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  1. Jango Unchained Lord of the Sith: Fellowship of the Empire
  2. I haven't posted for years but I can't help myself: Scent of a Wookie
  3. While TNG is arguably the best series (if you include all seven series of each show), DS9 has the best episodes dotted around from series 3-7. And this the best episode of the lot - mainly because I always loved Garak.
  4. It all depends how you play the system. I did this the other day and it worked out fine: Currently Argos are offering £15 for Deus Ex and £16 (£15 on PS3) for LA Noire trade in which is pretty incredible considering you can buy these two games new for cheaper. Now I saw this and decided to challenge Gamestation on their offer of beating any trade in by a £1 within the town (Hull). They matched and offered the extra quid so I got £33 - and as an aside I got them to price match Gears of War 3 to £28 so came away with the game and £5 gift card. It's a convoluted way of buying your games but I think the consumer have to put in the effort. I'm happy being about six months behind in terms of my game purchasing (unless I really want something at launch) which means when I trade in I'm usually paying no more than a tenner. While the games may be expensive to begin with I've never know stuff depreciate in value (top Wii games being the exception). Felix
  5. I have thanks to your suggestion but it has made little to no difference. Felix
  6. Are we talking about both versions when it comes to loading times because for me (old xbox 360) the loading times are cripplingly long 20-30 seconds. Very annoying when I have to restart from a save point
  7. vgj_felix

    Just Cause 2

    I've just bought this and started the game on whatever comes after normal difficulty (experienced/hardcore). Find I'm getting mobbed the moment I shoot a radio mast or pull down a statue. Die often and, most frustratingly, always run out of ammo. Can you change the difficulty ingame or should I restart on an easier setting before I get too far in and frustrated? Felix
  8. Shameless self promotion but after watching the awesomeness that is Jay Landsman and the Wire, I had to do a tribute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xp9RiAnlus
  9. Is Scott Pilgrim v the world only available to gold subs at 400 points? I have 600 and tried to buy it and it said that it cost 800.
  10. Have they got pro evo 4 working on the 360 yet? Annual post over for another year.
  11. I played the original again a few months back via project 64 emulator and with full speed frame rate it's still just as good as it was then. The only difference is I know what's going to happen and what to do so the mistique of it is not there.
  12. These include more than one track in each vid.
  13. Part 6 now blasting the airwaves. A bit Dreamcast centric this one. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hgpHiye_Lno
  14. Part 5 is done and dusted. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=cpu77I3XS8Y
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