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  1. Tom Kong Watson's fight was worth a watch - if you can check out the preliminaries somewhere. He was pretty much KO'd twice in the fight but managed to hold on, grapple, then turn it around!
  2. 'tis very useful in that there long corridor.
  3. I assume that everybody knows where the carbine is in The Ivory Tower?
  4. I didn't say that I was of the best Amazing Squad members, just that that isn't the strongest Amazing Squad line up. It's all about strength in depth and all that. I haven't played as many ranked games as some players, that's all. Others are just plain fucking wicked! I'm not letting on to the enemy who they are, though. You'll find out who they are for yourself.
  5. ...and that's not even Amazing Squad's strongest team, SEE.
  6. Yeah, the blue laser is much stronger. I only just got hold of one, last night.
  7. Top Tip: Use the sentinel beam to destroy the bodies of fallen flood, a quick test last night showed me that it's the only weapon that will destroy dead flood bodies. If you do that it stops the head crabs from bringing them back to life. Obviously, use the red beam laser for such a menial task and save the blue laser for when you need it most. As an aside, after playing the multiplayer waaay to much, I still haven't got much further in the single player game. I've not been enjoying it that much to be honest. I'm not sure it needs the cutscenes, or the arbiter sections. I'd rather all the religious significance be suggested (like when you come across holograms of those prophets) than spelled out to me in cutscenes and a flood filled backstory about the arbiter, which makes similar mistakes as the first Halo in that they seem too long and arduous. I'm quite gutted that more of the game (so far) hasn't taken place on Earth.
  8. Is that where they freak out a bit, like they're having an epileptic fit or something, then spring back up as if nothing's happened? I've only noticed that once, I didn't know that those head crab things could bring those cunts back to life, I'll definitely shoot more of those fuckers now, if that's the case.
  9. Cheers, mate! "Get some, fuckin' get some, c'mon, get some!" etc.
  10. That's kind of what I thought but it never seems to kill the bastards quick enough. Maybe it's more of a long range weapon. It's great for those little crab-like things, though. Oh, and it runs out of ammo way too quickly. ...and I've never seen that weapon in any multiplayer games, yet.
  11. Nice tips chaps, I'll give some of them a shot, tonight.
  12. Going absolutely spastic with the chain gun on Zanzibar. http://www.bungie.net/stats/richgame.aspx?...560&zy=380&zs=1
  13. What have you lot found to be the best weapon or combination of weapons for killing The Flood? I'm playing through on Heroic and have found it not neceserally difficult, but certainly a slog at some points. The shotgun's not as good as it used to be when dealing with the flood, for some reason. I've tried those lasers, but they run out really quickly and seem to take ages to bring a zombie down. The power sword worked wonders on previous levels as the flood do like to fight you hand to hand, but at the moment, I'm just using whatever comes to hand, because weapons seem quite scarce in the bit I'm on. So what's worked best for you?
  14. What are you on about? Perfect Dark was superb.
  15. http://www.mysterybob.com/robotsong.htm
  16. And here was me thinking that you have so much money that you practically shit rare games. I've started seeding Consolevania 2 again.
  17. See, I think Breaksmith's hit the nail on the head there.
  18. A got offered 9k pa to do a testing job a few years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to take that much of a pay cut but it would have been fun and very possibly my way in. Also: http://www.gamestester.com/ is quite a nice site.
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