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  1. iPad Procreate go!
  2. Gonna try playing Mario 64 on the Master System race controller.
  3. Literally the worst post I’ve ever read on Rllmuk. Ban worthy in my opinion.
  4. 2nd player to 99. He must love it if he’s still playing. At the time him and Triforce turned 99, the nearest other players were about 50.
  5. Also - had a game the other day, think I came 6th or 7th and there were 4 other players over 20*, plus 3 or 4 between 1-12* Haven’t seen that before outside of snipe matches.
  6. I feel like I am playing more consistently and managing to get top ten finishes more regularly. I don’t know why or what I’ve improved but hey, i’ll take it.
  7. Managed to hit 300 wins before 4000 games. Sitting on about 305 with about 3850 played I think. Incidentally I played some Tetris on the 3DS recently and there is a narrow play field survival mode which I think helped me figure out how to carve down quickly. Recommended!
  8. That battery pack is fine. The next stage up is to go with one that can output higher wattage via USB-C.
  9. See I have a small collection of films on Google Play and I am really being stiffed if you ask me. They aren’t available in 4K, the Disney films are never available in English, although the blu rays always have English, so we end up getting the Disney films on blu Ray, sigh. In the US they upgraded everyone’s collection to 4K where available. I can’t even buy one. Only through iTunes, and the only way for me to currently view iTunes 4K movies would be to plug in the freaking iPad Pro I just got and watch it via that which is such an annoying workaround. I don’t want to buy an Apple TV. And yet I pirate not. Not because of some superior ethical thing (well, a little bit I guess) but because it’s a tech hassle I wish to avoid. I want to do it all officially. Hopefully everything will catch up and i’ll Be able to see stuff I’ve bought in 4K hdr, especially the marvel stuff and Spiderverse, totally don’t mind paying to upgrade either. When I didn’t have money, my desire to watch stuff massively outweighed any issues and I would pirate shit with gay abandon. Nowadays I’d rather just pay or go without. There is so much media out there to consume it’s hardly much of an inconvenience. Don’t factor out the lazy aspect. I will pay more for a game digitally so I don’t have to move off the sofa 3 metres to change a disc.
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