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  1. On 11/10/2021 at 03:05, Halo said:

    OK, so I just found out finesse (i.e. the optimal inputs to place pieces) in guideline games is not the same as in non-guideline games, so a lot of what you read online doesn’t apply to this game. It explains so much. :doh:


    Documentation for this sort of stuff is not great and the game doesn’t really guide you on how to improve.

    How good are you to be worrying about finesse?

  2. On 13/10/2021 at 21:52, Yiggy said:

    I just don’t understand what you’re doing there. I always aim for a single free alley and drop I blocks in. I’ve never been able to get past that tactic. I’m pretty good at it. Gah. Need to watch some vids. 

    I still have a beginner T spin guide pinned to my Instagram if it’s useful. 


  3. Last time I was in London my brother had this on in the car and I had to get him to turn it off after a few minutes as it was giving me some intense brain damage. If LBC ceased to exist now, the world would be a slightly better place. 

  4. Mystery is a lot of luck. 

    Regarding getting your 40 line clear down. It’s going to be tough. I certainly can’t hit 1min anymore. You need to train specifically for it. Practice hard dropping pieces with as few rotations as possible and not using the swap/hold.


    You’ve also got to have that counter in your head keeping mindful of the number of tetrises you need and you’ve done, and really push to keep the speed up. It’s a real grind but will make all aspects of your game better.

  5. 6 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:


    Pretty sure there are already games where people make a living playing them and selling the results of their grinding to others. My crypto-obsessed friend thinks they're a revelation.

    An actual game company will make a game soon enough where the players own their loot. It will be mainstream and demanded by the next generation PS6 etc.

  6. I’ll tell you what though. As much as I love being part of their lives and knowing about what they do, but when my oldest starts talking about Minecraft, the life force drains away from me. I had to have a proper talk with him about what he can see in his mind and what someone else understands and gets from his tales. And I know I used to do exactly the same in my 20s about WoW. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Nathan Wind said:

    I'd have been all over Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft if they were around when I was a kid. What a glorious time it must be right now for little gamers.  Instead I had to sit alone in my grotty 80s council house bedroom kidding myself that I was having a great time playing Double Dragon on the Amstrad, because I'd waited ten minutes for it to load. As long as they're not racking up secret hundred pound credit card bills on virtual tat, who gives a fuck? Let them enjoy themselves, lucky little bastards.

    Honestly, gaming is SO GOOD for kids rn.


    I am so happy for them. 

    Who remembers old Marvel live action films? Dogshit. These days, Disney+ at the touch of a button and every new big budget Marvel movie. It’s incredible and only getting better.

  8. 27 minutes ago, matt0 said:


    Videogames as a make work scheme in a decaying end-state capitalist hell scape sounds pretty grim if I'm being honest.

    Yes, thank you matt0 I have filled my fucking card 




    If I told you in grotty 1980s Shagwell or wherever the fuck you want, that you could get money for sweets as a kid for levelling up characters in an RPG you’d probably not believe it. 

    But thanks for the perfect perfect Rllmuk doombrain doommongering post about “capitalist hellscape”. All we need need now is for Stu to swoop in crying because someone mentioned his (not his but any, but he thought it was about his) gas guzzling SUV and we’ve hit peak Rllmuk wailing. Just 16-20 middle aged guys in a large room, arms spread out, mouths open and a constant disapproving earsplitting drone that gets louder and more high pitched every time buzzwords are flashed onto a screen by the mysterious puppet master. 


  9. 3 hours ago, Harsin said:

    Even if you have issues with the ethics of the arcade model, I'd argue there's still a gulf of difference (even taking into account inflation) between the amount kids tended to spend in them and this:




    Unfortunately even Nintendo are in on the virtual currency racket.



    We've gone off topic a bit and I've contributed to that. There's two separate things being discussed here:


    1. Policing exposing your kids content that you believe is ethically/morally wrong.


    I don't think anyone has a problem with this.


    2. Parents who get pissed off because they don't think their children are enjoying the right things in the right way at the right difficulty (usually why don't you like exactly what I did at your age).


    The latter was the original topic of the thread.

    My daughter has bought a ton of stuff on Toca world and absolutely gets value from it. All virtual item systems are not the same (why does this even need to be said?) 


