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  1. Of course, I didn't elaborate because it wasn't a particualrly important point. I see the flaws. Great film though, I haven't seen Superman for ages, and its almost 3 hours is it not?
  2. I saw it, but I had just watched 3 other films and my mind wasn't set, and I kept losing concentration and having to leave the room to answer the door. Although I didn't miss any I had to track back and didn't really get into it until it was too late. It seemed to be a very moving film about bullying and it seemed that it could be a really magical if morose experience if I had watched it first, but before I get it out again, I wonder if anyone can tell me their own thoughts on it. Is it really good or is it not really worth it?
  3. Superman 1 did discovery of powers better. I hated Unbreakable, don't know why, nothing really happened in the end, it was crap and flat. I wanted to like it. It was like a really well drawn comic that turned into conceptual crayon drawing with no plot at the end, or a book that gets to the last page when you expect 50 more, and says, "and it was all a dream"
  4. Tony Mott, heh blimey, what happened to him eh?
  5. draws are rare but cool. In my experience its when you melee* someone, not quite simultaneously, but you hit them when you're actually dead. *and therefore possibly shoot Of course it could just be random, but that's what i've found.
  6. jesus, I cant buy 2 games in one day, I might explode!
  7. Anywhere else aside from NCSX to pick up a bundle with all games?
  8. oooh trading folder here I come!
  9. where can I buy it with all 10 games? APART FROM EBAY?
  10. thats awesome, really fucking awesome. I want one!
  11. actually there's no way I would have know you if you moved in year 8. fugedaboutit
  12. hey guys thats crazy im 23 and I went to Hillcrest. What's your name Haribo? pm me if you like, I dont think I recognise you from the old pictures you had, but I guess I would have been year above you at school. William Parker? My mum would have taught there while you were there red, she's gone to Filsham Valley now though, wasn't gareth barry in the year below you? Whats your name too?
  13. Id be interested to know what GAME stores sell through rate is. Does anyone actually know how many units the average GAME store sells, taking into account the holiday and new game booms.
  14. Never mind.... chuckle. I lived there for about 7 years, my family still reside there, my mother is a teacher at one of the schools, and my 3 brothers attend school or work there. I grew up in Twickenham, so it was sort of normal for me to move away, but I guess there is no reason for them to. Its a nice enough place to grow up in as its just the town and nothing really around it. How old are the Hastings residents past and present on this board then?
  15. How many products would you have to buy in and have in stock in order to sell 50 units a day?
  16. Exactly. Red, the shop at the back of St Andrews was definitely targetted and put out of business with naked intent. How much it had to do with the guy inside is anyones guess, but you'd be naiive to think it was unrelated. The store that moved inside Jade, I haven't heard of it, but I imagine that with all the best will in the world, they didn't have their business plan down, so when the money ran out they had to cease trading. You can't buy a load of stuff in and hope. Like Zuum said, you have to really believe in the business plan, be prepared for everything, and have a huge stroke of luck on your side to get healthy sales going, let alone a profit! It does seem like the internet has it all on offer. I'd like to imagine its possible to run a shop with an ecommerce side revenue too, but its just not something thats particularly feasable to make much money from. Shame
  17. Biffo's column this month was truly terrible. He doesn't actually seem to have anything to say a lot of the time. Its often passable, but I honestly found the one this month to be completely substandard.
  18. Wizard level I call it Predator or Whisper - best played in 2 teams of 2 or 1 on 1, but definitely on 2 different screens. Invisible players, short range weapons, first to 15, no radar/friend tags obviously. 50% health, no shields. Headshots 400% health, no shields, human weapons. One pistol through the helmet will kill, but a grenade may not. Increases accuracy. Attack/Defend. Capture the flag, 3 minutes on defence, 3 minutes on attack, first to 5 scores. Flag can't get reset by touching it, at least 10 second respawns. Works well on Damnation level - and with 3 on 3, or even 2 on 3, on seperate screens obv. In a 4 on 4 it can be done on Hang em High, probably best to have 5 min shifts instead of 3.
  19. Basically if that putrs you off - you aren't ready. But its a romantic notion, and I can't imagine many things are more satisfying than running your own business, well. I would love to do that kind of thing one day - but I just don't know what kind of rewards it could bring in through just one shop, however profitable and busy. I really think if you can have a straight 12 months and establish yourself as a solid trader - you'll gain a lot of respect and experience of some of the troubles you'll encounter. Also - think about St Andrews Market, and that dude with the games cupboard. Something like that, or a concession for hire inside a shop like Jade might be the way forward as its much lower risk.
  20. The reply in the Metro wasn't harsh enough. Right thinking though.
  21. I'd really suggest using Rllmuk and other forums and even eBay to hawk your wares for the time being. If you're selling for instance 5 games a day, and working 3 full days, you'd be surprised how much work there will be in dealing with that, which is really the very least you'd want to to make any sort of income at all.
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