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  1. bignige

    Xbox One Console Thread

    761 hours played on Fortnite according to that Xbox in year review. Kill me now.
  2. bignige

    Best use of Backward Compatibility / remaster

    Skate 3 for resolution bump and Burnout Revenge just because (boo for no servers though!).
  3. @CrashedAlex will there be music / licensed music in game? One of the things that made Revenge and Takedown for me was the music they introduced to me - genres I wouldn’t normally listen to or bands I’d never heard of. Forcing a car into a wall while listening to The Academy, Go Betty Go, Nine Black Alps etc can’t be beaten!
  4. bignige

    Epic Games Store Coming - RIP Steam

    If their customer support is anything like it is for Fortnite I’m not sure why anyone would buy from their store?
  5. Also, I had no indication of a ban. No emails, nothing.
  6. All I got was messages like yours. They were quite sneaky. I Just assumed FN was broken as in the early days it was a bit working / not working. Alarm bells started ringing when the Xbox in the other room could play it signed into another account. It was only when I started the conversation on a Dischord that I was told I had been banned. Basically, the first time I played FN I created an epic account. Called myself bignige and never once posted on the forum. Someone complained about my ‘racist’ tag and boom! Banned!! FLAK on Dischord was brilliant and sorted out the unbanning after appealing to her better nature and offering a forum name change to Nigel (which I tried first, but wasn’t available so went with ban inducing bignige). TLDR FLAK
  7. Their ticket system is terrible. They either close ticket as resolved whether it is or isn’t, or just ignore it. After my resolution via Dischord I had an overlapping email from support saying my ban would never be lifted!
  8. I had a similar thing happen to me in season 2. Those alerts (aside from the Italian one) are the same as what I received after being banned. Ticket help is absolutely useless. After 3 weeks of no reply I went on Dischord to their fortnite channel and it was resolved after an hour.
  9. Sorry, my mistake. I meant 4700 vbucks.
  10. bignige

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I notice they've removed the blood from the guy getting his head stoved in on the FF artwork (0:47) in the xbox trailer, but not in the Switch trailer! Always loved that bit of artwork.
  11. bignige

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    I think I got mine at the end of the cycling through the seasons racing bit. Midway?!
  12. bignige

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    You get a tshirt for your driver upon completion of the demo. Pretty sure this carries across.
  13. bignige

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Safari doesn’t work. Works fine with Chrome on a Mac.

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