    The idea that somehow getting a Tom & Jerry happy meal toy or a shitty cheap Transformer spin off gacha today for a fiver from the toy shop that will be dashed in the bin after sitting in a toy box for 5 years has more inherent value than virtual items is ludicrous. “Oh it’s a moral issue” LOL. Yes it’s morally wrong that a kid pays for a virtual cape for his virtual avatar using virtual bucks he bought with real money give me a fucking break here, is this 2021 or 2002?

    Just wait until free to play becomes play to earn and your grandkids are routinely earning their pocket money from games. Even more stick shaking I imagine.

  10. My contribution - on topic - is that yeah the way my first kid played video games pissed me off. The games he played, the way he played, so frustrating I couldn’t watch sometimes, because I don’t want to be sitting there biting my lip and him feeling like he’s a bad player (he was tho). My dreams of us playing 2 player stuff (that I wanted/chose obv) together went up in smoke. But you know, it makes the times we do play together all the more special. And now he is awesome at games, really pleasing to me as I’m also a ‘high skill’ player at certain games (jesus that sounds wanky), but just different games from me.


    And yes I’ve played through BoTW with both my boys. But aside from steering them somewhat towards the stuff that’s probably a better example of what they wanted to play where appropriate, I wouldn’t dream of policing their gaming in any Roblox breaks my hart like if u cry evrytime way. We play retro stuff too just not regularly or like, they aren’t on some gaming apprentice program where I dictate the titles they play. But yeah Mega Bomberman is a good one, and SNES SF2 Turbo but they play for long enough and start arguing about unfair tactics and who’s go it is and I can’t be dealing with that. 

    Minecraft is the main platform for kids these days it seems. And really things have never been better in terms of availability of quality and quantity of games. Xbox Game pass 🙏




  11. 3 minutes ago, Sane said:

    Well I think you are doing a lot of projecting there. I merely expressed how I felt about seeing kids play those kind of games, there were no mentions of crusades, anger or anything like that. I think you should take step back and look at how you're reacting, completely over the top. There's an interesting discussion to be had here but this really doesn't contribute to it.

    The old semi offended “I can’t believe you are so worked up about this, over the top.” 

    “you’re ruining our interesting discussion”


    Lol you literally said it “breaks your heart” to see kids playing iPad games. 

    That sound in the distance, it’s a squadron of roflcopters. 

    “Breaks my heart!” 


  12. 1 minute ago, Popo said:

    I like your post on this forum Stiff, but you’ve taken a shit in your own trousers here. 

    Get fucked mate I don’t give a slice of shit whether I’m validated by your fucking light shining wisdom opinion. This is about kids and games - two subjects, one of which you know about and one, you fucking don’t know the first fucking thing about (presumption on my part to be fair). Why not try reading and absorbing opinions or something, learning, that’s it. Learning from other people that might know. Instead of the worthy crusade against non Nintendo stuff. Jesus can’t wait for the next chapter of this shit, it’s coming, and I predict it will be “why do you love shit like Roblox so much?” 

    Tiresome as fuck. Are you all just here for a Friday argument or do you genuinely think you are right on some strange plane of existence?

  13. 1 hour ago, alex3d said:


    By being concerned and wanting your kid to not get exposed to shit like Roblox (Google it) you're a twat? Interesting definition.

    “Google it”


    How many game playing kids do you have Alex3D? How many hours have you put into the Roblox platform. Do you think Roblox is one game? Do you think Minecraft is the same game as it was at launch something like 13 years ago?


    ”Google it”


    *insert appropriate rude words here, you choose.*

  14. 1 hour ago, Popo said:

    Roblox has been exposed to be a platform underpinned by pernicious, exploitative practices. What’s wrong with wanting your children to steer clear from it?

    What the fuck has that got to do with the subject matter. And with all due respect (IE LITTLE), if you don’t have kids, your opinion on what your kids should play is less than invalid, it’s like some black hole effect shit that sucks energy and light away from the world.


    I see the Miyamoto/Roblox comparison has already been dug up. Jesus Christ, what a depressing, shitty string of posts. 

  15. 1 hour ago, Sane said:

    How's that being a twat? I don't force anyone to do anything.

    Twatty snobby attitude towards games and what people are allowed to enjoy or could be considered ‘valid’. Ain’t gat time fo dat shiiiiiiit! Angry gamer dude snobs are the worst, total blight on the industry. Misguided notion that there won’t be quality games unless for their insipid crusade. 

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