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  1. On 30/01/2023 at 22:35, Jackson said:

    Are there any deals for these to be had? £275 new from eBay is the best I can find. Think it's going to be worth it for the new Zelda. Edit: got one for £255 in the end :) can't wait!


    Is this an OLED? From eBay as well? I'm finally looking at taking the long overdue plunge, and that kind of price would be handy!


    Edit: thought this was all Switch chat, not OLED only, d'oh!

  2. 4 hours ago, Harsin said:

    I went back and watched the scene, this is what she says. Does lean more towards it just being some random bloke.

      Hide contents


    A: I got close with fake Pietro... Fietro, if you will. But no dice.

    W: That was you?

    A: No, it wasn't literally me. Just my eyes and ears. A [word I'm unsure of] possession. Necromancy was a non-starter since your real brother's body is on another continent. Not to mention full of holes. But you're so crippled by your own self-doubt you believed it! 




    Unless I'm misremembering, I believe the subtitles read:





    Make of that what you will...

  3. Surprised there's been no mention of the book that Vision was reading to the baby:



    The Descent of Man, by Charles Darwin. I remember the original X-Men movies really leaning into evolution, and I guess you could call Darwin the father of evolution. Paul Bettany played Darwin in the movie 'Creation'.


    Possibly just a nice touch, but surely not there by accident...

  4. On safes, item acquisition, and trophies... The mildest of spoilers:




    We missed a late safe which I saw a friend collect a training manual from. It was then in our next safe.


    Having missed at least that one safe and then completed the game, we then opened the bank vault in encounter mode, and were given the safe related trophy. We had already opened the bank vault, and hadn't been back for the safe we missed.



    So, clever stuff, silly stuff...

  5. 5 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Re. the final scene between Ellie and Joel, right at the end of the game, was that supposed to be the night before Ellie wakes up at the start? Because I thought the last time she saw him alive was when she said 'What the fuck is wrong with you?' after he pushes that guy Seth for calling her and Dina dykes, unless the conversation with Joel is after that event.


    I think the conversation with Joel happened on an earlier evening, and part of the reason she feels so bad about Joel dying is because the last time they spoke she was horrible to him.


    I could be misremembering, though.

    You are misremembering - which is understandable, given how much the story jumps around - as Ellie references the incident with Seth during this conversation, so it is the night before Joel's death. In its chronological setting, Ellie starting to forgive Joel is what sparks her quest for revenge on Abby. When we see it, the same comments are what allows her to spare Abby. Combined with the comment above about Joel doing it all again, it's a devastating scene that the whole story hangs off, and it also more than justifies the game's use of flashbacks throughout.

  6. Thanks, but that's the subscription page that I'm not ready for yet, and all I can find otherwise for this single issue is what seems to be print only. That may be a reasonable option in the end, but it just felt like I must be missing something. I'll see about tweeting at My Favourite Magazines.

  7. Okay, I may be being simple, but where can I buy just this issue digitally?


    After the lockdown and when my own situation is more stable, I intend to start subscribing to print and digital, and to donate the magazine somewhere each month after the next issue arrives. So I don't want to order just the paper copy with no digital, and I'm not ready to subscribe to both yet. Can the digital one be bought individually in whatever app the subscriber digital copies are provided in?


    Any insight would be appreciated!

  8. 3 hours ago, JPL said:

    Right, I’m about to start this today. Any tips?


    I've said it before, and I'm not the only one, so I would imagine this would work for you. Whenever you are in the location where you can buy thing, put any spare currency into vials (and then bullets). Don't know whether you'll develop a mislike of the vials, but this should make that less likely, as well as reducing the need to farm. Or if you are farming, it'll be for something significant like a weapon and you'll have plenty of health.


    Does that make sense? Enjoy...

  9. The lockdown has been great for my partner and me when it comes to videogames. On our first date several years ago, she told me she liked videogames, but then she would never find time to play them. We certainly have the time now.


