films for adults. Examples, Wall-e, Up and Toy Story 3. And Cars 2 was an abomination.
  12. I don't hink that's quite the point. I'm not suggesting Hex is a 'better' character than Peter Pan. I think the fact you know practically nothing about the skylander is its appeal. I realize it sounds like I'm in love with Skylanders and i do think they're great ( because the kids love them) I just think this sort of thing is much better suited to characters you don't know. They love Mario but wouldn't be bothered about Mario figurines.
  13. I'm not sure that's true. I'm not sure a 5-15 year old boy, which is surely the demographic, would choose a Disney character over a Skylander.
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