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  1. Plus, you won't get many summons into, say, Sweet Daddy G on NG, but NG+ etc. may pay dividends.
  2. I think DC said he was using a bolt gem, but I never have. Base damage plus buffs all the way for me, and surely you'll have a 20% or so triangle (or droplet!) gem to go in there, given all your Chalice exploits...
  3. Amazing performance Minion. You should go back in and help some others, L is such a good boss, you deserve to spend more time with him
  4. Yeah, because things worked out so well for the last Thrones Inigo Montoya...
  5. Let's just say things are going to take you longer than the 1 minute it took you to tear through the Watchdog of the Old Lords... (Which, by the by, does anyone else feel alludes to Dark Souls?)
  6. Sure, Space Brian Dennehy wants a complete set, but he'd be a bit of an incredible threat if he had them. If he had four, and our heroes had two, well, game on... It is meant to be a war, after all...
  7. Where is it writ he has to get all of the gems? (Well, the comics I suppose, but then many things have been writ there that haven't come to pass on screen...) There are two gauntlets...
  8. Bloody hell @Minion I just saw your latest batch of boss videos and you're flying now! Kicking plenty of arse, and in double-quick time too!
  9. Which boss have you fought most recently, Minion?
  10. Ah, right. I'm not a big elemental gem user, as it usually strips away the base damage, which seems the all-rounder. You've not had any issues as a result? I expect someone somewhere has done a comparison...
  11. Whirligig saw with bolt paper was it? Yeah, that would be quick...
  12. Glad to see another RtVS is sorted out! Did anyone get video? Oh, and have a good date, Minion! Don't be thinking of the game tonight!
  13. I can be on at about 10 tonight, if that's any good?
  14. Here's a tip about that, @Minion. I'll spoiler it, in case you really don't want to know...
  15. Aww, @Minion posted asking about invasions a week before release and has only just got into the game! Have you been invaded yet, my friend? #threadreread
  16. Nice work, most considerate of you. It's an Other Places video, to anyone wondering. I expect it's lovely, but I've a fair bit of play to go before I can watch it!
  17. Even on that thumbnail, I'd say. I don't mind too much, but perhaps spoiler tag that even?
  18. I confess I had not given it this level of thought! I had assumed... Online: messages, co-op, invasions. Offline: no messages, no co-op other than NPCs, no invasions other than NPCs. Can anyone refute? I'm more or less always online. In other news, for some reason I'm rereading this thread from the beginning. I enjoyed the tree puns, and now I'm at the Edge 'Verdict' bit. Looking forward to my own first post and the actual release of the game, when I'll be able to click on spoilers! Good seeing various established players' early comments, from anticipation to trepidation.
  19. Oh, you were. Not all of the time, but you often were. And I'm not sure I would have lasted 6 minutes with her! Your resilience is impressive!
  20. Fantastic stuff Minion, the apprentice becomes the master... I found Vicar Amelia very intimidating for a long time, I don't think I beat her solo till NG++! NG she glitched and I had to kill her as she just stood there, NG+ I had help. NG+++ I destroyed her quick time. But when I took a new character in - the one who helped you with BSB, pre Whirligig days - she took a good few attempts to take down. She's one of the best bosses, for my money, and I love nipping back and helping others with her.
  21. If it's any help there are other avenues open to you now, if you get bored of being frustrated with Amelia, with distinct rewards to be reaped...
  22. A kindness, I'm flattered. When you panic, get calm... I don't think of myself as being all that good, but what good is there comes from practice and experience. And while I still mess up now and then, these games are peerless in terms of making you become a better player. For comparison, my last BSB fight - same character, much earlier, fewer fancy weapons available, and thought it would be fun to take Old Hunter Alfred along. It wasn't. He made it very confusing and chaotic - which is why I stayed close to Minion when we entered the boss area. I guess it wasn't so bad overall, neither of them were. But I'm no Polmon...
  23. Here we are, my perspective on the fall of BSB. I was a little concerned about my half-health, and also that my brain and hands would be in Dark Souls 3 mode (why I'd wasted 3 bullets before we started...), but I think it went okay... I didn't feel like I was doing much damage, but then I didn't feel BSB had all that much health. I do love that running R2 with the Whirligig Saw... TWATTED 'IM!
  24. Glad to be of assistance *doffs awesome hat* Video to follow...
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