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  1. On 02/11/2020 at 23:22, Mawdlin said:

    Finished and I can only echo what's been said. The lead characters were fantastic and the setting and attention to period detail brilliant.


    If I have a couple of quibbles I found that dramatically it played it a bit safe and generally the story arc was very predictable; and only ever playing one game against an opponent (especially to win a world championship) felt odd.


    If you enjoyed this I can highly recommend the following documentaries which are both gripping:


    Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine


    Bobby Fischer Against the World (or the book it's based on - Bobby Fischer Goes to War).

    This and no draws were stretching the authenticity but it was brilliant overall. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, MikeBeaver said:

    I'm slowly, but surely, catching you on some of the scores... but not fucking Infected blocks, no Sir, 769 is as good as I managed, and for days now I've not even broken the 700 barrier, arrrggghhh.
    Doing OK at multiplayer though, top 3% or better in all I've played, struggled to get a match of Connected on Normal difficulty last night though, just not enough folks about :(

    Oooh which ones? Some of them I just stuck in the SS because it was good enough. Mystery and Countdown... ugh.

    I enjoy a spot of Classic Tetris even though I am not good at it, it’s a real different challenge. 



  3. 10 hours ago, Nick R said:

    I think the fighting game community went through a similar debate 15 or 20 years ago, with things like David Sirlin's "playing to win" series of articles, which asserted that if you cling to certain mentalities (like "playing for fun", "playing in the spirit the developers intended", and "not exploiting bugs or imbalances"), then you're a scrub.




    Is a certain tactic a really effective way to win, but really repetitive and boring? Then use it! Should a skilled player go easy on a newbie, or use their abilities to destroy them? He argues: maybe the latter...

    In a competition where winning is the goal, I like Sirlin’s approach. People essentially aren’t in a professional competition to have fun, but to win. Sometimes they have fun too (see Usain Bolt).

    Really, I think most people want some competitiveness in the match and we of course like to win.


    Winning means less when you’re demolishing a beginner.

    If you have the race of your life in a racing game and come a close second to someone who is way better than you, it can be gloriously enjoyable. 

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