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  1. I got two tatty PS2s a few weeks back for £8 for both. I was assured that they would work but didn't believe the guy, he was dodgy as hell. Managed to end up with one working PS2 after a bit of swapping of bits and piece!
  2. Arcade stick? Which one is it?
  3. to all the people who would have paid more - why didn't you bid then? although it went for so little, the winner was sickboy from the way of the rodent forum, so it's going to a good home. finally got picked up by the courier today too.
  4. after checking out this thread i felt the need to address this piracy situation. when i initially drafted the listing i explained that the internal machine was a pal dc, therefore a boot disc is needed for jap games. as the whole point of the design is to have the cab boot up to the game with the flick of a switch, the best option for me in terms of design was to use cd-r games that will self boot so i didn't have to get inside the machine each time i wanted to boot up. i also initially wrote that i would give this disc away with the machine after the sale, as long as the bidder owns the original copy of the games, yada yada yada. however, when doing a search on ebay for 'ikaruga' the result comes up that some people have been selling this disc at £12 a pop with no comeback from ebay. i figured that it'd be just my luck that i was all honest about the cd-r thing in the listing and the item would be removed, as happened to me with a snes import adapter in the past, so i thought i'd cut my losses and just bundle the cd-r into the overall package. sorry if this upset anyone, but as i stated before, the reason for using cd-r was for design purposes and functionality, working with an unchipped pal console. as the cab was built for me, and i had no intention of selling it originally, it wasn't a problem. thanks for all the positive comments btw
  5. hello all been a while since i posted on here but if any of you remember my cocktail cab, you might want to check it out on ebay. it was a labour of love when i built it, but with a new baby and very little space at home i need to find it a loving new owner. built it mainly for tate mode in ikaruga but it's been a lot of fun with loads of my games. thanks to anyone who takes a look. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=6227735812
  6. not much sleep on saturday and i could hear the rain outside on sunday morning. decided to get rid of the stack of stuff i keep telling myself i'll put on ebay before i go to any more boot sales, there is just no space in my house any more ! as a result of this, i've taken a much more discerning approach to the boot sales of late and only bought the odd item. a complete suikoden for £3 a few weeks back and an xbox controller for £2 was a nice £5 haul though.
  7. another willy wonka one: "we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams" as for funny lines, i always liked happy gilmore's: "i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" "you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?!?" and lots more. classic.
  8. seems like there's a fair bit of variation on the gs trade in prices. is it a regional thing? or does it get fixed for each of the stores?a few months back i traded in a boxed wwf no mercy for the n64 and got £7, did the same this week and got £2. someone here mentioned £23 for a snes console, i got £20 for the last 2 i took in. got £20 for a nes which was nice, and £12 for yoshi's island for the snes. and £25 for conker's bfd. £18 for a master system is good though. that's more than a megadrive or a saturn!! will be keeping and eye out for those in future...
  9. ah but ebay is more hassle, and i'd have to pay for listings etc. thanks for the replies people. yoshi's island bagged me £12 plus i went back with another snes and a nes, so i've got enough for a ds with a couple of games now, plus a slightly less cluttered loft! just got to wait for the buggers to be in stock!
  10. went to gamestation yesterday to trade in a load of old kit to put towards a DS (which was out of stock) i was surprised at how i did really well on a few items (loose snes console £20, conker's BFD £25 etc) but crap on others (£2 each for 3 or 4 mint boxed N64 games). does anyone have a link to a list where i could find out the trade in value of most items at gamestation? or even some pointers on items like the snes that fetch a decent amount? cheers in advance.
  11. first one i've been to for ages this morning. mega drive with 3 games, 2 pads, no power supply or rf lead £5 belkin usb2 hub (sealed) £10 chipped playstation and a bunch of CD-R games that i subsequently binned £7 a selection of vintage star wars figures with weapons £15 so not bad i suppose. vhs are good for selling on ebay then? any i should keep an eye out for?
  12. oh wow mate there's some truly original stuff there, i love your mini cocktail cab, too cool... X 2 O, i built a cab from scratch with a dreamcast inside, having a console inside avoids all the issues with having to set up mame, booting up / shutting down pcs etc so it's well worth a shot. as for converting a jamma cab, i'm sure it's possible. you can get dreamcast to jamma converters like this one too, not sure about megadrive. let us know how you get on if you have any luck though!
  13. animalchin

    Pop: Ww

    wow so much complaining. i've been playing this over the weekend and i'm really enjoying it. i am playing on the normal setting and i found the fighting system to be quite fun and adds an extra challenge to the game. platforming bits are great, and as ever the fluidity of the prince's actions are sooooo satisfying. i loved sands of time but it really frustrated me when the enemies kept respawning. i'm finding this one to be much more fair. oh well, each to their own...
  14. i wish you'd have read this thread a week earlier then!
  15. i didn't have the space to hang onto it for 10 years! and yes the guy who bought it is cool, already has a pretty insane arcade collection! he's from london though, preccy would have been quicker!
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