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  1. Up for it alongside the usual Tuesday shenanigans, would be nice to get that final piece of armour for my Titan.
  2. Always wanted to give this trophy a try, put me down for a place
  3. Just started Nightfall, feel free to jump in
  4. Thanks for the raids last night guys. Really enjoyed doing the Templar section legit for a change, spatular's epic super to finish him off was one of the reasons why this game still has its hooks in me, incredible! Also, being turned into a grease spot by a speeding Sparrow by Lyrical provided the comedy. 20's plenty Donut Did well in the Crota raid considering there was only five of us, knocked it out in the end It was good to catch up with Ben, Banjaxed, Moodmon and DC, here's hoping after the reset you'll get the gear you want.
  5. I'd be down for a run through, would be nice to get some armour for my Titan. GT is in my sig if you aren't already on my friends list.
  6. If there's a impromptu VoG run tonight I'd be down for it
  7. Got the Crux of Crota last night, just need a Hust of the Pit to drop first. I really need to read up on whether it's worth it or not. The one weapon I do want, Word of Crota, is refusing to drop and I have a terrible feeling it'll end up like Vision of Confluence and it'll never appear. Ach well, at least I've got plenty of other guns to choose from
  8. he came into our group as well, sounded like he was getting a haircut?! Next time you see him, ask if he got the number one or two.
  9. Yep that was good fun, thanks for the laughs
  10. Cool, if you need another body, have both Warlock and Hunter at 32 standing by. GT is in my sig if you don't have me on your friends lists. Awesome moment, but it all came good in the end. The bridge section was just as tense, but also hilarious watching Thralls throw themselves off the side like Lemmings while Jim played a total blinder on the other side.
  11. I got No Land Beyond instead, so I wasn't too disappointed
  12. I'll be on in a wee bit to do the Weekly with my Hunter, throw us an invite
  13. I'll be on from 7pm onwards, feel free to throw us an invite, GT in my sig if you aren't on my friends list already
  14. Obsidian Mind bought for my Hunter (means I can switch up and use Voidwalker more), upgraded Thunderlord and now I'm swithering whether to buy The Glasshouse so that I have an exotic helm for the Titan that I've literally just created.
  15. Had a good run in IB this evening, Thorn is making all the difference, feel like a one man wrecking crew at times. Seems my luck with exotics continues as this dropped after a match:
  16. What a haul of goodies so far this week! Thorn bounty finished (Thanks Baz), I love it, a beauty Vex Mythoclast from VoG Hard Light from Crota Helm and boots for my Hunter My 3rd Gjallarhorn (!) from the Nightfall Thanks for the games today and tonight guys, always a pleasure
  17. ...And 9 strange coins from the Nightfall. Gotta love the weekly roulette spin.
  18. Just about to jump into this weeks Nightfall, feel free to join my game if you need to do it.
  19. Upgrade, use and learn to love it. There there again I would say that, the fusion rifle slag that I am
  20. I've been lucky with drops, but there are still one or two I'd really like: 1. Suros Regime - I missed out on it with Xur as I didn't have enough coins at the time. Oh the irony nowadays 2. Hawkmoon - I do like a HC and everytime I see someone with one I cast envious eyes at it. 3. Heart of Praxic Fire - My Warlock deserves it 4. Vex Mythoclast - A recent want of mine, looks the business.
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