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  1. Why would literally anyone who doesn’t directly know him care enough about Chris Hemsworth’s future health to even think about it, let alone write a post about it? 

    “oh dear I hope David Beckham only limits it to that one cigarette he got in trouble for, I’d hate for him to have problems down the line. Think of the family!”



  2. 2 hours ago, Escape said:

    Yeah, for a good while I've felt that limiting our info to winstreaks and vaguish rank would really help.


    I find it liberating to play games I'm no good at because I don't care, but then if I improve I start chasing that better-than-50% target. Which is daft and doesn't matter, and yet still...


    I'm sure it's common to reach that point where you don't want experimentation to cost you a win, aware you're slowing your progress by not. The other thing I'd love is online coop, where I'd feel a lot less pressure playing in teams with mates. Maybe I'm back-to-front on that?

    Yeah just drop it. We’ve all done it but gaming is so much better when you just ignore that shit. Just enjoy each match and even in a brutal loss try and take one learning away from it. 

    (I haven’t played this yet, aiming for the weekend)

  3. 6 hours ago, Broker said:


    All that she needed was a game that really made her want to persevere. 

    And access to a gaming setup, the game (discoverability), the chance to watch many games until an enticing one came along (including getting familiar with some aspects of modern gaming) and an encouraging boyfriend.


    I mean it’s a great story, but a lot of things need to fall into place.

  4. On 15/05/2021 at 03:26, Gorf King said:

    The whole premise and title of this topic is such a dismal reflection on the state of this place. Accurate, mind.


    Also - just curious - couldn't really give a shit about the battle for market share. It'd be nice to have some actual non-hype enthusiasm for new gaming experiences and shared excitement over positive developments in the field, and genuine, thoughtful appraisal of negatives, rather than the ersatz middle-aged bargain bucket flab, tendentious barely-hid fanboyism, regurgitated PR and genuine concerns that pass for 'game criticism' these days.


    It'd be nice to have Smitty back actually. Though unfortunately not that nice for him, so I hope he stays away.


    Tl;dr - Appalling topic, please do not subscribe or smash that Like button.

    Omg a million times this.

  5. It did drag out a bit at the end oddly but overall really good confident and absolutely marvellous looking. The visual jokes stuffed in there are multi watch mana. English voiced baddie trope activate. Clueless dad a bit annoying but they nailed the fiddling with phone frustration beautifully. Credits also outstanding.

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