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  1. You have absolutely no idea how incredibly hard and frustrating some things which in theory are simple are. Have you got money to secure a lease for however long (usually 3-5 years?) have you got collateral to use against your premises (you risk losing your house)? Have you looking into obtaining a trading license and the legal implications? Will you be employing someone else? You'll be using a lawyer so have you accounted for the fees of drawing up the lease and contracts. Have you though about the cost of putting a business phoneline in, and any system of accountancy you will need, or will you be using an accountant to handle your books - have you budgeted that into your business plan? Have you spoken to banks about buying in stock, or do you think manufacturers will send you on 30 day credit when you have 0 years of trading accounts? Have you considered the cash flow and what sort of money you'll need until you break even? These are just the most basic snippets of the things you'll need to think about.
  2. Redsquirrel you need to spend a long time looking into the feasability and profit margins and what could go wrong, and costs, tax, premises (if any), wholesale prices - which won't be great unless you're buying a mass order. Who'll be doing you ordering and liasing and managing everything? yourself? From home? I've discovered that any business takes an immense amount of hard work and incredible hassle, and I have a massive respect for anyone who realises this and takes it on anyway. That, and pity.
  3. Whats that, flyers for BNP meetings?
  4. Think what you like. It just ain't that hard. Just remember the tunes.
  5. Unless you're talking about master mode, Gitaroo man just IS NOT hard. It does seem it at first, I will admit. But it really ain't. Just remember the tune! Halo, gave me a massive judder of gaming satisfaction, when I finally saw that bit at the end when you complete it on Legendary, as well as about 1000 other times through the game.
  6. If something like this was wrapped up dressed and done properly, I can see it being unfeasibly successful.
  7. Actually, im pretty cheered up now, having just seen the last half of Dogtown and Z-Boys , which was fuckin awesome. I've never skateboarded in my life! I don't know really, you've come up with some pretty wanky sort of ideas that make my toes curl in their extreme geektastic delirium. Why not just get the serial number of it engraved, or don't you know it?
  8. Fucking hell, are you still banging on about this? Does anyone actually care? I struggle to think of anything more boring. Nothing personal obviously.
  9. I started playing the single player game again at christmas. The game is still unbelieveable. Basically, there's not an immense amount wrong with Halo 1, we just want more, and more options. When you're joining a game, you want to be able to see exactly what the rules and set up is without asking, disliking it, leaving, joining another game, asking etc. You need to be able to send over your game setups to your mates. You need to be able to play with no grenades. I think that if you have 4 players and you play a 2/2 split formation, you should be able to close the voice channel to speak only to a particular person, but be able to open the channel to your team easily. That might be a bit much though, not many spare buttons eh? Perhaps each team has a designated commander/Captain, and their voice has priority over anyone else speaking on the team. Also, you definitely need to be able to scream at the other team when you kill them/win, even if its only at the end of a ctf game. There should be so many ways of playing this game, and I hope they are realised.
  10. the massive maps will be wicked frag fests, i doubt tactics will come into play until you have 12 friends who form some sort of clan/battalion and take on another team in a capture the flag or slayer tournament. I think in general too many people will be doing their own gung ho thing and shouting a lot to take notice of tactics. i wonder how the headset system will work, obv the other team need to be muted, but can you use a button to open a channel to shout with murderous glee at them? 4 on 4, or even slightly more might just be fantastico, especially if I get to kick Kerraig's team in the arse every night. Elite crack commandos. Shut the fuck up. I can only imagine what this could and perhaps should become
  11. except not so loveable... jk DJ "You might remember me from such threads as.." Sack
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