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  1. Although my improvement has slowed considerably, I feel like I’m on a steady course. I am actually up for some structured practice to improve specific areas. Playing a lot helps also. And watching other players who are better.
  2. Sprint is like, you need to get good and efficient at stacking and then the pieces can be put into place faster. You can’t just think you’ll slam down pieces the way you currently do quicker and improve much. I have a similar barrier and I know I need to get better at flat stacking.
  3. Sorry my kid is always on the PS, can I still accept it?
  4. Are you using slither ironically because someone used it to mean sliver in the forum once before or ?
  5. Came to this thread to see if anyone was still playing and now in angry again at that disgusting post by minion. Admittedly it would be good to choose your own music in Effect mode. Anyone else got some decent scores on this I can compare mine to? Not Journey mode but the others.
  6. RDR2’s controls are wack as hell man. Yes you can get used to them, yes it’s worth it, but they suck and if you go back to the game after a couple of months you shoot your friend in the head while having a conversation and get kicked to death for punching your horse.
  7. Ok just get the fuck out now thanks
  8. BaldSeagull streams mid morning if it’s of any interest and does regular and it’s fun.
  9. I would say with regular 99 you get 3 out of 4 times in the same game and with invictus 1 out of 10 you don’t end up in the same game. You end up in fun games like this:
  10. I saw you in Tetrium’s stream getting 2nd I think, Brad. Nice Mike you got 2nd and then 16th or something.
  11. Go on twitch, find a Tetris 99 streamer that does them, watch the chat countdown, join the game at the same moment as everyone else, then get in the game and win.
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