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  1. I went on a mad brewing spree these last few months. I came to realise that my home-brew has the same distinct flavour that can be detected in a NEIPA style, heavy hopped USA Pale and a Kolsch. Basically its there all the time. (all grain, keg finished). None of it tastes bad per se. But the lingering taste bothers me. My water profile is fairly indistinct and I add stuff to it to make up for that. I have a habit of being impatient, but don't feel that this is explainable. Thinking of clearing out all my kit for new stuff just to be sure, some of it is fairly old.
  2. No issues with cast iron. Its preferable to let it warm with the oven so that whatever you put on (tandoori lamb chops are amazing) gets the old sizzle. But I've a variety of cast iron vessels and never had any issues, especially with heat tolerance.
  3. Poppalarge


    Where is a good place to buy coffee these days online. I have been a long time Pact user but their deliveries started to get unpredictable. I've bought 1KG bags of beans from The Wholesale Coffee Co, which is very reasonable. But I'm wondering if I am missing a trick?
  4. Poppalarge


    My friend bought the Sage Barista touch and at the same time I opted for the Sage Bambino plus. I already had a sage grinder so figured I didn't need more than the bambino. The bambino produces infinitely better coffee than the barista, despite lots of tinkering with the settings on the Barista.
  5. did anyone pick up tickets for London?
  6. Second the fresh stuff from Ocado, miles better than the M&S Jar stuff (which is still great)
  7. I bought some stuff from an italian food merchant website. They were offering 'pork liver pate' for £1 so i got some. It came in a jar and was unlike any 'pate' i'd had before. But it was bloody amazing. Anyway I decided I needed to make this amazing stuff and I found a great recipe. I actually used chicken livers bit I am sure it can be adapted for most types http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/mario-batali/crostini-toscane-recipe Total: 45 min Active: 10 min Yield: 6 to 8 servings Ingredients 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1 medium red onion, thinly sliced 1 pound rabbit livers 2 tablespoons capers, rinsed and drained 2 anchovy fillets, rinsed and patted dry 1 tablespoon hot red pepper flakes 1 cup dry red wine Salt and pepper 12 slices Italian peasant bread, cut 3/4-inch thick Preheat the grill or broiler. In a 10 to 12-inch saute pan, heat the olive oil slowly over medium heat. Add the onion and cook slowly until soft, but not brown, about 10 minutes. Add the livers, capers, anchovies, and red pepper flakes, and cook until lightly browned, about 8 minutes. Add the wine and cook until only 3 to 4 tablespoons of liquid remain, about 8 minutes. Transfer the liver mixture to a food processor and pulse on and off until blended but still lumpy -- it should not be smooth like a puree. Season to taste with salt and pepper and remove to a small mixing bowl. Grill or toast the bread on both sides and spread each piece with 1 heaping tablespoon of the liver mixture. Divide among 6 to 8 plates and serve immediately.
  8. Poppalarge


    I bought a moccamaster a while back, it's been amazing. (i've probably gushed about it in this thread). It took me a good while to fine one back then, but now they are available on amazon. I highly recommend. I have a Hario pour over and an aero press but the Moccamaster produces the best coffee with less fuss.
  9. It's fairly simple when you consider it but the new wave of pizza oven requires a roaring flame to remain adequately hot. This is easier said than done, not impossible but a lot of work to maintain. Obviously one of the benefits of a brick oven is the insulation and this has to be compensated by a roaring flame.
  10. This is nothin more than reminder to myself but I saw BBQ whole beef shin for sale a bit ago and it sounded ace, so cheap also
  11. I'll not read through all of this thread again so forgive any repeats. There's been a Majestic's at the end of the my road since i moved house. I'd never been into a majestic before. not for any reason other maybe subliminal snobbery. (and maybe the requirement to buy 6 bottles at a time) I went in there the other day and was blown away. Massive selection of wine, seemingly knowledgable staff who insist on you tasting the wines they have on display. on the whole a great experience. I don't know if this is the norm and i'm just a philistine but such a great place to go, especially if you're a noob
  12. Picked up a bottle of auchentoashan American Oak fromTesco. £20 a bottle. Never seen or heard of it before but picked it up due to the price. Lovely stuff, quite light and zesty. Not the most complex but easy drinking Edit: I should have read the post above
  13. Been through various digital thermometers. The cheaper ones always fail at some point, less then 1yr. The Thermapen I've had for a couple of years, still going and its super quick.
  14. The bread is stale, rubbed with garlic, then rubbed with overripe tomatoes. drizzled with oil. Probbaly decent tomatoes though
  15. Poppalarge


    Anyone tried Gin Mare? A spanish Gin infused with Olives and other interesting things.
  16. Poppalarge


    I signed up for Pact for the £1 offer, the coffee was really nice. Fazenda something How does it compare to the other online sellers, price wise? i thought £7 for 250g beans was a bit high, but I've been buying supermarket beans for a while now
  17. Bought a Balvenie Carribean cask. Amaze
  18. Dalwhinnie 15yo is £25 in Tesco
  19. I quite like the new tobacco onions at ML
  20. Are there any decent blended whisky's ? I've only ever had single malts
  21. Keep them out of the light if you're using clear plastic bottles
  22. MInstrels is right. Pitching at 25 is also a little high for Safale 05. For a better fermentation start a little lower and let the yeast come up to temp.
  23. We need a centre back. Our problems right now start with our woeful defensive record. However, Mata would be an exciting player to bring in. Not sure what's wrong with Kagawa but he's been largely shit. Fergie bough Evra and Vidic in the Jan window and Started the process of building a new squad. Moyes needs to do similar
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