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  1. Yeah, that should work - are we friends?! Either way, go into System, Network, Password matching and put rllmuk. Then beckon and we'll go at it!
  2. I too have such a list! (includes retail stuff too.) I had not thought to do that! I will be doing from here on in!
  3. Loving the influx of new blood! So much so that I'm trying to force myself to play Dark Souls 3 in as similar a way as possible so that I'm not broken when I come and do Bloodborne co-op...
  4. There's no level difference limit if you use a network password - say 'rllmuk' - but a higher level summoned player gets nerfed. It's still worth it though
  5. I can get to that lantern if you want some 'help'! You still about? You've probably beaten him by now...
  6. Similar - instead of chiming bells, you (under certain conditions) see marks on the ground to summon specific players (who could still, to you, be randoms). So certainly worth a punt for you, I'd say.
  7. Don't be afraid to summon help for Sweet Daddy G, it took me several playthroughs before I was confident enough to do him solo and low level. That said, if you can nail him, you're sorted for a lot of the rest of the game, techniques wise. Anyway, I'm up for helping if I'm about. PSN name is in my signature, and we can always set up a 'rllmuk' password
  8. I couldn't get on with Demon's Souls. More or less rinsed Bloodborne. Your mileage may vary, of course. Keep us up to speed, and we'll do the same for you...
  9. I spotted the flask refills. Watch the soul wisps when you kill an enemy, they're not always the same colour, and I think that might be where the refill comes from. A drop, of sorts. Balder Knight equivalent, just above VotBV's room, was the enemy in my case.
  10. I jest, of course (except about my spoiler, I'm serious on that), I'm sure it'll be a grand read/presentation! Enjoy your cramming before then! Cool name and avatar, by the way. You'll recognise my signature text, I imagine.
  11. I don't know if I mentioned, but when we took out LtFV the other night, that got me my last trophy, and certainly scratched an itch that I'd had since TOH ruined my percentage! Even if you can view them separately, I needed to get back to a full 100%!
  12. Thesis? That sounds a bit overkill. Here, look, I can sum it up quicker than a thesis: The Walking Dead is basically, more or less... Even the title alludes as much!
  13. Come on folks, you know the rule with deaths - If we didn't see it on screen... Hell, sometimes even when we do!
  14. I prefer YouTube, as it then saves your broadcast to your YT account. I'm doing my whole Dark Souls 3 play that way, so I have a record of the memories
  15. Excellent news! We look forward to your progress... Are you going to be broadcasting at all? I enjoy watching new players, it's like vicariously being there for the first time again
  16. My hero! Thanks, man. Was going to polish off MWN, GtFH, and MP, but instead I think I'll leave this character where she is, so I can go back and help folk out with bosses if they need it and I fancy it.
  17. Had the Platinum before, need to (kind of) regain it by offing LtFV... Anyone care to chime in and assist? I'm there now, can set a password if there's any guaranteed help... Pretty please?
  18. Is this right? I only ask on the basis of my recent Youtube streams - I choose 'Medium (HD)' and end up with a 720P video, but 'High (HD)' and 'Best (HD)' options are also available...
  19. Told him he should have done it before this... Still, NG+ DLC should be okay, unlike NG+++ DLC...
  20. Just whisper your sweet nothings into his ear...
  21. Today, I was having some trouble with the when I hit him with a jumping attack in a narrow space and he fell through the map and died. Very anti-climactic! Then I soloed LtHB... admittedly after he'd soloed me a bunch of times!
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