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  1. Best value game ever.
  2. Didn’t win. Oh well, I still prefer the EU system, I like the idea of some little kid grinding 100 points and getting a prize that’s relatively bigger for them. You can check on the Nintendo website if you’re logged in.
  3. Surely even the most basic Wordpress template has responsiveness built in nowadays.
  4. What the fuck is even going on now? It's not even responsive. Why would anyone do this? Where is the link to the blog? Why isn't there a joystick in the image but there is a controller? https://i.imgur.com/BgkIDGc.mp4
  5. I love how Rob Rule and others casually chuck in these blanket statements: "I don't think anyone will be interested in highscores" What's that based on tho?
  6. Look at the screenshot man. There are TWENTY TWO words across on the first line alone. Look at the way one line of the text is sat underneath the image. Are you yanking my chain man or what?
  7. I do agree that in general there will be a higher ratio of dross to good games.
  8. Lol. That is supremely optimistic and also, no.
  9. @dumpster I’ve never played URIDIUM but your argument seems to be you like specific SNES games and that’s what the platform needs and no one could like other games because they are not as good. It’s odd because people will consider other things ‘good’, undoubtably what they’ve played before will be of interest. I dunno man, It’s just really Harry Enfield. “Oh you don’t wanna play those games, you wanna play these games.”
  10. This blog post, regardless of the quality/lack of quality of writing, is basically unreadable on desktop: https://www.antstream.com/single-post/2019/06/21/The-Secret-History-of-Crash-Bandicoot
  11. Also who is doing the website? This page looks cheap and amateur: https://www.antstream.com/gameslist The whole thing looks well under par to be honest. Get a proper designer in to either reimagine the era, or make it actually look decent. That typeface choice, jesus christ. I genuinely hope it's not someone on here who's done it and they read this and feel bad, but shit bro, this looks like a 90s ROM site in a bad way.
  12. "Playing each game for 5 minutes and moving on" Man, that's pretty much exactly what I do on the Switch Online service NES games. Except Balloon Fight, we got half an hour out of that. The arguments Dumpster puts forward are rather strange. "Why would people be interested in URIDIUM when there is *insert title of other game here* that is BETTER?" Netflix is not a good comparison but it's chock full of movies that are ok, or decent. Why would you watch any of them when you could watch THE GODFATHER or something from IMDBs top 100? My impression is that asking a tenner a month is steep as hell. I think £3 or £4 per month and you gather a massive load of people who will add that on to existing subscriptions. This isn't going to replace anything else, unlike if you hop between HBO/Netflix. I also think the fact that it has Magic Pockets and URIDIUM is a plus point which differentiates it from other retro options.
  13. I think the Knight batmobile stuff was fun, but there was LOADS of it, like eat more eat more! And sometimes you’d die just near the end of a section after killing three thousand tanks and have to grind through it again. But it aside from that it was dope.
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