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  1. Some people track down an early version of GB Tetris that doesn’t have the famous music. That’s the only difference. I think it’s always been that way when it comes to completeness.heck even I had several different versions of Jet Set Radio back in the day.
  2. Beyond Good and Evil had the shittiest most jarring boss ever. I didn’t even attempt it properly, merely looked at a guide to memorise the order of button presses. It’s an appalling stain on that game, as are other high spike skill sections they threw in because gamers. Halo 1 did bosses the best. A good final boss should make you feel epic. YOU, laden with experience and ready for the fight. It’s why Halo 5 fails so incredibly miserably. How awesome do you feel as Master Chief after being one shotted 152 times before you manage to squeak past the dickhead mega robot? N
  3. Yea I am digging Conway. Looking forward to getting round to the others. Thanks for pointing these out, I’m super out the loop.
  4. It’s on game pass next month if that is of any use to you
  5. Or if you can be bothered, mod another stick and just blank out or fill in the button holes.
  6. Are you sure that pregnancy test isn’t actually playing doom? I know originally it wasn’t but I understood the chip on board was powerful enough to do so
  7. Been playing one shooter on the CD Rom addon - Ginga Fukei Denetsu Sapphire. Some of the graphical effects are really quite astonishing.
  8. Yeah no standalone Mario at the moment. Have the starter pack in the wardrobe for youngest’s upcoming birthday and uncles have sent Yoshi pack and perhaps one other. He had better like it!
  9. Yeah coming to Game Pass on Nov 10th I believe
  10. Buying the online service (I got an extra year free with prime) Just for cloud saves seems worth it let alone all the nes And SNES and online stuff (and tetris99 obv). What a shame about your saves.
  11. I think it’s just rerolling the item level. So essentially you need never throw away a unique item. The update is good. I wish it had come sooner in a way. But I’ve been playing again and the daily challenges put multipliers/modifiers in levels that mean you have to think about your build/loadout. I just did a level where 15% of melee mobs were replaced with Mob Spawners but you get 4x as many souls. Fucking ace!
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:American_remakes_of_French_films
  13. £74.99 is optimistic given the euro/pound exchange rate and so on. Thanks brexit
  14. Lol I don’t even know! Just going on what playstation have uploaded to their YT channel.
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