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  1. I'd forgotten to do the bounty for ten hive kills with grenades under the influence of radiance, that finally tipped me over the edge. Only I could've hit 3999, never the easy path
  2. Level 32,finally! (on my phone, dunno if attachments will display properly)
  3. Cheers for double raids tonight, and to Ben and moodmon for the nightfall earlier today, and last but not least gerry helmet for the weekly. Was a beast of a session, so nice to have two characters to take through now. I got Truth from nightfall and Badger CCL was waiting from the postmaster
  4. Good to catch you as well mate :-) I do enjoy it when others just jump into my game or vice versa, knock out dailies or quests or the like, share the experience or help out depending on the situation.
  5. Done! I'm down for two raids on Tuesday from scratch, which frees up room for fellow raiders on Wednesday. Thanks for putting me down as per
  6. I'm 100% in for tomorrow (Tuesday) for both runs from scratch, cheers for putting me on the list EDIT* Also down for VoG at some point, can do it with both character now
  7. I love it when folks pull stuff like this off, like the guy who took on the Templar by himself on hard mode. Fantastic.
  8. Oh god, that sounds even more fun than it is already, will be doing that for sure Thanks for the tips. The Chance dropped from an engram today, a half decent HC, but the clip size is pitiful after being used to Fatebringer for so long.
  9. Plan C now fully upgraded, it's a total beast. Whether hip firing or ADS it just feels so right I've started upgrading Pocket Infinity now, man, that is one crazy weapon Like a bucking bronco even with stability increase!
  10. Great run through VoG tonight guys, was a lot of fun as usual. Was it Finite who got a Mythoclast? Quality when someone gets a good drop. Not so sure about the fan fiction, needs a bit of work I still reckon Atheon would cheese a fight with Crota by breaking out the oracles Thanks again.
  11. Yep, will divide it into two groups, happy to host, etc.
  12. Yep, count me in if there's space, need to take my Hunter through VoG.
  13. Just about to do this weeks Nightfall with my Hunter, anyone who still has to do it feel free to jump in. Let's see if my run of luck getting other folks quality drops continues
  14. Finally, I can upgrade my Pocket Infinity I do love a Fusion Rifle, they're the business. Might take a punt on Starfire Protocol, not as if I don't have the coinage just now.
  15. Happy New Year Guardians, thanks for countless hours of enjoyment in 2014 Finally got a legendary chest piece for my Hunter, that'll get it up to 30 in no time, which means 2 x raids a week from now on in Also got Gjallarhorn fully upgraded again, so a very productive afternoon for me.
  16. Thanks for the run through VoG tonight, dunno what happened at the end, didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. Was a real eye-opener going back after Crota being the focus for the past few weeks.
  17. Great afternoon session with assorted folks from the forum, thanks for the laughs as per usual. Got Black Hammer and booties from the raid, means my Warlock has everything bar the helm. Imp got Hawkmoon for his heroics with the sword, a worthy pay day for his efforts I reckon Thanks also to Barry for taking my fledgling Hunter through the initial stages of Crota for some raid gear earlier on in the afternoon.
  18. Cool, count me in for Crota bashing shenanigans.
  19. Any raiding tonight? Crota in particular.
  20. Monte Carlo dropped for me during Crota's End tonight It's a strange looking beast. Good session tonight, thanks for the raiding and laughs guys
  21. I know the feeling, last week getting 6 strange coins was rage-inducing!
  22. Cheers to Ben and Banjaxed for the Nightfall, the latter got Hawkmoon! Also thanks for helping me test out my new router, seems to be crystal clear. So if there's any NAT issues in future, its you lot, not me!
  23. I'll be on around 2ish, need to do it as well, so jump into my game mate
  24. Nope, nothing there that will spoil anything for anyone, but I'll hide it just incase.
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