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  1. sir stiff_one


    I found a few volume 1s mangas of some anime I really like. So cool to see what they originally looked like:
  2. sir stiff_one

    Recommend me 'git gud' games!

    A basic one but Dr Mario. Try completing all the levels up to 20 on Medium and then go up to High speed and try clearing the screen from about level 5 onwards. Total brain scramble for a while, but eventually you will hit that point where things are falling into place and you've trained your brain to just do what you want.
  3. sir stiff_one


    I started watching Fairy Tale, it's quite fun!
  4. sir stiff_one

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Disclaimer I love RDR and will definitely pick this up but just can’t right now because reasons.
  5. sir stiff_one

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Haha! I suppose it’s better than nothing but that is hilarious. Terrain deformation indeed. More like it transformed into a completely dry sandpit after the horse walked over solid looking ground.
  6. sir stiff_one

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Isn’t Smash Tennis by Namco supposed to be good?
  7. sir stiff_one

    Lucky finds to look out for in Japan

    I think avoiding Akihabara is a given. I'm not even sure how fun it would be to visit those places these days in earnest rather than just going to soak up the atmosphere and wander around.
  8. sir stiff_one

    Lucky finds to look out for in Japan

    Ok, good to know. My post basically reads “how can I grab moneyzz?” But I didn’t mean that. More stuff like you wouldn’t really bother looking for here than you might just be able to grab off the shelf there.
  9. If someone I know who was also in to video games was visiting Tokyo and happened to visit some unassuming Hard Off or Book Off stores around the place, are there any ‘not super obvious’ things to keep an eye out for? Like me as far as I can tell, the games picked and selected for display in the front of store cabinets are full price, but there can be unboxed stuff lying around if you just happen to be fortunate. Any suggestions on what could be a good find? Consoles, games etc? Ideally to just keep but anything valuable that might help fund other stuff welcome.
  10. sir stiff_one

    Motherland (BBC 2, Tuesday at 10pm)

    It’s too cringey and hard to watch but fuck yes it’s right. Now to find the catastrophe thread
  11. sir stiff_one

    Shenmue 1&2

    No other option, I got through with a guide from Yahoo or something I printed out at uni.
  12. sir stiff_one

    Shenmue 1&2

    I played it through the first time in Japanese. I’ve never played it with English voices.
  13. sir stiff_one

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    When I was a student I wasted a tremendous amount of my loan etc on games. I think almost certainly the worst was going into CEX Rathbone place one evening just to see what was new on the Japanese Dreamcast. Well they had Giant Gram Wrestling and I don’t know why I bought it as I don’t even like wrestling beyond that one N64 game. Probably £60. Played it once.
  14. sir stiff_one

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    Sounds like you have your problem well and truly cracked.

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