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  1. Games with Gold for February

    YAS! I’ve stuck the disc in and Split Second is installing! Also, I’ve always found the handling to be pretty good.
  2. Games with Gold for February

  3. Xbox One X

    I've hassled MS 3 times to replace it and they won't budge as it's 2 years old.
  4. Xbox One X

    It's the rubber grip underneath that's the problem. This is attached to the main unit.
  5. Xbox One X

    Asking here, as I’m hoping I’ll get a helpful response. The rubber grips on my Xbox elite controller have warped and all but fallen off. All that remains are a few stuck fast bits of rubber near the paddles. I’ve tried pulling it off but it’s stuck down like a bastard! What would be the best way to remove these last few bits without wrecking the rest of the controller. Ta.
  6. Fortnite

    Once you get past the queue it says the server maintenance. please try again later.
  7. Fortnite

    New game mode, High Explosives has now replaced 50v50. Available items are rocket Launcher, snowball launcher, grenades, armour and med supplies.
  8. Don’t log into CDKEYS account. Log out and then follow the download link in email.
  9. Fortnite

    Can anybody shed some light on this? I’m pulling my hair out! I have two Xbox set up in my house. Each one has the same two Xbox accounts / garner tags on it . Living room Xbox signs into Fortnite every time. Middle room Xbox gets a Login failed every time since a couple of days ago. If I switch gamer tags around then Living room Xbox gets a login failed and middle room Xbox logs in. I don’t have an epic account on a pc nor PS4.
  10. Xbox One X

    My LG C7 OLED displays black blacks on my only 4k UHD and does the same black blacks on Netflix. The only washed out grey bars I get are on bbc iPlayer.
  11. Xbox One X

    Sound Mixer in the settings tab. You can vary chat and games music. If your headphones came with a plastic attachment for xbox it has the ability to mix on there too.
  12. Xbox One X

    Titanfall 2 update now.
  13. Xbox One X

    Rocket League one X treatment inbound? Just got a 4.22gb update. New Gears 4 update too.
  14. Xbox One X

    Xbox One X has just hit Prime Now for anyone who wants one delivered today.
  15. Xbox One X

    I don’t think this is the case. It shows you all the games you’ve downloaded that are enhanced.

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