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  1. This and no draws were stretching the authenticity but it was brilliant overall.
  2. Oooh which ones? Some of them I just stuck in the SS because it was good enough. Mystery and Countdown... ugh. I enjoy a spot of Classic Tetris even though I am not good at it, it’s a real different challenge.
  3. In a competition where winning is the goal, I like Sirlin’s approach. People essentially aren’t in a professional competition to have fun, but to win. Sometimes they have fun too (see Usain Bolt). Really, I think most people want some competitiveness in the match and we of course like to win. Winning means less when you’re demolishing a beginner. If you have the race of your life in a racing game and come a close second to someone who is way better than you, it can be gloriously enjoyable.
  4. All the regular players have dived in innit.
  5. That stream was awesome. Blink/Harddrop and Greentea are something. I pushed my Master score a bit higher today. Feels good man.
  6. Yeah this will be a Christmas gift I think
  7. PSA: Attack on Titan appears to have just begun its new series. And the next manga chapter is out on the 22nd!
  8. Obviously some kids have little problem with it but mine would have had nightmares for ages. I’m thinking this year is the one for my 10year old, I think he is ready.
  9. That sounds like the most boring story imaginable for baby Yoda G. Also, who called him Grugo? You’re on the list.
  10. Got this. Not bad I think. Jolly and colourful in a slightly retro style. Would use again.
  11. I know the feeling. I’m 4th on my list on Sprint and 2nd on purify to a friend with 1100 or something. The only one I’m really holding a lead on is Master Mode score!
  12. When you are above SR 7000 perhaps in Score attack the minimum level to start at is 15. I’ve had a player zip it up to 20 and thrash me completely.
  13. Are we Xbox friends already? Sir Stiff One its the SR (skill rating I guess) that determines how ‘good’ a player is. The tiers are an indication too.
  14. Am around now @Jonster @bradigor if u free?
  15. Comms? Where we’re going, we don’t need comms.
  16. How do you send people messages like that? Is it on Xbox?
  17. Ok any time that suits you both best?
  18. Yeah, actually I think I must have done as well as I’ve got nowhere close since. Still not cracked area 5. Need a decent team if you and Brad are up for it.
  19. Apparently I’m 7th on the leaderboard right now for score attack. Jesus. The thing is if I played anyone else in the top 20 I’d have my arse handed to me.
  20. Seems like my score attack matches start on level 15 minimum now. Interesting. Have had some super close ones!
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