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  1. Not managed an Ultimatris on Tetris Effect yet though!
  2. I still recommend practicing combos though, totally. I was rubbish at them, couldn’t get the 15 combo badge on T99, and getting to that was fun. I’ve managed an 18 combo in a T99 Invictus game.
  3. C4W or centre 4 wide is looked down on in a way because you can set it up without worrying about damage too much in PPT (you only get knocked out if the centre of your playing field is rocketed out the screen). In T99 although it requires skill to build a stack quickly, once you’ve done it, you have time to stall (rotate blocks several times to stop them locking) and essentially chill while still sending out max damage and never being pushed up the screen. Some games like this go on for aaaages and it comes down to not making mistakes. It’s considered more boring and less skilful than constantly building T Spins under pressure. I wouldn’t say there is any consensus in T99 against 4 widing at all, just that in some tournaments (eg the streamer Tetrium does a 12 hour stream each month) you’re discouraged to do it (in his case by a place penalty). From a viewer’s perspective, in PPT, watching two C4W players against each other would be more boring than other tactics. I guess it’s like in some fighting games when they disallow a character because they have an overly powerful yet boring strategy. There is one player for instance, Baseballboy, who does mind blowing spin setups which I think are super exciting to watch. In T99 there is an Israeli player I think called Ei Lara who is also a creative T Spin set up player. You can learn from these players whereas the ceiling for learning and enjoyment of watching 4 widing is a bit lower.
  4. The whole soundtrack and experience is phenomenal. Makes me raise my arms in the air when I’ve completed some stages. I love it.
  5. So in combo mode on TE you’re learning 2 wide, 3 wide and 4 wide. 4 wides are powerful (especially when the well is in the center) because you can stack high and clear single line after single line. There’s a trophy I think for it (getting a 15 combo). In T99 it’s really powerful because you don’t get garbage while you are maintaining a combo. After a certain number in the combo you’re sending out lots of garbage lines to other players, all while being invincible. Centre 4 widing is more powerful in say Puyo Puyo Tetris because as long as the central well remains open, you can get lots of garbage and not get knocked out (imagine your stacks of blocks to the left and right can go up out of the playing field pretty much as high as you like without it knocking you out). Margin Time is a specific thing with T99. After a set time in the match, every line of garbage you send starts to get sent with bonus garbage, until you’re sending a full 12 lines with every single line of garbage sent. So imagine you’ve moved into margin time, you’ve got a screen full of blocks with a juicy 4 wide well and you can spin each block 15 times before it locks in, then it becomes a battle of attrition. 4 widing is banned in Puyo Puyo Tetris tournaments in general as far as I can tell. And even in some snipe games it’s looked down upon, but it’s also recognised as a powerful tool and I don’t see any hang ups about it being used by the top Japanese players.
  6. Yeah 4 widing is hella overpowered in T99. Especially as you move into the final duel and draw it out with stalling until you hit margin time. I’ve got 2 more SS ranks to get still (countdown and ultra) and then I think I have everything SS (not expert journey but don’t think you need that, not sure). Are you playing T99 snipe games with Twitch streamers? It’s definitely one way to get better.
  7. No nothing at at all, I’ll do it now actually
  8. Cheers @Stejay ! Will send you the pink fridge
  9. I have a stovetop espresso maker / bialetti but not an actual machine
  10. Ok @Stejay I’m open for friends, help yourself to anything and feel free for a wander down my high street. Anyone else welcome but check first before nabbing anything.
  11. Ooh, I have the simple kettle but none of the others! i have a metal can and trash can for you- what else do you fancy? I’m opening for friends in 15mins
  12. I would love that coffee grinder and rice cooker, washing machine I have. I’m kicking my kids off in 10 minutes and Let’s visit one way or the other. If you come to mine I’ll put some stuff at the entrance you are free to take in return!
  13. Aha ok, well maybe tonight or tmoro!
  14. @Stejay now we are friends can you send it in the post? What can I send you in return. I have a urinal!
  15. My kids are hogging it now but in an hour I will jump on. @Stejay
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