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  1. 3 hours ago, peeveen said:


    Gameplay-wise, I think it's good, but not stellar. There's a new enemy type introduced that doesn't really work very well (the fast-moving teleporting Promethean soldier things), and an irritating boss that you have to fight an incredible three times. It was definitely heavily MP-focused when I played it, but I'm pretty sure there's been some patching since then to address that. Graphically: splendid. Story-wise, it mixes a decent plot thread (Cortana's story) with a rather crappy one (the guy who's trying to catch MC, can't even remember his name, it's such a load of guff). The updated movement controls for climbing up ledges, etc, work well. Not the worst campaign in the series (*coughHalo2cough*), but not the best. Multiplayer is really excellent tho.

    Halo 5 is fucking shite.

  2. Classic Score attack is so hard. Even the rotation initial positions throw me off. You can’t rotate against the wall! Argh! 

    Played as the boss yesterday in Connected VS - seems most people want to, so a lot of waiting around in a lobby for one person to join, who joins and leaves as someone has already called boss.

    Had a couple of games of Zone VS. It’s decent. I feel sorry for all the players who think “I’ll give this a go, I’m pretty alright” and go up against a Puyo Puyo or T99 vet. 


  3. Well, I think the journey mode is accessible and enjoyable no matter what. But in the meantime the fairly comprehensive ‘Effect’ mode is a good way to practice and chart your progress. And some modes like All Clear or combo help you see the patterns and shapes needed for certain spins (like T-Spins). 

    I think the trickiest All Clear puzzle is the one where you have to snake I pieces through a tunnel. Even though theoretically I know which rotation button to press when, I usually fluff it up.

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