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  1. Might mean more games on score attack for me! And zone to be honest. Feels like there are five of us on there sometimes trading losses.
  2. Grapefruit. I must have some mad sensitive bitter glands or something
  3. Yeah I’ve seen bubble bobble and a couple other titles in those one shot minis. Off to YouTube you go, good luck!
  4. That full set cost is steep as fuck but full swag.
  5. That was unnecessarily snarky, apologies. I’ll leave it there as a mark of shame.
  6. Why would literally anyone who doesn’t directly know him care enough about Chris Hemsworth’s future health to even think about it, let alone write a post about it? “oh dear I hope David Beckham only limits it to that one cigarette he got in trouble for, I’d hate for him to have problems down the line. Think of the family!”
  7. Yeah just drop it. We’ve all done it but gaming is so much better when you just ignore that shit. Just enjoy each match and even in a brutal loss try and take one learning away from it. (I haven’t played this yet, aiming for the weekend)
  8. Oh yeah I beat @Jonster’s score on Marathon somehow. Just zoned out man, and realised I was quite close near the end.
  9. Rexplode annoyed the shit out of me not because of the character but because I couldn’t shake the image of the Brooklyn 99 guy out my head.
  10. The animation on this is so variable. Sometimes it’s really well done and other times you’re like “why?” Enjoyed it though, shame such a long wait now. Had never heard of it before.
  11. I can’t for the life of me find one here (within Europe) There is one on Amazon.de but won’t deliver to me in Finland.
  12. I have: a 360 ex Hori fight stick, a PS2 Hori fight stick. What’s my best play here? Try hunt down an adaptor or just pony up for a new fight stick? And in that case, is that mini one properly shit?
  13. I pulled off an Ultimatris in multiplayer the other day:
  14. That was a fantastic article with Scwartzweld. I went and watched Itchy, Scratchy and Marge afterwards and it was fucking godlike.
  15. And access to a gaming setup, the game (discoverability), the chance to watch many games until an enticing one came along (including getting familiar with some aspects of modern gaming) and an encouraging boyfriend. I mean it’s a great story, but a lot of things need to fall into place.
  16. I’m pretty sure just over half mobile gaming industry exists because of the barrier to entry in traditional video games. Imagine playing a game and without warning instead of using the controller, musical notes scrolled on screen and you had to hum them correctly. IF you could sight read music AND had experience hitting those notes it would be a non issue, but an overwhelming roadblock if not. Then you mention it and thousands of angry disparaging leering faces jumped in to tell you how easy it was, not appreciating that game creators almost all have decades of experience in reading music.
  17. It did drag out a bit at the end oddly but overall really good confident and absolutely marvellous looking. The visual jokes stuffed in there are multi watch mana. English voiced baddie trope activate. Clueless dad a bit annoying but they nailed the fiddling with phone frustration beautifully. Credits also outstanding.
  18. How can you not be an Elton John fan? nice write up, gonna catch this soon
  19. Why did iKarly die after a couple of shots this time, didnt she easily survive a Zemo shooting?
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