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  1. Generally speaking, I agree. But at least with Edge it is the exception, rather than the rule - see magazines such as Empire or Total Film, who seem to live on lists alone. And it does sound like it will be a worthwhile celebration of gaming up to this point.
  2. Nah, it's just my rule. But remember - rules are made to be broken...
  3. The new issue of Edge - 155, November 2005 - features an article on page 22 which states that the magazine is set to publish a special edition later this year (which doesn't leave them much time) consisting of 'The definitive top 100' games: So, I've already stated my distaste for lists as an attempt at journalism, but this sounds like it will take it beyond such trifles. In fact, it sounds like a list as what I've always said lists are - a coffee table conversation piece, and a damn fine one at that. After you've sent your contributions to Edge - and only after - post them here, and we can discuss matters.
  4. Helloooo GORGEOUS!,!,!, Ahem. I wouldn',t be surprised if there is a spiffy network of underground tunnels aswell. Imagine what could be going on in such a level *drools* I wonder if the sniper scope will work as a camera, so you can save piccies on the hard drive? One of those Elites looks a bit fat!, Restrict food nipple access!, Remain... calm!, Must... retain... dignity!,!,
  5. I read somewhere that Konami wouldn't be doing any 2D Castlevania games on home consoles from now on, only handhelds. That strikes me as wrong-headed. For one thing, the DS and PSP are clearly up there in terms of power, so they could create a 3D Castlevania for those if they wished. Secondly, why rule any such thing out anyway? Commercial reasons I expect - would as many buy a 2D PS2 Castlevania? 3D is basically just a tool for developers to let their imaginations run riot on. But that's not to say they couldn't do just as good a job in 2D. To use my earlier example, Konami could make an absolutely mind-blowing 2D/pseudo-3D Castlevania if they chose to (Of course, Symphony of the Night edged in that direction with some of its 3D backgrounds and enemies). As long as their are creatively minded people out there, who have a love for the history of our medium, there will be 2D games somewhere in the mix. 2D isn't outdated. It's just different.
  6. I played Halo on normal to start with and have only recently completed it on Legendary. Likewise, that is what I feel will be the best way to tackle Halo 2 (with the possible exception that online co-op might come before Legendary). Legendary certainly has to be looked at - it',s one of the greatest implementations of a hard mode in a game that I can think of. However, it can make you feel a bit underpowered at times. The story of the game is always the same, but the context changes between difficulties. I feel that there is certainly room within what the story gives you to play it through on normal and feel like the unstoppable force of destruction that the Master Chief is sold as.
  7. I have, for the most part, played Halo in single player mode. I have occasionally dabbled with multiplayer, but have found it strangely tiring. Also, playing in splitscreen feels like something of a compromise. For Halo 2, I will be going a bit further and getting Xbox Live. I imagine that having my screen to myself, fighting against someone who isn',t sitting next to me, will work a bit better. I think that level of removal from your competitors will be a good thing for the level of immersion. However, I won',t be doing any of that until after I have completed the campaign mode. Halo told an effective story, and it was successful because, even through it',s more maligned sections, you wanted to know what would happen next. The beauty of it was that the story was just the shell of the game, the gameplay in-between having so much width and panache. If Bungie can up the ante for Halo 2',s campaign, we should be in for a real treat. Well, go figure!, I think it',s worth recognising that the multiplayer aspect (co-op excluded) is effectively a different game from the campaign mode, just with the same stylings, in the same was Super Monkey Ball',s party games stand on their own. As such, each should be judged on their merits. Of which I',m sure there will be plenty. Regarding the campaign mode, I',m happy to be kept in the dark until the game is released. I want to discover it for myself - I have five days off work for that purpose. I expect that what we have seen of the campaign mode, namely New Mombasa at E3 2003, will be substantially changed for the full game - what we saw then obviously looked a little rough aroung the edges, but also seemed to rely too much on set-pieces and cut-scenes. Having said that &quot,Bet you can',t stick it&quot, was priceless.
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