    It started when Sony played a blinder and gave away the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection, which I told my partner about just as a point of interest, and she then suggested we play them together. We rattled through all three of those, then into a replay of The Last of Us, then Resident Evil 4, and now onto Uncharted 4. While she's had some occasional frustrations that nearly derailed things - early moments in both The Last of Us and Resident Evil 4 seemed less generous than Uncharted - we've ultimately made our way through them all. We play it by ear in terms of who's in control, and I don't feel like I haven't played the game for the sections I've been spectating. I'd even say I could happily watch her play an entire game. I hope we can still find time for games once the lockdown is over (if ever...).


    I realise that's not the most helpful response, but it might be worth noting that the Uncharted games have modes and options that allow things to be tackled in more relaxed ways. Not just your simple Easy mode, but also explorer modes without enemies and various player assist options (that we haven't yet used, so I can't report on further).

  10. 30 minutes ago, Talvalin said:

    Slightly off topic but is any chance that both games will be backwards compatible on the PS5? All this talk is making me want to play the games (also Bloodborne although that's a different story) but I don't want to buy a soon to be superceded console.


    A very good chance...




    (Near the bottom.)


    I'm on a launch PS4 and an older TV, so I look forward to eventually experiencing whatever small enhancements a PS5 brings to PS4 games...

  11. 23 hours ago, Timmo said:


    8 and 10.


    Your guess would be wrong! I'm not in the camp that feels either of these games are overrated, I'd say they're both of the highest standards of quality. They've long felt to me like companion pieces in terms of excellence viewed through two rather different lenses, and playing them over the course of a week or so each while locked down was an experience that will stay with me for quite some time.


    Honestly, I don't even really like ratings, but clearly these two feel like they're in the 10 area of not really liking ratings...

  12. I was looking at this on PSN, and I guess I can't have bought a new game for a while, because those prices looked kinda high! How does this work these days? I'm not too worried about the pre-order bumf, err, bonuses, and money is tight due to the lockdown, so will there be a slightly cheaper option on launch day? Am only interested in the downloadable version.


    And put me down as huge fan of the original - I too have just completed another playthrough ahead of the sequel - but rather sceptical about the existence of the second. Haven't properly watched a trailer since the announcement trailer (watched the latest one with the sound off) so going in fairly blind... Hoping the suggestions of a fairly heavy handed story and exploitative seeming violence are either misdirects or far from the full picture.

  13. Mine arrived yesterday, haven't had an issue of Edge in a while, nice to drop back in now. While I'm a fan of Edge's objective style and tone, the personal moments behind this issue (check the Lonely Mountains entry) are heartwarming. Horrific as the Covid 19 pandemic is, it's good to have this issue as an artifact of the times.

  14. 8 hours ago, Pob said:

    Ah okay. Disney probably cut it out for Plus anyway :)


    I don't believe so - watched them all recently, and pretty much remember myself going 'Ooh, nasty' during The First Avenger around then.


    Also, on the subject of gore and editing, specifically in Avengers...



    The tip of Loki's sceptre is present on Disney+ where it was removed on Blu-ray, in the UK at least.


  15. 11 hours ago, spanx said:

    I can’t imagine there’s a huge audience for a nearly 45 year old man playing Bloodborne badly. 


    Maybe not huge, but given the reaction here to your adventures then perhaps enthusiastic! Plus, if you stream in YouTube you have a record of your play... If you like that sort of thing... Anyway, I'd watch if the time was right :)

  16. Splendid work spanx, and another vicarious adventure for us all...


    I'll reiterate the point about putting blood echoes into vials any time you're back in the Hunter's Dream. You'll soon have more than you know what to do with. Feels like the game should have told us this, it works so well.

  17. On 12/02/2020 at 14:23, Keyboard Koala said:

    Yeah. Got it instantly with a bell summon.


    But another boss straight after?? FFS  :(


    And I don't mind the fight in itself but it's the endless vial farming you have to go through each and every effin time that really sours my mood.


    Seems like it's probably a bit late to say it given where you are in the game, but the trick is to always put spare blood echoes into purchasing vials (and bullets) after you've bought whatever weapon or other item you want. You'll soon build up those echoes again, and you'll quickly find you're ahead of the curve on vials.

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