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  1. I watched Amemiya stream for 2 hours today playing against viewers, including one ranked 48000+ and he didn’t lose a game. 

    Some people have speed, some are great at setting up t spin triple towers, others are good at 4 widing. Wumbo for example is solid, builds quick 6-3 towers with t spin doubles on top and is great at centre 4-widing. But Amemiya is just great at everything. I watched him pull off a mid game 22 combo today. It’s astonishing. 


  2. I think that’s spot on. We don’t use them because it’s usually quite rude in context. Taking away the magic naughtiness from them has been an unexpected bonus here. If adults do it then it really can’t be cool.


    Now how to stop my 2 boys exclaiming “yeah boyeeee!” About everything.

  3. Regarding swearing, it’s weird. I was a typical stuffy Brit when I moved here, but every radio station plays uncut edits during the day because swearing in English (or indeed, in Finnish) just doesn’t seem to be a big deal. The kids know not to swear but boy do they hear a lot of it. I’m much more relaxed about it. As long as they aren’t using inappropriate language themselves or made to feel uncomfortable by something, it’s really not a big deal.

  4. 9 hours ago, Horribleman said:

    Don't get me wrong. I'm talking about when people don't interact at all with their kids and just plainplonk them down with tablet. Using it when you need to have ten minutes is fine! 

    How long is acceptable in Horrible World then?

  5. What does screen time in lieu of parenting mean? 

    Kids need their own mental space and time away from their parents, and whether that’s doing a puzzle or reading or gaming or watching something, there is no ‘bound to be detrimental’ there. I might just as well say helicopter parenting is bound to be detrimental. There are so many nuances that catch all statements like that are both generally inaccurate and likely to rile people up. 

    It’s ok for kids to be bored, it’s ok for them to play games alone, with parents, and so on. If you know your own child, you’re in a good position to be able to put suitable restrictions. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Bangaio said:


    I think bullshit is possibly a bit strong but maybe so is my "all the research" as there has been very very little actual academic research to date.  The most recent study that has been published was by the University of Calgary in January 29 draws a link between development and screen time in 2-5 year olds.  At the moment there are more studies looking at the same thing to follow up on this as while there are links they can't be tied to screen time directly. 


    As an experienced teacher I can see the impact of screen time on children every day which covers a multitude of issues but one is kids who play lots of games and who in particular started playing games early on.  I have seen it grow as games have moved online and as internet use has become wide spread particularly with smart phones.  


    This is something I believe strongly about and in my own personal view - check out my confirmation bias, 5 and 6 year olds shouldn't be sat in front of a screen playing video games when there are so many better ways that they could be spending their time.  I'm not some anti technology lucite or old fool but there will be plenty of time for kids to play games when they're older if they want to.  


    I can also anecdotally compare my own daughter's development where she has had almost no screen time and friends who happily plonk their kids infant of iPads and tvs and this isn't a "my kid is a genius" delusion - trust me I see this at work plenty but a realistic appraisal of how she is getting on compared with peers even in little things like being able to hold attention for a longer period of time.  


    This is a gaming forum and people will want to probably play games with their kids.  Indeed I have noticed several times posts about how they got people got their kid playing such and such game and I have often thought why would you want that?  I am sure my views will be unpopular and each to their own but speak to some educational psychs, cognitive scientists, SEN departments etc. and see they think. 

    You’re the one making spurious claims so it’s up to you to go do that last part.

  7. 3 hours ago, Eighthours said:

    Fortnite at 9 years old? Hmmm. (I'm aware that many parents choose to let their kids play Fortnite under 12, but I thought they were mainly ones who weren't into games themselves! Why do you think that game's fine? I'm not judging, I'm interested because my 7 year old desperately wants to play it and I've told him no way until he's 12, but I may allow him a bit earlier than that if there's a consensus that actually it's fine.)


    Anyway, you may think I'm a terrible parent, as I will happily let my son play for hours at a time if he's into a game. It's what I used to do!

    I stopped Fortnite for my now 10 year old a good while ago as it was making him desperately frustrated. I have banned Apex for a week at a time when I notice it’s getting him riled up. Aside from that, he plays Destiny 2 here and there, Growtopia and Minecraft mainly. An hour a day would be well stingy for him, but it’s different for different kids. Some kids get super worked up playing anything, it really affects them in different ways or to different degrees rather. 

    Having one hour combined screen time seems awfully harsh but if screen time is having a negative effect on them I totally understand limiting it. 

  8. On 13/06/2020 at 11:51, Harsin said:

    You could try Yu Yu Hakusho the adaptation of the guy's previous manga. It's quite old so be prepared for 90s production values.

    What do you know it appeared on Netflix!

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