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  1. Team A took down Crota just moments ago: Top work guys
  2. Yep put me down, hopefully take Crota down before 9.30.
  3. Good fun going through the new raid tonight, cheers guys. Don't think much of this weeks Nightfall, that was bobbins IMO.
  4. I'm still grand for tomorrow night, catch you guys then
  5. Was good to have you onboard, thanks for joining in Was a quality night of raiding, tons of good drops and IMO a good laugh even though I'm choked with the cold. Till the next time guys
  6. Thanks for the hard raid Barry, Robot, et al, was a bloody good haul this week: Armour Boots Gloves FateBringer The Bungie gods favoured me tonight
  7. Yep, I'll be on around 2ish for the Weekly/Nightfall, feel free to add me and jump in
  8. Finally, I get to take my newly-minted level 30 Warlock out on a hard raid Looking forward to it, See you guys tomorrow night.
  9. Was fun to get everyone through it, glad to help Just remember, you should never be afraid to pick up the "fat lass" Till the next time folks!
  10. Got the Pocket Infinity bounty the other day, was bankrupted by the fusion rifle portion of the quest, THEN I saw the next step... Looks like next week bar a hard raid will be "interesting". Meant to be worth it in the end even after the nerf.
  11. No problem guys, first time through a raid is overwhelming to say the least. I reckon everyone did grand, better than I did the first time round, was a nervous wreck! I can do Sunday but not late, reckon 10.30ish is my cut off. I reckon we can nail Atheon good style tho
  12. Those who are hitting their heads against the wall about being stuck at level 29, I feel your pain. I finally made it to 30 last night with the raid during the week finally dropping the chest I needed to get over the final hurdle. It will happen, I have no doubt, as I feared I'd be forever 29 (in Destiny that is, I wish in real life ). Stick at it guys.
  13. 100% mate, cannot wait to hit Atheon with a hard raiding party at level 30. Always put me down for team pisstake
  14. Congrats to you too! I know you've been after that bad boy for ages, it's a bloody good machine gun, I love mine. I'm delighted I'll finally hit 30, will free up time to upgrade my fledgling Titan.
  15. Will take a punt on Plan C, loves me a Fusion Rifle. Last night's raid was fun, will be finished for sure, so close to doing it guys, thanks for the evening's entertainment. During the section before Atheon, I never even noticed what drops I got (I expect shards/energy). Once I came out of the game and checked I noticed this: Finally, I get join the level 30 club!
  16. I did a stupid thing, I went and looked at how many hours I've put into Destiny: I regret not a single moment
  17. I've checked it's the correct day this time ( ) feel free to add me if there's still a space. GT is in my sig.
  18. Top post Weavus, but as I keep telling you guys he WORKS for Bungie, I'm sure of it! Thanks to Ben for hopping into the weekly this afternoon, a good laugh and it made the peek a boo nature of taking out Phogoth go a lot faster. I'll be on later to do Nightfall/hop into any Raids going on, hope to see some of you then
  19. We're a cheeky bunch, hope everyone else who joins in has as much fun as we do I could do with either a chest piece or a helm as I got boots from IB during the weekend. I have Viodfang Vestiments and Light Beyond Nemesis, either of those can be swapped out to get over the final hurdle. Hoping either Nightfall or raid will do so, fingers crossed.
  20. If you need another, throw us an invite, will be on doing weekly and Nightfall, but should be done for 8pm. I'm a bawhair off 30, just one more piece of gear and I'll hit it. No worries if you've no room for a 29 tho
  21. Le Chuck was spot on about Cryptic Dragon, been levelling it up on the side this weekend and it's a beast! I was happy with Shadow Price and AE, but now I have another primary to add to my ever-expanding arsenal If you get it, keep hold of it, you'll love it, trust me. Also finished the Bad Juju bounty, purely because I was playing IB and also I wanted to do one for the hell of it. Doubt I'll do much with it, but it's fun to continue to explore the stuff you can do in Destiny
  22. Heheh, no worries mate I'm just messing with you, spent too long listening to Robot and Rambo rip the piss Put me down for next week for sure. Le Chuck and gang graciously took me through a hard raid the other week, always for another one now I know how to handle the various sections, etc. I'll get that one piece of raid gear to reach level 30 one of these days...maybe.
  23. Count me in if there's still a spare slot, level 29 Warlock looking for that elusive raid drop to get to 30 GT in sig.
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