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  1. I checked and it said unavailable while the other seasons had prime logos next to them but I’ll check again. Prime here costs hardly anything as there is essentially no Amazon so it’s just twitch prime (or Amazon gaming) & streaming, which is I believe quite limited in library terms.
  2. It appears to be on hbo Nordic so I might grab that for a month
  3. Ok Season 3 WAS good! Now, where exactly does one watch Season 4? Just wait till it’s available on Prime?
  4. I’m currently watching this. S2 was a slog, so tense, so horribly tense in some parts, relentless. I’m now 3 episodes into s3 and it’s hopping along jauntily again.
  5. Just go 9-1 and do tetrises as quick as possible. Try not to swap pieces much. Always be thinking about where your next piece is going.
  6. The RNG is random 7 bag so you have all the pieces you need to always score tetrises. With ultra you need to be quick and yeah throw back to back t spins and tetrises down. Jonsters score is great. I’m not even close.
  7. You only have to get under 1.10 I think!
  8. Hamberders, chicken katsu, Xmas dinner
  9. Yeah The Avengers was incredibly bad.
  10. Ha, thanks Boss mode (player can be the boss) is saturdays only. It’s fun. It’s hard to get a game in the 3 vs AI in my experience but I have managed to clear them all. You can see leaderboards for the online modes in that section.
  11. That’s possibly the most satisfying scene in all anime I’ve watched.
  12. I meant I’ve taken a break for a couple of weeks. Watched The Boyz, Mr Robot S1, Brooklyn 99 s6. I’ll add you on Game Pass/Xbox Jamie John
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