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  1. That's not it. There was a Master Chief Collection preview a few weeks back.
  2. ** ALL SORTED** @milkoor @SixkillerCan I grab a code please? I can trade it for a beta Rocksmith code if that interests you? I’m on Xbox. I’ll add you now. Ta.
  3. If anyone is thinking of buying an Oculus Quest 2 I’ve just been sent a referral code that gives us both £23 in store credit.
  4. I binned my cart, tried again with the cover and it went through. 64 dollars worth of shipping and taxes though...
  5. Super Sprint plays a lot better if you map left and right to paddles on an elite controller - maybe using the triggers would also work? It’d probably make Vindicators playable too?
  6. My order went through at 18.09 and says Q1 22.
  7. You need to do it on a pc and not a mobile device to see the estimate. I used Edge and it worked.
  8. There’s a new IGN 31 questions about it and they say (Valve) you can pretty much run anything you can on a PC. They also said you can log into your MS and / or Epic store.
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