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  1. I finished this. What to say. The story is absolutely atrocious. Absolute shit. Ab.so.lute. Its super cringeworthy. Also they’ve hired Luke cage but also just made the guy Luke Cage. It’s like why is Luke Cage in Halo? 

    There are some sections that are ok. It’s quite annoying having all those people with you. “We’ve lost Buttkiss!” except you haven’t because they’ll be alive again in a moment. It does make things easier because you can just cheese it and cry for help if you die half the time. 

    I did enjoy some sections.

    Then came the boss fights. That last one with the chief. ... Just so indescribably bad. So fucking lame.


  2. Zelda Botw is sort of both last gen and current gen but I’ve been playing through a new save with the youngest. I booted up my old wii u save and as I gazed upon my inventory of dozens of diamonds and everything, leapt off of enormous mountains, I had what I can only describe as a series of Link style flashbacks Of my past adventures. It was magical. I had a bunch of stuff to do in the game but after sort of accidentally stumbling upon the final boss and defeating them, I gave it all up. Now a long time later I’m ready to go back and sweep up all the leftovers. And what leftovers.

  3. He likes pottering around in the villages and I’ll do the main quests. No ancient arrows to squander on goats so that’s ok. I’ll continue the story a bit after he’s gone to bed so we have some new goodies in the morning. Noticed I hadn’t fully upgraded all my armour or even collected a few pieces, the last climbing armour for example so might mop those things up on my old save. The loop is so rewarding. Also, I’ve become pretty crap at it. I used to have skills!

  4. On 11/07/2020 at 20:08, wev said:

    I only found out today that your gear can make you too heavy and that that effects your rolling capabilities. Those big bastards in Heide's Tower were much easier to deal with once I removed my helm.



    Only if you're offline, which I don't know how to do via Scholar of the First Sin on Steam, otherwise you get global deaths.

    Isn’t the number you want just on one of the other sides of the statue base?

  5. 3 hours ago, Jamie John said:


    That's true - like I saif earlier, the pistol is still damn good, but the other weapons that I got access to in the first few levels felt horrible.


    Was it 3 that introduced the assault rifle you could aim through a scope? That was a good gun.

    The Battle Rifle you heathen.

  6. As people rightfully say, this Gen has been chock full of whoa-ments. 

    For me, getting an OLED and putting on the Shadow of the Colossus remake, which I’d already completed, but seeing it in this glorious eye searing HDR was just jaw dropping. From a regular PS4 too! 

    Red Dead 2 is full of amazing you in nature moments, such an amazingly crafted landscape. 

    Uncharted 4 for visual “I’m watching this thing but oh my fucking god I’m playing it now.” moments.




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