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  1. Yeah The Avengers was incredibly bad.
  2. Ha, thanks Boss mode (player can be the boss) is saturdays only. It’s fun. It’s hard to get a game in the 3 vs AI in my experience but I have managed to clear them all. You can see leaderboards for the online modes in that section.
  3. That’s possibly the most satisfying scene in all anime I’ve watched.
  4. I meant I’ve taken a break for a couple of weeks. Watched The Boyz, Mr Robot S1, Brooklyn 99 s6. I’ll add you on Game Pass/Xbox Jamie John
  5. I’ve taken a break to watch some TV. I can’t see myself beating Jonster’s Marathon score, but I do enjoy chilling out in that mode.
  6. Have a practice on master mode, it’ll seem fine after that.
  7. Didn’t the director change or have a breakdown or something? Who knows what ugly practices lie behind the production of their video games? Certainly, there is a high chance people work hours that would make your eyes roll around.
  8. Attempt normal levels if you want to learn more about the mechanics. I trust you’ve learned roughly how it all works now. The effect modes are all very good training at different aspects of the game.
  9. The Switch has been an amazing machine. I can play NES Dr Mario against my bros remotely, legit. The only communication you can do while playing a game in 2player mode is to applaud. What other company would do that. It makes me smile every time. I’m glad Nintendo are around. The gaming world would be much much poorer without them. I did a case study on the leadership history of Nintendo, from when Yamauchi retired there was a huge change internally. This was the company that didn’t allow blood in Mortal Kombat on the SNES and unfairly inflated prices for years. Iwata’s approach with the Wii was bold and put ‘core’ gamers on tilt, only to prove to everyone that gaming was bigger than they knew, expanding the market for everyone. RIP The Switch was a similarly bold move after the halfway house of the Wii U. Extremely impressive from a leadership and business point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I love the PS4 and Xbox game pass is a brilliant service. I love games. I feel desperately, deeply sad for anyone who cannot find enjoyment on the Switch. It has so much there. In fact, I’m gonna go have a bash on some Capcom arcade game now, and it will feel that bit more right in some way because I’m not in front of some PC keyboard with a random Xbox controller plugged in picking from an emulator (a love emulators too!). I have the NES controllers too, and despite their wacky charging method, it’s the nostalgia hit I need. I just like having them around. Nintendo hardware is usually super on point too, iconic, beautiful design. I could go on, and on and on. BotW!
  10. I agree but they have offered free repairs on Joycons for a long time now, no receipt required.
  11. Fucking Fortnite tho. Bringing misery to parents worldwide. Luckily mine had got bored of it and gone back to Minecraft (which I had to buy 2 copies of!)
  12. Yep. Gamers make games, unfortunately for anyone else.
  13. I play Bomberman 93 and 4 on the PC Engine mini. One of them is basically the same as Mega Bomberman on the Megadrive. All this has been said above, including the 5 player part. Enjoy!
  14. I believe these are the ones that are basically eneloops. They are made in Japan also. I have loads of them and it means the Xbox controller situation is alright.
  15. So, not saying that’s the case here (it probably is) - but one of the reasons for negative articulation of opinions failing so hard, is that some people cannot read a room. Like in the Mando thread, it becomes for various reasons, a sort of, a place of comfortable shared experiences. ‘We are here for each other’. Supposing someone wished to voice their negative opinion, they might read the posts and think “hmm, it’s not quite the time yet, as that’s not the conversation.” Yet regardless of the arc of any given thread, there will be someone who inappropriately and awkwardly leaps in and exclaims “this trash is for noobs, and what’s more let us not forget that other thing people probably like was also trash.” Some do it for kicks and attention. Some are just completely clueless and repeatedly do it. They then get bombarded with personal backlash and eventually limp away from the thread with another frustrating social encounter under their belt. One wonders if life is consistently confusing and demoralising for them, because their experiences and feedback from others are so different from most people’s. Their take away (made in isolation), is something like “I must change my behaviour, because other people behave strangely and aggressively.” Sometimes self reflection does work, although rarely.
  16. Never underestimate the catharsis of reading a post that details exactly what you thought about something. Whether it’s awesome moments or annoying things in games, it’s pretty important to let them out. Its also fine to like something and still hate particular bits about it. The worst thing is when someone airs an opinion and the defenders roll in having taken it oddly personally and trying to convince that person why they are wrong. I’ve probably done that tons, but still.
  17. I just meant you’ll get hooked in and then be a slave to it like the rest of us.
  18. It’s on CrunchyRoll but it’s per week and I think it’s like 3/4 weeks in now.
  19. And then you’ll just leave season 4 until it’s finished so you can binge it? Good luck man!
  20. Just drop it man. I have no idea what he’s looking for, but it’s like the opposite of what we stand for here in Mando town. This is the way.
  21. Anyone still playing this? I managed a hit today for 376k. Was quite pleased. Multiplayer is a bit frantic but can imagine with a team of a tank and an archer/healer specialist, you could steam through harder levels.
  22. My old pioneer powers it no problem yeah.
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