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  1. I’ve managed to play enough that I’ve now lost a few games on the one on one ppt style mode (zone!)


    Just had a wicked score attack finally. Dude started it on level 15, topped out while I was only a couple of thousand points up. He was quite far ahead lines wise so I think I had a reasonable amount of room to get further ahead but it was super fun.

  2. You will improve if you keep playing. It’s just slow. 

    With Marathon, I started on level 10 I think and got 700k+. Jonster has almost a million but not sure where he started.


    If you practice Master mode and edge up which level you start on gradually, you’ll not panic in the other modes. 

  3. 7 hours ago, dumpster said:

    You can see it in action here  



    Pick a boys name.  Bear in mind thousands of calls at £1.50 each are being received every minute.  There are a some names there you will guess but surely no-one is called Thurman? That's not a boys name.  Then after 2 hours and 34 minutes they give a clue and basically tell you "it's Thurman. Like Uma Thurman. Because , you know , we asked you for a boys name  but now we just need someone to ring in and say Thurman".  Then they don't actually take a call for nearly 15 minutes.  The phones must have been ringing off the hook.  


    I remember Panorama or someone did an episode about them, in the era when the whole premium rate phone in show thing was falling apart through greed. People were ringing in for competitions on This Morning and not being entered into the competition, Blue Peter cheated, Ant and Dec apologised for something. It all.made so much money so quickly that it became a tawdry mess.


    This is generally correct but literally on the screen of the clips you’ve posted it says call cost 60p (if I can read the small print properly, could be 80p)


    Blue Peter being caught cheating at around the same time was really the punt into space the whole thing needed. 

  4. 6 hours ago, dumpster said:

    A lot of it is mentioned here. 




    Specifically "items you would find in a woman's handbag" were rawlplugs and a balaclava.  


    I have the panorama episode somewhere, might see if I can upload it.





    I know the story of that one too. 

    So how it would go would be I would make the answers, take them to the producer and they’d say “really good but make them harder”, - this happened so predictably, I’d have the set I actually wanted to use already made, and then browse Rllmuk for a bit, show the ‘updated’ set and get them approved. 

    On that game we went through a few handbags in the office (with permission I mean, we weren’t randomly rifling through them). And there was all sorts of shit. One lady said “you can have a rawlplug” as she did indeed have some loose ones knocking about in there. This sparked a rather heated discussion, with the producer insisting it was genius. I was so against the idea I wrote an email to the big bosses saying I wasn’t happy with it, wanted it changed, blah blah. Producer says ‘I’ll take full responsibility” etc, and it went out that night like that. There was fallout and I’m not happy I couldn’t get have put something relatively guessable in there (I mean come on there are a million things and most callers guessed the 5 most obvious ones). I think it was a tipping point, but only because it was on ITV. Other channels had been doing insanely shady shit for a while on Sky Channel 946 or whatever. 

  5. 7 hours ago, dumpster said:



    Also in this same video....  


    High _______


    People guess High noon, high five or whatever but the last answer for £2000 is HIGH RELIEF.




    Then in the last few minutes they give 250 quid away with unbelievably easy questions but don't take any calls for 4  minutes a time.  The caller wins the dictionary question and says they are going to use the money to pay their phone bill as it's taken them since 3am to get through (so nearly 2 hours).


    High Relief:


    a method of moulding, carving, or stamping in which the design stands out from the surface, to a greater ( high relief ) or lesser ( low relief ) extent


    I probably made that game, or JonCybernet. He was good at them.


  6. 7 hours ago, dumpster said:

    Ofcom kicked off because callers were not being put through to the studio while the hosts would be saying "where are all my callers?" Implying that you would get through if you called.  In reality there was very little chance you'd get through and Ofcom mandated that the show must have an on screen graphic that displayed how many calls were being received. I think that killed it off completely because suddenly you could see that 1000 people called in the last minute. 


    Also there were widespread complaints about the answers. I saw one where you had to call in and guess a job. No-one got it and at the end of the show they revealed the answer was Ankle Beater. I googled it and there was no job called that.


    Also I saw one on Sky many years back which had a picture with loads of boxes and lines and the vague question, "how many triangles?"  To be fair, the prize was crazy, something like 250K, but it went on for weeks and weeks.  Finally, over a period of 2 weeks or so the presenter started to drop clues, "it's higher than that", and if you watched religiously (I did) eventually you could pinpoint the answer down to 20 , 10, 5, 2 and finally someone won it by guessing the last possible answer it could have been. The game was literally "what number are we thinking of" and someone won on the last possible answer it could have been after the host ran out of possibilities. Surely a con. 


    So I think eventually there was a backlash, people stopped playing and they were all lumped in together in the public consciousness as a scam. Quizmania and The Mint were the most watchable (I met Greg shopping in the Trafford Centre once) but there were loads of these channels and most were cheaply made and obviously a bit fly by night.


