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  1. Ok thanks Stevie.


    I too remember watching Coming to America when I was young and had good memories of Coming to America. Recently I rewatched Coming to America and it was really funny, just like when I first watched Coming to America. Unlike you I was assuming a sequel would be shit, but it looks ok.

  2. Ultron is like one of those movies that is worse than the sum of their parts somehow. Plenty of bits I’d forgotten that were good, the intro of Wanda & Pietro, Ullyses Klaw, Vision, Hulk jetting off into space. Tony being sure enough to basically bypass everyone, being wrong and then immediately doubling down. Cap pretending not to lift the hammer/budging it. Vision handing over the Hammer is much fucking cooler than I remember.

    But the enormous set piece extinction level event danger never really feels that dangerous, Ultron’s personality is a bit weird, there are so many bits to sew together and there is LOADS of footage of the avengers fighting these ultimately pointless robots, like I get it, but there is loads of it. 

  3. On 12/02/2021 at 15:40, Garwoofoo said:

    Going to introduce my son (11) to the MCU shortly. I think he'll love it but I'm kind of dreading getting over that Phase One hump - Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2 and Thor - three fairly mediocre movies in a row right at the start. He might start to wonder what all the fuss is about.


    I guess we could skip Hulk but Iron Man 2 and the first Thor movie are both pretty significant in the long run. I'm hoping the character of Loki at least gives him something to enjoy.

    This is what you lose by not watching the ‘MCU’ Hulk:

  4. Playing Score Attack last night, my rank is 8000 something and I end up waiting aaaaaaages for matches. But got matched against a 6500 ish player pretty quickly, I started off pretty well, but every time  I check the score I’m only a little bit ahead. 

    Ok this guy is good, better concentrate. 

    He overtakes me right before he dies. I managed to hold on, nearly lost it a couple of times. I cannot go much beyond 200 lines as it’s too fast for me. Phew!






  5. Season 2 was rough. Just really harsh and tough to get through, and overwhelmingly tense, stodgy. I did feel it was draining enough in S1, so kicking it up a notch was a bit too much nearly for me. But my bro has recommended it to me for years, so stuck with it - almost certainly wouldn’t have otherwise. 

    Yeah, it gets loads better.

  6. Once you complete the journey mode you can do a play through where you just push a button to skip through the bits of the journey, essentially just Effect without the Tetris. My daughter loved that. 

    Anyways, I’m a couple of games off getting to level 100 and I think that’s all the achievements done then.

  7. Like was mentioned, the same conversation happened when we were buying LCD HD READY smear o vision screens. “I can’t even see the HD, makes no difference to me except I can’t read the text”. The same elitist group of Panasonic to Pioneer plasma to Oled owning consumers were having the same patronising spiel to the peasants sitting eight miles away from their 32 inch mid to low end LCDs, and likely always will. I should know, I’m one of them.


    Someone else mentioned that regular PS4 + well done HDR was their big step up, and I agree. It was a game changer, it is one, when the circumstances are right. For most people it will be underwhelming due to poor implementation by the game, the panel, or the streaming service they are on and bandwidth restriction. But seriously, when it is good, it’s really good.


    The ‘barely see’ calibration is misleading, but it was explained in one setup thing as ‘adjust the slider until the image disappears, then go back one.’



  8. I checked and it said unavailable while the other seasons had prime logos next to them but I’ll check again. Prime here costs hardly anything as there is essentially no Amazon so it’s just twitch prime (or Amazon gaming) & streaming, which is I believe quite limited in library terms.

  9. 2 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    How do you score big on Ultra? Is it a case of getting as many Tetrises as possible in the time, or do you need to learn how to get T-Spins and all-clears?


    I'm currently on a high score of about 16,000 and am at the point where I can build with no holes for the full three minutes, keeping the right-hand column clear for I-blocks, but even if I was able to do that really fast, I doubt I'd be able to get higher than 20,000 points because there's always an element of RNG involved with when and how frequently the I-blocks appear. @Jonster's score is nuts. It's a shame you can't see replays of other player's record-winning runs to see how they their techniques.

    The RNG is random 7 bag so you have all the pieces you need to always score tetrises. With ultra you need to be quick and yeah throw back to back t spins and tetrises down. Jonsters score is great. I’m not even close.

  10. 2 hours ago, MikeBeaver said:

    Right, I've hit my limit I think, finally dusted off the Lvl 100 achievement, but there is NO way I will be getting the final few on S rank to make it to the cool 1000 GS, I'm just not good enough, even knocking 7 seconds off my Sprint time, down to 1:19 from 1:26 still doesn't net me an S rank, and there are a couple others that just have not clicked, so yeah, I'm tapping out from my fervent Tetris'ing for a while, I've played nearly 7 days of it, so I've had a damn good run at it :)

    You only have to get under 1.10 I think!

  11. On 21/01/2021 at 04:16, CrichStand said:

    It’s a resounding.......YES!!! Completely satisfied with the PS5. Owned most consoles since the PSone (Amiga, Master System, C-16 before that) with the exception of the PS3 (as I chose to just go with 360 and Wii). Had Dreamcast, GC, 360, DS, 3DS etc all on launch and everything else outside of PS4 close to launch.


    Without a doubt the PS5 has been the best launch of any console I’ve ever owned. Astro Bot, Demon’s Souls, Spider-Man Remastered, Miles Morales, WRC9, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla amongst others, plus some free upgrades, plus the free 20 games in the PSPlus collection........all day one at launch (not to mention all the stuff on PS Now)! That’s crackers!

    Not only that but the backwards compatibility is absolutely phenomenal! Pretty much every single PS4 game I’ve gone back to, looks and plays miles better than on PS4. And the PS4 has that many amazing games available for it, I still have stuff like Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, amongst a host of others still to play/finish. 

    The hardware itself is incredible. The games are graphically and aurally stunning, especially for launch games. Demon’s Souls in particular is absolutely nuts! No idea how good stuff is going to look in a few years!. The controller is fantastic, the haptics really do make a difference along with the speaker, mic, gyro controls, touchpad etc. The build quality of it all is great too. Its been on for 12hrs at a time most days and it’s been flawless. Runs nice and quiet.


    Only minus I can come up with is the PS Store is pretty shit on the console itself.  Unbelievable that they can have a sale on and you can’t even access it easily, as it’s not even advertised/selectable on the store half the time! It’s like they don’t want you to buy any games! 

    So yeah, I’d already say it’s the best console I’ve ever owned. Looks like it’s got a HUGE first year already lined up too. Bring it on!

    Hi Sony rep

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