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  1. sir stiff_one

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    Oh and this stick horse course which only went one way. I saw one little boy attempt to jump over it and immediately clatter into it and went splat on the concrete.
  2. sir stiff_one

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    Fuck knows. There was a stage with some performers but where it was there was only space for a few families and it was stuffed. There was a queue for these fruit skewers so obviously there were kids running around with wooden skewers too. It was ridiculous.
  3. sir stiff_one

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    Not just the UK - I took the kids to this event that was great 2 years in a row but somehow fucked it up the time I went. I only managed to get in as I had 5 tickets saved in an online basket - on the door they had ‘sold out’. They had such delights as: some Ikea kitchen toys scattered on the floor. Loose electrical cables, a metal framed bed from the past, and a ‘cardboard city’ play house which was just cardboard boxes, plain inside with too many kids bunched up inside. And a room with 6 hula hoops and some hard wooden boxes painted to be furniture.
  4. sir stiff_one

    The 3DS Resurrection thread

    I bought a new 2ds xl for 99€ the other day and my youngest has appropriated it. Awesome new lease of life tho
  5. sir stiff_one

    What series/genre should be 'battle royaled' next ?

    Any other puzzle game. Dr Mario, Puyo Puyo, probably any that have an existing vs mode would work in Battle Royale format. I am well up for this new era of short burst frantic puzzle games against many era that I've decided is coming already in my head.
  6. So I opened my eyes to the t spins and it’s broken me. Like my brain just will not learn them at all. I will persevere. I did however get my first ALL CLEAR and lo it was joyous. On a Tetris too!
  7. sir stiff_one

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    The end credits were crazy good.
  8. I literally have to buy Puyo Tetris, I need to learn how to set these things up. Its on sale here too woo! Bought.
  9. Yes, it targets those who are nearing being knocked out. Badges targets people with, er, badges. If you knock them out you get their badges. I have no idea what good tactics are but I like whamming it on KOs from the start, then about half way through sticking it on Attackers. Or vice versa actually. I think you get more 'bang for your buck' targeting attackers right? Presuming there are a few targeting you.
  10. Yep never had an all clear so far. Have come 2nd a couple of times but it’s like being in the milllenium falcon and going into a hyper jump by that point.
  11. sir stiff_one

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part

    It was pretty decent, but the first was outrageously good.
  12. The map would look the same size on screen as a normal game (or maybe somewhat bigger as we all have big TVs now), you could just have the boundaries closing in and in. Impressed there are so many first places here. I got 3rd once and that was like, everything went well.
  13. I did at first yeah, but it takes about 8000 years to place a piece to the floor.
  14. The joycons work well because of the separate buttons, though accidental hard drops do still occur and they are so painful

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