    All of this is pretty much right - not sure myself about displaying call numbers. No point in the channels battling ofcom for little return. 

    With these shows, the way to make make money was to have a bond of trust and have actually enjoyable games. Many channels missed that and dragged it down for all of them, it was inevitable. 

  7. 16 hours ago, Sexton Hardcastle said:

    Whatever happened all those phone shows? They were on virtually every channel late at night at one point. I’d heard the rumour that someone randomly won a jackpot & it bankrupted all of them as they were all owned by the same company, but I’m not sure there’s any truth in that. But they did all seem to disappear at the same time. 

    Nah that’s not true. The main channels were under pressure to go more ‘highbrow’. They replaced QM’s ITV slot with another one that looked a bit more polished. But polish doesn’t earn money. There was a free view channel called ITV play that had a bunch of super low budget versions which died off. 

  8. 20 hours ago, Darwock said:

    Bloody hell, page 4 already.


    I’m looking for advice on how to play faster for sprint mode - not as an expert player, just in general. I’ve been stuck at an absolute brick wall for two years, and it’s barely two minutes (average B rank). I don’t think I’ll ever get SS everywhere but I don’t suck at the other modes so speed is absolutely my Achilles heel.


    What should I be doing? throwing pieces down as fast as possible without trying to set up perfect lines every time? There’s not much risk of filling up the well so it seems like this would be preferable, but even that doesn’t seem to work for me. Go for Tetris clears? Should I be building a stack with a gap so I can try and combo it for fast clearing? (still seems like it would need too much thinking time).


    Googling for tips, it’s all pitched at experts or people trying to be top of the game, I just want to be average! When I watch high level play videos I get nothing useful out of it, because it’s just someone doing something I can’t.


    Number one tip is keep your focus on where you will place the next piece, not the one currently in play. 

    Until you hit sub one minute advice seems to be go 9-1 - so standard tetrises.

  9. Maybe on legendary they do. Grenade slinging as an art becomes essential here. Knocking down one elite and arcing one of their plasma grenades to the opposite side of the room.


    It took me a few goes.


    Halo CE is one of them only games (excluding score attack type stuff) where I will reload a checkpoint because I just didn’t feel like I did the last skirmish in a good enough way.

  10. On 28/11/2020 at 21:10, simms said:

    I'm playing Halo CE on Legendary and I'm on the Truth and Reconciliation level where you've just beamed up into the Covenant hanger bay of sorts.  I may have aged since I last did a legendary run :blah: but just cannot get past this bit.  Bloody Elites with their fancy active camo and plasma swords :mad:.  Is there an online co-op as I may need assistance :blush: .  I refuse to drop to Heroic :unsure:


    Playing on PC BTW

    Put some surround headphones on, and remember the sword invisible elites don’t have shields.

  11. I did some analysis of gameshow prize amounts actually won over here (tiny population, low production budgets) and in general people won small amounts. If we split money prizes into categories, we have ‘change your day’ amounts like £50-100, change your week amounts up to £1000, change your month, year and beyond.


    Most amounts won were change your week or month, so my idea was you take a person and give them a life of luxury for a week - the limiting factor then being time, and see what they do. Half the show is following last week’s winner and how they choose to spend their time, which you either agree with and find brilliant, or more likely you’re like “no way, I’d do x y and z!” 

    Then (one option was) they could come back to compete to continue living their luxury life against a competitor trying to get there. 

    With most “luxury” prizes either on loan, or part sponsored by whichever brand is involved, the prize amounts remain stable for the production, but people actually get to do something cool rather than put most of it towards bills, or buying a new carpet.

  12. Fun fact, I used to develop gameshow formats. We had Going for Gold brought back for daytime tv with an interactive element, and I had one idea made into a full pilot. The company I worked for owned most of the biggest game show formats around.

    The most successful game shows historically tend to have really simple mechanics that all viewers can grasp - which are then brought to life through interaction with contestants. Excellent if they have a variable depth as it brings in viewers like us (typically above average intelligence). 

    Something like Deal or no Deal works because they usually bring in people who are superstitious etc. Mechanically it’s an extremely boring concept.

    I also advised on pitching question difficulty for e.g. interactive/viewer competitions. There is a reason they are so apparently easy, and it’s because you - who thinks the answer is too obvious - are not the target audience. You cannot have the risk of the viewer hesitating (the fear of getting it wrong and feeling stupid will also put them off entering) but you also should avoid patronising. It’s a surprisingly fine line. The difference in money generated when you pitch a question right vs let the production staff do it is immense.

  13. On 15/11/2020 at 11:21, Jarik said:

    Its been speculated by various sources that Nintendo might make more of these with the same basic design for other games & their Anniversaries.  For instance, it's Zelda's 35th next year.


    If they do that I can't see myself getting them though. Having Zelda 1 & 2 in one of these devices along with a Zelda version of Manhole or something isn't as appealing.

    Yes, nice try mate, very convincing. I’m sure we will all make sensible decisions.

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