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  1. On 24/08/2021 at 12:50, Darwock said:

    I really don’t understand how to not lose. I can have faster line clears, more zone clears, and a higher score but I lose the round. The tutorial says that when you clear a line it goes into a little reserve bar on the side - what is it that triggers that to turn into junk lines on the opponents side? 

    You mean on zone battle?


    The only important thing on zone battle is how much junk you send. So t spins or tetrises, back to backs, perfect clears, long combos and ideally all of these in big spikes. Winning with a steady stream of line clears is going to be hard. Watching your opponent screen and seeing when they are in trouble or about to launch a load of lines at you is a bonus too. Only clear singles, doubles and triples if you need to to get out of trouble.

  2. 5 hours ago, Festoon said:


    Except that this one is a different one to the one we knew?

    Well, he’s supposed to be identical to the one we know up until (almost) the end of Avengers Assemble I think. And from that point on we get to know him better.  



  3. But it wasn’t anybody, it was Loki. He was an utter cunt in Thor 1, doubled down in Avengers 1 and was up to his neck in deep shit with Thanos and Earth at the end. Nothing he tried ever worked out and he was destined to repeat the loop infinitely (or die trying) regardless of how much he tried to break it. Rather sobering I would have thought. Seeing every life ambition you have laid out in front of you as completely futile, you might give some serious consideration to trying to fight the system. And in doing so, change. No one else gets Loki. He’s burned every bridge and no one ever trusts him. Until he meets a good version of himself, showing him what he could be, even against the greatest odds, and he falls in love for the first time ever. Very fitting to find love with essentially himself. 

    It’s a good redemption arc for a single version of Loki, and makes him interesting because we end up trusting him and liking him despite knowing what he’s just done (tried to take over earth!)



  4. 3 hours ago, Exidor said:

    Not to stick up for it or anything but I'm guessing "sipping a martini" is a figure of speech meant to imply that granny is not pulling her weight. Then the joke is that she actually is. The old switcheroo. What japes.


    As for the Daffy bit, they'll have done a statistical analysis of viewer metrics while watching the old Looney Tunes cartoons and ascertained that key spikes in engagement occur around moments of absurd physical action, so throw one of those in to tick that box on the spreadsheet.

    Ah man, Roger Rabbit had that scene of Daffy and Donald playing duelling pianos and it was absolutely fucking great. 

    What a film that is.

  5. Saw a tv spot for this and there’s a scene I can’t stop thinking about where Lebron is urging the players to take things more seriously “it’s half time and we’re down a thousand points, and granny here is sipping a martini!”


    And granny is indeed sipping a Martini, and she says “haters gonna hate!”


    Then Daffy Duck grabs her martini and throws it over his own face. 

    Now, I’ve either missed some cultural touchpoint, and there’s a low key humour thread that eludes me here, or this 10 seconds of the film, which will have required multiple people to animate, produce, direct, time it, write it, act it, is of absolutely zero creative value. 

    Is Granny saying haters gone hate funny? I mean grannys or old people using hip hop vernacular has been around since Saved by the Bell, and has become so normalised within popular culture across the Western World that our own Queen Elizabeth II did a mic drop. It’s so done, so pedestrian and rinsed that I cannot believe anyone writing that line thought it valid, or amusing, or anything. 

    And why was she drinking a martini? Is that something she’s famous for in the looney tune world?


    And then Daffy throwing it in his own face, was that just for the physical humour? ?? ????? Is that funny? Why is it funny? 

    It’s like the absolute opposite of any good animated series. 

  6. I’m a Space Jam fan, because of course every basketball fan my age is. I have a pair of Space Jam Jordans (which I wore to watch this), I have another pair of Space Jam ‘Hare Jordans’ with Bugs Bunny doing the Jordan logo. 

    Took the boys to see this. First off, it IS shit, and I fell asleep at some point. I mean, I don’t think anyone expected it to be good, but it’s a shame it’s so shit. People who think the original Space Jam is shit miss the point, it was pretty crappy as a film on its own, but everything together and it was another fun mediocre movie that happened to feature awesome live action & cartoon animation and also Michael Jordan. 

    Lebron is the nearest thing we have these days, but he’s not Michael Jordan. The thing is though, he is for some kids. Kids who wear his gear watch his highlights and buy his trainers. Even with that in mind, the intro recapping his career was super cringe.


    It’s like this film, it could have been written good, it could have been! But LeBron has clearly had too much creative control and no one telling him, sorry mate these lines are shit. There was an opportunity to poke fun at himself while also having a couple of hero moments, but it’s too earnest and the poking fun is still like, eh, meh, the kind of lame jokes you’d write about yourself. 

    Even the couple of good gags in the movie are drawn out and rinsed instead of just nodding on their way past as good jokes should.

    For example, unrelated to this movie completely - In one episode of Adventure Time, Jake is presenting himself as the liege of Prince Finn to the Fire King in his court and the king bellows “What kind of Prince is he?” Jake replies “He’s an AWESOME Prince.” drawing general gasps, muttering and so forth from the assembled Fire Kingdom courtiers and so on and a little voice says “That’s the best kind.”


    This all happens in the space of a few seconds, so easy to miss, but just perfect and funny and then zip gone and on to the next joke in the next breath. That’s how things should be. Space Jam 2 (or reboot or whatever) is slow, pondering, cringey and the story doesn’t even make sense. The baddy characters are lame and unmemorable. In Space Jam 1, they convinced 4 other big name players to be complete stooges and it was GREAT. In this one, there are 2 recognisable players with zero sense of humour - which probably isn’t on them but on the whole production and writing team. 

    Wreck it Ralph has cameos by a million different IPs and that works fine. I’ve no problem with debasing other stuff and plumbing their brand and IP, but make it worthwhile. Do it on already mainstream brands who have kids socks in H&M. 

    Pennywise the Clown is in this cheering for the bad guys at the sideline with Clockwork Orange droogs I think. It’s maddening thinking someone, possibly multiple people thought these were good ideas. So many possibilities and none of them come to fruition at all.


    Do not waste your time on this, but my kids found it harmless throwaway fun.

  7. 6 hours ago, Popo said:

    Is it a result of her actions? The timelines started to branch before that - we could see it happening in the background in the moments leading up to What Sylvie Did. 

      Hide contents

    Maybe T1WR was planning to do an all staff email to the TVA, directing them to obey the Lokis from now on and to get back to work, but it seems to me that once the genie was out of the bottle, and the TVA agents knew of their true origins, there was no going back irrespective of what Sylvie did - what she was always going to do, in a deterministic reality. 


    Lokis are by their nature extremely persuasive.

  8. I like Rick & Morty but I wouldn’t want to be associated with stereotypical Rick n Morty fans. I’ve enjoyed 2 of the episodes so far maybe 3? Planetina and the time wine portal sub plot of the Sea man episode. They were good and the John Oliver one was ok. Didn’t like the clone one or the sperm one.

  9. On 09/07/2021 at 11:48, Benny said:

    It's complete nonsense. I watched all of it for some reason. But it's really quite bad.

    I watched all of Baki, probably twice. It’s incredibly bad, but somehow… 🤷

  10. 48 minutes ago, Darwock said:

    He has a thing for human junk.

    He’s forging an identity for himself in the absence of a parental/guardian figure. 

    Liked this one a lot. Even if it did seem a bit like Pixar throwing in ideas from the big Pixar ideas bin.


    How could anyone not like Brave?

  11. It must be hard to get timings right. When you’re doing them it feels like nothing. Then it’s 1 and a half hours which puts a lot of people off, but the shorter ones are annoying as it’s nice to dig into a podcast on a drive. Good luck w it!

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