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  1. @Treble Windows 10 key, eBay link no longer works. Have you got the sellers name?
  2. bignige

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s a personalised code that comes with the email about half price labo stuff from Nintendo.
  3. bignige

    Xbox Game Pass

    Rare Replay was also given away for free on Mixer for watching a specific Xbox event a few years ago.
  4. 200,000 after that. Headshots and keeping up the KO on moving circle and end boss will see it done pretty easily with 4 players working as a team.
  5. bignige

    Xbox Game Pass

    All sorted now. Ta.
  6. bignige

    Xbox Game Pass

    How long did it take to come through? i bought a couple and 30 mins later still waiting. The only option I had was free delivery to postal address and click + collect. Was that the same for you?
  7. Anyone else have a dead pixel? I have one or two that I can see out the corner of my eye that are distracting on dark areas. How are oculus with this sort of thing? Casting to nvidia shield works really well.
  8. All these birthdays! I’m doing the same and treating myself. Just reserved one at local Argos. Will trade in my oculus go at CEX on the way to pick up.
  9. bignige

    Nintendo Switch

    Switch is based on arcade version - it runs and plays really nice. PS2 version is better than 32X. i always found the 32X and Megadrive versions of VR to be pretty poor - not a patch on the arcade version.
  10. Im quoting myself here, I just don’t understand the arrows! Ive just got into the habit of turning the opposite way for the arrows on the oncoming side and then I play the Shakedown Surf Side Island (short) and 55 seconds into it (without boost) the oncoming arrows are the ‘right’ way round! Its hurting my head!!!
  11. Is anyone else finding the corners / bends arrows for the oncoming traffic side a little confusing? I keep turning into them and crashing into imaginary corners / bends. Please reverse them for the drivers benefit!
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