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  1. Premium giantbomb is a godsend if you have a job that allows you to watch videos. Hundreds of hours of content to get you through the day.
  2. People I know who've seen it say the 3D is the way to go.
  3. So bizarre to see this materialise after listening to the podcast back when they recorded it. Can't wait!
  4. Jeez, I am such a clutz in this. Constantly tripping over puddles, mis-clicking on enemies and running around them by accident, wasting all my APs, sending my followers into traps, setting fire to everyone EXCEPT the bad guys, etc. Complete user error, it ain't the game's fault at all really, but god damn if I'm not the Jar Jar Binks of Divinity.
  5. I pretty much like every MMO I've played TBH (which is most of them!). However I'm perfectly happy playing MMOs for just a month or two then moving on, and don't get the whole "devoting your entire life" to them that most people do. What's the prob with buying one and playing for just that month like you would any single player game, etc? Then popping back now and then as the urge takes you. Highlights for me over the years have been; LOTRO - I got the lifetime sub for this at launch actually, as I had so much fun in the beta, and it's almost comical to think how much value I got from that one-off £99. A truly huge game that really makes you feel like you've been on one massive epic quest over the last 7 odd years. Travelling from the Shire to the dark depths of Moria, then coming out the other end and seeing Mirkwood, Rohan and now Gondor...just incredible. Also the massive battle system, mounted combat, etc have added some neat and original gameplay twists that set it apart from its peers. SWTOR - definitely the best for pure solo/story content, which is my chosen style of playing MMOs. I really liked those early days of flying around the galaxy and seeing each new planet for the first time, and the surprisingly well written characters living on them. Some classes are better than others sure, but the Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent and Republic Trooper campaigns have all been incredibly engrossing, and match a lot of Bioware's single player output for me. Neocron - anyone remember this? Not the greatest MMO by any means, but it was the first I ever got into, and its cyberpunk/blade runner setting is still surprisingly unique to this day. Real-time shooting, neon strip clubs, a Fallout-style wasteland and an awesome Shadowrun style atmosphere were enough to get me hooked on the genre forever. I believe a Neocron 3 is long in development, I hope that eventually appears. And two disapointments; Guild Wars 2 - I love the look and feel of this world, but I find it incredibly lacklustre to play. I think the removal of quests in favour of sterile area "tasks" results in massive boredom, and feels hugely repetitive. The class stories are great, but those missions are so few and far between. Big let-down on the whole, this - I'm still pretty baffled how many people still talk about it as the second coming when compared to some of the above. EVE - such an amazing setting and atmosphere to this world, and the concept sounds utterly jaw dropping and basically my perfect game. But if ever there was a chasm between how something sounds on paper and what it's like to actually play, it's Eve. It feels like a genuine full-time job to play, minus a salary. This game's world, depth and complexity, married with a proper ground exploration/questing system would be stunning though.
  6. Am I alone in still having really bad netcode issues with this? None of the smoothing, or "bubble" settings make any noticeable difference either way for me. Just seems like no matter which server I join, it's always super flakey, rubberbanding loads, etc. This is with a solid 60fps, and low reported pings too. Not to mention that BF3, and other online shooters like Planetside 2, Titanfall and even the darn BF Hardline beta all run really smoothly by comparison with no lag or rubberbanding at all. I'm only playing vanilla maps; are more players in the DLC maps? Might there be more reliable games found there? Not really anxious to splash out on any more BF4 content just yet when it still plays so unreliably, but I really wanna love the damn game, argh.
  7. Really enjoying Jeff Green's playthrough, though it's very much due to his personality as he's terrible at the game. Still, seeing him grow and get better at it is kinda inspiring in its own way. He starts out doing it as a laugh and poking fun at it, but slowly it turns into one of his fave games ever. "Kay plays" is a good one too; really detailed and interesting, she points out loads of things I hadn't noticed.
  8. I recommend the 60 fps unlock is DSfix too. It does have some downsides - there's at least one ladder in the game that if you slide down, you'll keep going and fall through the geometry, due to some weird phsyics/timing issue I guess, plus supposedly the jumping and rolling reach a fraction less far than they do when playing at 30 fps (though I haven't noticed this at all and think it's people's imagination). But either way, these quibbles are a small price for the beauty of 60 fps 1080p souls!
  9. I absolutely love this game but it's really testing my nerves. I feel this is the first time where I think summoning another player to help makes sense. Game gets noticeably easier after that IMO!
  10. Yeah, didn't have much trouble with Artorias here. Manus was an absolute bast though, completely ground my progress to a halt for ages. I ended up giving up and going off to do a load of other areas and level up about 10 times before I was able to come back and finally beat him (plus nabbed that silver pendant...). Definitely the hardest fight of the game.
  11. Not had that, but the pad makes my left thumb hurt like hell after a couple hours play. It's really annoying :/
  12. I was quite impressed that Geoff went off script and pushed Reggie a bit there TBH.
  13. Invasions are cool as they add a spontaneous jolt of craziness out of nowhere that can result in some unforgettable little moments. Plus, I believe they are on a cooldown so they'll not happen over and over or anything. I only had a couple in my entire playthrough.
  14. Yeah the graphics/performance seems almost bugged due to their wildly varying changes coming out of nowhere. Even if I stand still in an area and turn every setting all the way up and back down to compare, I get the exact same framerate at both ends of the spectrum. Exact. Like something else is dictating the fps, it's weird. Game is about as PC eurojank as they come; bad fake american accents, no emotion, people talking over each other, IOS calibre cutscene direction, etc. But the sensation of flying in space and the sights and sounds out there are amazing. Sadly the onfoot stuff is really thrown together; it handles and looks preeeetty bad. Almost like the space ship inertia has been left turned on with the onfoot controls. Terrible stick acceleration too. The menus are all over the place and defo need a font size option - or at least standardising (its HUGE for certain things, then unreadably small for others). Music utterly amazing. Hopefully much of that former stuff can be ironed out and/or modded, as the base engine and world are really special though.
  15. Jeff Green seems to have left popcap too by the looks of it? I've been watching his Dark Souls streams on Twitch - amazing!
  16. Great patch for this out yesterday with nothing but a zillion nice performance improvements. Instantly went into a 100 man crosscountry fight and it kept a solid 60 fps the entire time and looked absolutely jaw dropping. Nothing really captures the feeling of being in a war like those moments IMO, even BF4.
  17. That was a great episode IMO, Hershel's a bad ass. Really solid editing and direction.
  18. If you hammer buttons in the cutscenes you'll eventually get a "skip" prompt if I recall
  19. PC performance sorted since the beta then?
  20. Any word on whether they'll put Part 1 back out in the cinema in the lead up to Part 2? Would love the chance to see it in HFR again.
  21. Yeah Troy Baker does an ace job, it's basically Mark Hamil without the aging rasp. Which works great considering this is a younger joker.
  22. Yeah, this seems to be one of those annoying games that drops down to 30 fps if it can't maintain 60. Adaptive will fix that (though have some minor tearing). Even better, use D3DOverrider which does the same thing without any tearing. I run everything maxed, except AA, which I put on FXAA High instead of the more costly ones.
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