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  1. Just matched 650. Tapping the piece would work for me, how about putting the rotation icons to either side of the piece? Could get cluttered I suppose. And would still like a friendlier timer. Is this an odd thing about it - you can sometimes see that you're going to get stuck, so you wait for rocks to appear so you can remove them. I guess the trade off is that you might clog up a lot more of the board that way.
  2. 645... Only just realised you can rotate the blocks! Thought the arrows were an undo that didn't work! D'oh!
  3. Just got 635. Initial thought once I got a bit of a hang of it was that no timer would be nice, but as I play more I think perhaps just a slightly more generous timer would work. Liking it, it's good for encouraging planning while still being able to think on your feet
  4. I'll pop some credit down on this, looks like it could be a nice little brain scratcher, and it'll be good to support a forum-type since Magnetic Billiards never came to Android
  5. JUI. Essentially random after boredom set in using STU in endless high score jostling with my sister on Pinball Fantasies. Suppose it sounds a bit like Stuey.
  6. I might seek that out. I won't be able to watch the final episode until over a week after its aired, so I'll be damned if I'm staying out of here till then. It was similar this week. I went full in on the spoilers and feel like I probably enjoyed the episode more, and certainly gave it more attention. I'd never deliberately spoil something for someone else, but spoilers get a pretty bad rap.
  7. Wishful thinking from Tyrion. Maybe a bit of sunk cost fallacy. Maybe fear. He should know better. Similarly Jon Snow. Not that I'm saying he and Dany necessarily could have better chemistry, but that the chemistry they have is accurate and appropriate - he's telling himself he loves her as much as he's telling her, but saying something doesn't make it so.
  8. I'm in the camp that holds that buster sword Thanos is dead. Just as the characters dusted at the end of IW were dead. So this Thanos will not return save for a snap to bring him back. I guess all I would wonder about that possibility outside of various timeline splits (which I believe happened at every occasion we observed a change from the earlier films) is whether a dead-and-dusted character goes anywhere in the meantime - did Spider-Man's dialogue with Iron Man suggest as much? 'Dr Strange was there' etc. Where? Was that after they'd been restored? Or were they, say, in the Soul Stone all that time? In which case, Thanos and co. could also now be in the Soul Stone, waiting to be discovered and unleashed. Even so, I doubt that would ever be something that would be explored. For the differences between gauntlet Thanos and sword Thanos, I took that to be that the acquisition of the stones gave gauntlet Thanos the confidence to proceed in a more assured and relaxed fashion, nothing to do with any foreknowledge. Sword Thanos snatched and grabbed at the opportunity in front of him with a desperate bluster he hadn't had the chance to lose. I acknowledge that this isn't necessarily consistent with any version of Thanos prior to IW. The real loose threads are Loki and Old Cap, the latter of which doesn't look set to be explored. As for Loki, it may feel somewhat dissatisfying to explore a younger version of the character as he interacts with a different timeline, but it may also present plenty of opportunities to look at new events as well as those more familiar in a different light. I think my main issue is that he's likely to be closed off from the main timeline, but as as Alan Moore once wrote something to the effect of 'This is an imaginary tale, but then again aren't they all?' (Sorry if that's way off the mark!) and I'm sure plenty will still watch. A couple more minor points - surely Cap's 'That is America's ass' comment was to call his younger self an ass? Not just to admire buttocks. I too picked up on the Quantum Leap finale vibe with Cap and Peggy's dance. That's quite a niche allusion, I'd say, but also quite lovely.
  9. One day, watching Captain Marvel beat up spaceships might get old. But it hasn't yet.
  10. My vote goes to The Poseidon Adventure.
  11. This was fantastic. Never have I felt such tension despite knowing the outcome. And more, a fascinating character piece and study of documentary filmmaking. Essential viewing for anyone interested in climbing, and I'd be interested to hear the opinions of anyone else.
  12. It's simply stunning. I love bouldering, trad, and a little bit of soloing, but this takes the concept of there always being a bigger fish to ridiculous extremes. Can't wait to see it.
  13. Just finished this yesterday. As a veteran of the PS2 game, my first turn on this had the colossi seeming to look smaller, possibly some illusion of resolution. That soon passed however, and looking back to 2005 and comparing is an interesting look at experience and memory. Anyway, the wonder was still there, and amplified by the increased richness of the world. Still some occasional frustrations, but these were - for my money - valid parts of Wander's part in the story, as he would struggle (he's pretty tough though, possibly justifiable in game...). Any other frustration was my own, as I made a meal of several colossi, or more pointedly the access to them. Number 13 was, as ever, the highlight - if you haven't got that far, I implore you to continue, there's very little like it, even in games (to my knowledge). If you have got that far and beyond, which is your favourite colossus to experience tussling with?
  14. It's not that I don't know it's there, but my brain can't handle rotating anti-clockwise in Lumines. I mean, come on, that is pretty complicated, right?
  15. For me, it's the memories. It's all on PS4 for me, but I can see how it evolved. As I journeyed through The Last of Us, such sights clearly deserved photos. As I battled Bloodborne's heinous creatures, I delighted in replaying boss battles over through uploading clips. And when I dived into the Hunter's Nightmare, I realised I could share the whole horror with whoever cared to tune in... and with my future self. Okay, looking back at a stream often reveals it to be flabby and in need of an edit, but at least I have the option. There are many older games I'll never play - or worse, be able to play - again that the option of a repeat viewing would be a real nostalgic boon. Sometimes I'll even watch something back immediately afterwards, and find it rewarding and cathartic. And I certainly would be tempted to watch other people play the games that I wish I liked but couldn't get on with... Probably better in the flesh though, with beers and snacks. It can be a trap though - I don't feel like I can play a game on the PS4 without having to go through the 'hassle' of setting up a stream, or the obligation to stream battles against the urge not to need to be watchable, just for a quick blast, you know? But those are my problems to sort out, and overall I'll take what I enjoy about it and discard the bad - definitely a fan overall.
  16. Chalice Dungeons don't scale with NG levels. They are what they are and forever will be. It's just the DLC that should hold you back from dashing into NG+ (and it really should...).
  17. Anyway... Decent new TV spot... (Hawkeye isn't in it though.)
  18. Yes - but your level will be modified whilst summoned, to have you closer to the level of the summoner. Something to that effect anyway.
  19. They may all be MCU movies, but I wouldn't even say they were all the same type of movie. They've all got different jobs to do in the wider context, they've all got different kinds of stories to tell, and they can have as much substance as you choose to invest in them.
  20. Just watched the trailer. Thank goodness Emilia Clarke didn't blink. I'm basically in. Some of it seems laid on a bit thick, but I'd say this younger Solo could be as reasonable an evolution of the character, or at least our memory of the character, as Ford's older TFA version.
  21. Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us monsters exist, but because they tell us monsters can be defeated... Maybe this one tells us that sometimes they shouldn't be. Or that we should be careful when deciding who or what is a monster.
  22. No magic radar hearing in The Last of Us. Of course, you could argue that's how it should be anyway, and it's a fairly obvious thing to do. Currently playing Bloodborne again, and realised I wasn't buying any weapons, only using the starting weapon and any found in the process of playing, so I may well stick to that.
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