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  1. On 20/01/2022 at 14:27, ox1973 said:


    Likewise. My wife has zero interest in games but is always fascinated by the fact that I play Japanese games (with Japanese voiceovers) - I make sure that Yakuza is a laptop only job - no big TV Yakuza for me 😄



    I justify this to my wife (and myself I guess) by saying 'it's only zombies right?' but Days Gone is a violent game, no doubt about it. Is it any different to watching a horror movie though? It's escapist entertainment - who would really want to be stuck in a post-apocalyptic zombie nightmare?


    Why no big screen Yakuza? Am I missing something?

  2. Quit my first match last night. I jumped over the get the sword on a team slayer I think and was followed by one of my team who started hitting /shooting me. 

    Alright, I dropped the sword, he took it, vanished and I was almost immediately killed by someone on the other team who had got hold of the sword from this schmuck. Proper tilted.

    Had a horrible set of matches after, couldn’t aim for shit, put it down to being tired (my eyes were well tired) and turned it off.


    Next day my kid is saying what’s up with the TV it looks weird and he can’t hit anything on Halo and it hurts his eyes. It was in a different mode from Game mode somehow. Amazing that such a thing makes such a big difference.


  3. That’s really nice of you Talvalin but Jesus Christ I clicked on that link and I’ve had 2 aneurysms already. Mobile friendly, it is not. Will try and view on iPad.

    I played 2 stressful games of noshi aka no shields aka Tactical Slayer. Christ. On one, I had 21kills and 3 or 4 deaths. People really are clueless! But I don’t like it it’s still too stressful.


    Also despite my heroic effort I couldn’t pull this back for a win:





  4. On 07/01/2022 at 14:50, Alex W. said:

    I don’t think that smart contracts that pass a percentage to the originator are the standard, and even where they are used, most NFT art was actually produced by work for hire artists who don’t get any of that money. The firm that minted the NFT does.


    I think they are the norm, and if the NFT creator is the artist then it bypasses the “firm”. 

    Either way, if you cut through the bullshit there’s a chance for people to get closer to artists they like (in music, illustration whatever) in exactly the same way they do when they buy a limited edition album or a members only limited print. The never-NFT Artists seems to me like old painters rejecting doing work on computers. Fair enough, the line is different for everyone.

  5. 7 hours ago, Oz said:


    as I was not satisfied with your answers I have done a review myself of the events . I could not accept that I had missed an entire clip. and indeed this was not the case. turns out, I can blame my team mates.:D


    dude comes through the door and is already low on health on a 1v3 with me holding the shotgun. exhibit one


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    dude gets shot by me straight in the face but this somehow does not pop his shield. exhibit two


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    dude gets hit by damage from a nade which finally breaks his shield. exhibit three


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    dude receives what should have been the killer shot in the buttogs. however my team mates flailing corpe blocks my shot. exhibit four


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    dude receives killer blow on the final round of the magazine and the respective medal is awarded. exhibit five


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    this was a lunch break well spent. 


    I was thinking of doing the same but thought nah fuck it. You were miles away the first shot and then you kept shooting all around him. We’ve all done it. Shotgun is and always has been an up close shoot/melee death. 

    It was just a messy kill, probably doesn’t that need much further analysis. 

  6. Haha they are all “this particular alien seemed to take pleasure in torturing humans and wiped out a squadron/small town of marines/people, she/he’s a nasty piece of work.


    got it, go in kill em and get a sweet gun unlocked.


    Anyways, completed it!


    Bosses: shit

    Some levels: excellent

    Open world: sparse but quite magical. Military Spiderman fighting aliens. It’s my bag but not enough secrets stuffed into the open world map. 

    Liked it a lot. Spent ages wandering round collecting everything I could. Nothing left to do now. Back to multiplayer. Give some more DLC missions!


    Bosses: shit!

  7. 9 minutes ago, DeciderVT said:


    BC coupled with no digital release in lots of countries and a thirst for Ridge Racer that Namco are happy to continue ignoring.

    Ahhh ok! Goddamn I got rid of my 360 games in a bulk sale a few month ago, was thinking “oh might keep that” but realistically hadn’t played it more than an hour per 5 years. Never mind.

  8. So. Yeah. I think another thing that helps probably is that in All Clear mode you’re finding it easier to be thinking about the next piece while placing the current piece. And that’s a key thing that could be slowing you down in Sprint. 

    Instead of:


    Piece appears - Think - Place - Piece Appears etc


    It should be more like you are looking ahead always so the instant the last piece is placed you’re instantly moving the next one to its place that you’ve already decided as it appears. If you can do it in twos and threes also (like remember that the next three blocks fit together quickly here), then you’re looking ahead even further and your time will fall.


    I might even practice making lines with no rotations.


    And finally - do Tetrises only and if you can count in your head 1, 2, 3 etc. So remember you need ten and don’t slow yourself down looking at the lines needed.

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