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  1. There’s a video on YouTube of him talking about making it. It’s brilliant.
  2. I’ve thought about this and I really can’t think of a bigger jump than 16bit to 32bit. Especially if we can cherry pick titles from along the console lifespan. When I think of the best racing game on the SNES, and put it up against Ridge Racer 4 or Sega Rally, it’s just such an incredible difference, an experience not possible on the systems before. Sure, jumping from Toy Story to Clockwork Knight is not as impressive, but you know what I mean. Yeah the Dreamcast was nice, going from e.g. House of the Dead 1 to 2, for me it was great. But I had a Japanese DC on RGB scart in my uni room and ‘normal’ people had no idea it wasn’t a PlayStation.
  3. That guy man, wow! Always wondered why he had such an odd fitting name. Turns out he’s danish born half American half Italian.
  4. I mean, there are no kids in it right?
  5. It’s a Pixar film for adults. I loved it, kids said it was fine.
  6. ODST is the next one if you want to play in chronological order but really it doesn’t matter. 3 is a ‘proper’ Halo and ODST is a spin off in the same universe where you are not a Spartan.
  7. The other non connected version will get upgraded to connected for free in the summer sometime.
  8. So I have an original 3DS XL, a new 2DS XL and a Japanese DS Lite. Are any of them worth hacking/modding and is there a way that doesn’t involve buying additional hardware or not?
  9. I would have said I’m pretty nifty at Tetris and just hit the top 10 on score attack of Tetris Effect Connected. However, I’ve played so much and seen so many actual top players playing that I am under no illusions of my actual skill level. I was once playing a level of Bangaio HD on the 360 and could not beat my own score/time. Was pretty annoyed and checked the online scoreboard where I was ranked 2 in the world for that level. “Ok that makes sense” I thought. But only about 15 people were playing it so it’s less about my glorious level of skill and more about finding a niche.
  10. I’m running this on a One X, is it worth adding those mentioned?
  11. I’m sure it does, it reminds me of Sonic 1. A game where Sonic the fast hedgehog has to go fast and the second stage is all about waiting for slow platforms to move and going into a cramped underground space.
  12. So Star Wars Jedi fallen order right, they make a game that looks good, and you start off in a junkyard, fine, get you used to the climbing they copied from every other uncharted raider game and then you have to climb through this junkyard for 3 times longer than any normal person would consider remotely acceptable.
  13. Managed to creep back up into the top ten on score attack. The. Got knocked down to 11 immediately, but managed to beat someone called Roncli who had leapfrogged me. Yay.
  14. It is fucking low though that they even show the Lego world shit and you go there and it’s DLC
  15. I knew the Mando love in would not remain untainted forever. It was a good run though. Genuinely loved it and I’m not a Star Wars fan or anything, I just quite like it.
  16. It’s properly brutal yeah.
  17. Remember that thread saying about old people threads we haven’t had her yet. Guess what, we have them. “I don’t understand x” Well try and understand it then. Surely curiosity triggers discovery, not sitting in your y fronts feeling confused. Not yet anyway.
  18. I’m with you here 100%. And on top of that, when I swing my microwave door closed - there is this device that keeps it closed, apparently it’s called a latch. News to me. The world is amazing. I’m glad Zok is experiencing such revelations.
  19. Yeah the PPT diaspora have rolled on to it and everyone is super close to each other rating wise.
  20. It won’t all be interconnected because some is just in parallel dimensions and shit. It’s not like you have to know comic history to enjoy a particular comic run, but a couple of nods for super fans appeases both types of reader/viewer. I’m sure there could be some crossover between particular series.
  21. Oof getting close. Played some fun connected vs today. Pushed my Overall SR above 9000
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