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  1. On 15/01/2021 at 00:36, Stigweard said:

    Episode 54 AOT


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    Captain Levi taking down the Beast Titan was so fucking good. I wish they'd just bloody kill the humans inside though. Everytime they have a chance they wait too long. But that was an awesome scene regardless, Levi is awesome.




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    ARMIN :(


    That’s possibly the most satisfying scene in all anime I’ve watched. 

  2. On 14/01/2021 at 10:57, Popo said:

    No, but I’ll never forgive them for how much they wanted to charge me for repairing my joy con (I didn’t pay, so now I’m stuck with a broken joy con).


    How can the repairs cost more than a new single joy con? Madness. 

    I agree but they have offered free repairs on Joycons for a long time now, no receipt required.

  3. 19 hours ago, dumpster said:

    I've been educated recently as my nieces (7 and 9) have a PS3 under the TV that is primarily used as a movie player. They don't play games and I picked up Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and Lego Jurassic Park for them.  They couldn't get out of the first room on Pirates, and while they loved JP they needed a walkthrough and also to Google so much that I would have taken for granted. Specifically things like, when the screen shows you the letter L in a circle  with an animated pattern around it, that means rotate the L stick clockwise.  Or just knowing that L3 means press the stick in.  It really made me think how impenetrable video games must be for people who never played them at all. They got there in the end and loved JP but Pirates of the Carribean had them stuck in the first room and when I was last visiting I couldn't work it out either.

    Yep. Gamers make games, unfortunately for anyone else.

  4. 6 hours ago, Ninja Doctor said:

    IKEA Ladda batteries are good. I have a set of the 2450 mAh AAs in my game gear and get several hours out of them. 

    I believe these are the ones that are basically eneloops. They are made in Japan also. I have loads of them and it means the Xbox controller situation is alright. 

  5. 19 hours ago, dumpster said:

    But this is a discussion forum. You should be allowed to give your thoughts and allow them to be scrutinized, agreed with or argued against.  


    I felt I learned a lesson in the Shenmue 3 thread where I was trying to provide a counterpoint to the gushing praise by raising what I thought were fair points. But what I was saying is "here is why the game is rubbish" when what I meant was "here is why I think the game is rubbish".  It's a very important distinction because there are no rights and wrongs. When somebody gives an opinion they are not wrong because it is their opinion and therefore they are automatically right. A balance of positive and negative opinion is far more useful when weighing up a decision to buy a game filled with gushing praise from early adopters wanting to feel good about their purchase. 

    So, not saying that’s the case here (it probably is) - but one of the reasons for negative articulation of opinions failing so hard, is that some people cannot read a room. 

    Like in the Mando thread, it becomes for various reasons, a sort of, a place of comfortable shared experiences. ‘We are here for each other’. Supposing someone wished to voice their negative opinion, they might read the posts and think “hmm, it’s not quite the time yet, as that’s not the conversation.” Yet regardless of the arc of any given thread, there will be someone who inappropriately and awkwardly leaps in and exclaims “this trash is for noobs, and what’s more let us not forget that other thing people probably like was also trash.”


    Some do it for kicks and attention. Some are just completely clueless and repeatedly do it. They then get bombarded with personal backlash and eventually limp away from the thread with another frustrating social encounter under their belt. One wonders if life is consistently confusing and demoralising for them, because their experiences and feedback from others are so different from most people’s. Their take away (made in isolation), is something like “I must change my behaviour, because other people behave strangely and aggressively.” Sometimes self reflection does work, although rarely.



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