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  1. Yeah he probably was a nice enough guy once (but still, maybe), but is corrupted because he’s part of the system. He even mentions the shit they had to do. He knows he isn’t worthy, but it just frustrates and makes him angry.
  2. cOnsiDeRinG tHiS is uLtiMaTleY a kiDs sHow... yeah don’t need to read any further after an opener like that.
  3. I agree with a lot of that. He’s had a rough ride. I don’t think he is a hateable character, just bereft of any of the likeable and protective personality of Steve Rogers. It help explains why he becomes what he does, and I feel quite sorry for him, but doesn’t excuse what he does. I don’t hate him and clearly has enough merit to afford relationships (wife and trusted friend), but still, just has that vibe from the start. ‘Don’t trust this guy.’
  4. That’s weird, yeah sure I’m in a different country but.
  5. Nah he was a right ding dong from the start. If you can’t see that it’s because you are also a ding dong. He’s a twat from the start but more than that he’s got a real horrible vibe about him. If they could have turned that around it would have been marvellous storytelling. Instead I feel a bit of sympathy for his situation but he just beat a guy to death in the street with a blunt shield. He’s unstable, because of the system he’s in, whereas I guess cap was always trying to get in. I like the idea and the character is pretty good.
  6. Tony and nebula don’t speak that’s true but she becomes a trusted member and sets up the end for us thinking ‘there’s the good nebula and the bad nebula’ when before she was a right twat. We like her, and that scene helps set that up.
  7. Nebula’s redemption arc? Her learning to trust and showing she can care for a person? I think that was one of the better moments.
  8. I think this has been sort of all over the place in terms of pacing and whether it’s boring and trying to find its rhythm, but last ep was pretty good. They don’t make Walker very likeable and I think that could be a missed opportunity, because he’s obviously been through some shit.
  9. Yeah I thought the same. How on earth are you going to pick Nebula as being miscast? Are you sure you didn’t mean someone else?
  10. I watched it yesterday and today in 3 sittings, plus one rewind because spoilers perhaps they switched over to some totally different bit without explanation and I thought I’d missed something. So I’ve wasted 7 hours watching both versions and they are both pretty shitty. Maybe this one is a bit better but it’s still like someone said, worse than the worst MCU movies. Superman and Lois is also pretty shitty but I enjoy it somewhat, like I did with 90s Lois and Clark. I cannot imagine why or how anyone would or could champion this as being particularly good or worth watching.
  11. Oh yeah! Hope it captures some of the CE 1&2 frantic-ness. Am I still good? I don’t know!
  12. So is this Marvel does Quantum Leap then?
  13. It does seem (if being rather benefit of the doubt-y and also potentially racist), that there is quite a lot of ignorance on the part of the author. I’m quite surprised people are able to keep up with the storyline, I’m reading the manga and by this point I have very little idea what is going on.
  14. Fish sauce, the magic ingredient along with msg that makes stuff taste great, is anchovy juice.
  15. It’s the Hulk conundrum. He is so utterly nerfed in the MCU, they had to change the character. Even smashy hulk only really went beserk when SW messed with his mind. Lol, she just turned him into normal hulk. Now he’s basically just Banner Bro and everyone probably assumes he’s not quite as strong.
  16. I’m just gonna spoiler all this although really what the fuck are you reading this thread for if you ain’t watching.
  17. And just like that, a new theme appears. Super Mario 3D World/Bowser's Fury.
  18. Oh yeah, came here to say, managed 4 All Clears in a row today. *appropriate gif*
  19. Breaking Elder Scrolls games is a meta game and quite fun on its own.
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