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  1. 7 hours ago, Garibaldi said:

    Must admit I was surprised to see how many people online seem to hate Walker with a passion. 

    He was always going to fail as Captain America because he was only chosen for the role due to optics. A highly decorated soldier who scores off the charts. Driven. Focussed. Successful. Sure, a bit conceited, but given his achievements he has cause to be. 

    Taking a man like that and putting him into the same sphere as meta-humans is like taking a flyweight boxer and throwing them into the heavyweight league. Utterly ruinous for the psyche. That this outcome is so inevitable leads me to think that Walker was expected to fail, so that the military could have more support/funding in researching the super soldier serum. ‘Look, we did things your way. Chose an exceptional, unaltered human. But it wasn’t enough. We need more.’ 

    As he said in his speech, he dedicated his life to the military, gave them everything he had, and they left him high and dry. Expressing disbelief when a soldier under enormous psychological stress was ill equipped to be a peacekeeper, ‘stop the terrorists. Wait, no! Not like that!’ 

    Saying he was ‘a twat from the start’ strikes me as leapfrogging over a fair bit of nuance to reach a comforting black/white conclusion. 

    I agree with a lot of that. He’s had a rough ride. I don’t think he is a hateable character, just bereft of any of the likeable and protective personality of Steve Rogers. It help explains why he becomes what he does, and I feel quite sorry for him, but doesn’t excuse what he does. I don’t hate him and clearly has enough merit to afford relationships (wife and trusted friend), but still, just has that vibe from the start. ‘Don’t trust this guy.’

  2. On 12/04/2021 at 09:04, MrPogo said:

    Well, with First Class if I’m wrong I’m wrong! I guess I just didn’t notice it’s absence from the big jumbled list of X-Men movies until it was actually time to watch it.
    Then with The Wolverine, I must have typed “Wolverine” in the search box last week when we wanted to watch ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and so seen it listed, then this week noticed its absence when I searched for X-Men because it doesn’t have that in the title or as a tag, so simply just doesn’t show in the results.

    That’s weird, yeah sure I’m in a different country but.




  3. 34 minutes ago, probotector said:

    I kinda found him likeable tbh. He doesn’t come across as a complete dick. He’s just a try hard and wants to be liked and do his part for his country.


    I read up on his origins. He’s supposed to be the complete opposite of the patriotism that Captain America stood for.

    Nah he was a right ding dong from the start. If you can’t see that it’s because you are also a ding dong. He’s a twat from the start but more than that he’s got a real horrible vibe about him. If they could have turned that around it would have been marvellous storytelling. Instead I feel a bit of sympathy for his situation but he just beat a guy to death in the street with a blunt shield. He’s unstable, because of the system he’s in, whereas I guess cap was always trying to get in. I like the idea and the character is pretty good. 

  4. On 16/04/2021 at 09:27, Talvalin said:

    A friend of mine is a massive film buff (albeit someone who tends to focus on English language films) and he loves this to bits and had previously told me that I needed to watch the Director's cut of both Watchmen and Dawn of Justice to get the full picture.


    I feel as if I don't really need to watch the film based on the reviews I've seen and my own initial feelings about the original release, but he's the kind of person that won't listen to a word I say if I haven't seen the damn thing. I'm debating whether I'm willing to put up with four hours of shit just so I can tell him he's got bad taste in superhero films. Considering I've known him for close to 30 years now and he's one of my closest friends, it's probably not worth the four hours nor the argument that would result.

    I watched it yesterday and today in 3 sittings, plus one rewind because spoilers perhaps they switched over to some totally different bit without explanation and I thought I’d missed something. So I’ve wasted 7 hours watching both versions and they are both pretty shitty. Maybe this one is a bit better but it’s still like someone said, worse than the worst MCU movies. 

    Superman and Lois is also pretty shitty but I enjoy it somewhat, like I did with 90s Lois and Clark. 

    I cannot imagine why or how anyone would or could champion this as being particularly good or worth watching.

  5. On 02/03/2021 at 15:20, Benny said:

    I should make clear that my reading of AoT so far is also that it doesn't appear to be intentionally leaning on anti-Semitic tropes, though sometimes it does seem to be threading the line so close it's hard to tell why it's leaning into them so much. It's an interesting thing to discuss because I don't think there is a show as popular currently that wears such representations on it's sleeve quite so blatantly. The core themes of the show are still that oppression and war is bad, so it's not outright offensive, but it definitely has content that warrants wider discussion.

    It does seem (if being rather benefit of the doubt-y and also potentially racist), that there is quite a lot of ignorance on the part of the author.


    I’m quite surprised people are able to keep up with the storyline, I’m reading the manga and by this point I have very little idea what is going on.

  6. 5 hours ago, RubberJohnny said:


    I mean he doesn't seem like an asshole? He's nice and supportive and helps the main characters. There's lots of people on ResetERA talking as if he's a big villain and "Homelander-esque" and they must be basing that on comics because there's nothing of that in the series so far. The locker room introduction is absolutely not a villain scene, it shows him as a sympathetic hero who is humble and aware he isn't quite up to the shoes he has to fill. Like, that's actually a far better take from a character conflict perspective, if he was an asshole it becomes easier for them to reject the whole thing, I don't think they're going to burn that down with a heel-turn.


    It feels like between this and Wandavision, people going off on bizarre tangents ignoring what the series is trying to do with its characters in order to shoehorn things from the comics they're using as inspiration in is going to be a big fandom thing.

    He seems like an asshole man. 

  7. On 23/02/2021 at 21:27, Sabreman said:

    Am I alone in not really liking Smart Hulk at all? I'm not super familiar with the character beyond the 70s TV series and the movies, but for me the compelling essence of the character is that struggle between the two facets of Banner, and the unpredictable capacity for violence. I find the fused version just kind of bland. For me, along with Gamer Thor, it's the biggest mis-step of Endgame.

    It’s the Hulk conundrum. He is so utterly nerfed in the MCU, they had to change the character. Even smashy hulk only really went beserk when SW messed with his mind. Lol, she just turned him into normal hulk. Now he’s basically just Banner Bro and everyone probably assumes he’s not quite as strong.

  8. I’m just gonna spoiler all this although really what the fuck are you reading this thread for if you ain’t watching. 



    Yeah CGI punchmans has never been less relevant. The talking bit was good, just keep that! 


    Quite good though. Ep before was better IMO, overall pretty enjoyable series. Wanda isn’t a villain exactly, but she’s the fucking Scarlet Witch. 

    the moral ambiguity part is very comic like, because in the comics no one gives a fuck about the people apart from saving their lives. Also no one knows whether she did it all by accident on purpose, or because of Agatha.

    And another thing, it pisses me off in these movies (though I understand Ofc), when they corner a bad guy who had been trying to destroy the world, they don’t fucking obliterate them. They fucked that up in Infinity war and ended up having to do the same thing later anyway but with a bunch more casualties. 



    Sticking Agnes/Agatha into a safe zone was the best thing to do by far. If she turns out to be useful/good whatever, she’s there.


    Liked that white vision is still undercover presumably. 



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