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  1. Level 34 PoE is tough, but that feeling of satisfaction when you nail it makes up for the frustration of earlier wipes. My Titan is now 34, Warlock 33, just need to get my Hunter through the story missions and get her up to 33.
  2. Just got a Sniper from Salvage:
  3. You've got some excellent pointers already from Soi and Uncle Mike. For me personally I would hang back ever so slightly, look to stay close to Special and Heavy ammo drops (of course if playing with friends, wait till they get some as well, etiquette as they're helping you remember, if on your own, fuck em ). The bottom line is occasionally you'll go backwards in certain rounds, so instead of getting frustrated, quit out for a wee while, break it up and come back fresh later. You'll soon make up the minor setbacks in no time at all. Good luck and post on how you go Yeah was wondering this very thing this afternoon. I'm not gonna hand in the bounty until after HoW drops, will report back on what happens.
  4. Thorn bounty knocked out in just over a day on and off: Straightforward, no messing, no fuss. Honestly, if I can do it so can anyone else, no need to be MLG.
  5. Just to wade into the Thorn PvP debate, I already have one but took up the bounty again because I was sick of getting it, so thought "why not?" I spent a lot of yesterday swaying between gash, average, not bad to fucking abysmal and managed to come away with 421/500. I rocked Word of Crota/Swordbreaker/Truth and it wasn't too bad. If I hadn't been too busy laughing and joking and employing creative swearing I'd probably have it done in the day, but ach, it's a bit of fun at the end of the day. Yes the bounty can be frustrating (I did it the first time without any friends), but it is doable, just look at the scrubs in Crucible who can't even use the bloody thing properly So many folks have pointed the way in this thread, do what I did when attempting it first time and gather the info, spec yourself for the battle and play accordingly. You'll be surprised how well you do armed with the knowledge, I know I was...
  6. Bad Juju + Obsidian Mind + Voidwalker = infinite supers. I don't get on with Pulse Rifles (prefer Scout Rifles), but know a few folk who run it and it seems to work really well. Personally I really rate Invective and have one on each of my characters. It's a real beauty and a treat to use, but of course takes up that all important Exotic slot. You'll end up getting either bounty again so go with what you think you need the most just now.
  7. Got my second Hawkmoon from Crota tonight, cheers you big glowing bastard!
  8. Ruin Wings get! Been after them for a while, my filthy casual gathering of all the exotics that I don't get "properly" in the game continues I've got two MIDA's on different characters and I've just bought a third as it's a great weapon to have in your inventory. The +2 agility helps when doing the lamp run in Crota's End and it also has fantastic range and stability for PvE. You already have a cracking Scout Rifle in the Badger, but there's no harm in having one of the most underrated weapons in Destiny. All my own opinion of course.
  9. Thanks for jumping in, means I've got a clean sweep as I couldn't be bothered with doing 3x Omnidull last week, pish. Glasshouse, Icebreaker and No Backup Plans from the 3 NF this week, none too shabby. I need to look up the latter, see if it's worth keeping.
  10. Still have to do it with my Hunter, will hop on if you still need an extra body
  11. Might be tomorrow if there's any games going, not run it with my Hunter or Warlock yet this week.
  12. Just doing some random bounties and did a Vanguard ROC and this happened:
  13. You're welcome mate, happy to help. Enjoy Thorn, is a beast of a Handcannon Knocked out the Invective bounty yesterday, its hilarious playing Crucible just now as it's shotgun central. Also got the Salvage trophy which means there's only Flawless Raider to go.
  14. Finally, Vision of Confluence dropped for me today! So I'm left with only Hawkmoon on my wanted list
  15. Yeah between you and Wavey I still hold out hope of VoC dropping for me, fingers crossed it'll be soon I can scratch Suros Regime off my list, dropped for me during Crota tonight.
  16. Updated! All weapons I wanted now acquired 1. Suros Regime - Purely for completion sakes. 2. Hawkmoon - Of course, who doesn't want one, apart from Lyrical, who uses them as a source of exotic shards 3. Heart of Praxic Fire - My Warlock deserves it. 4. Vex Mythoclast - A recent want of mine, looks the business. *New Entry* 5. Vision of Confluence - Please VoG, just the one, all I ask after 33 runs through across all characters. Maybe I need to do it on Normal mode for more chance of it dropping?
  17. Congratulations, you now own one of the finest weapons in the game IMO, it's a beast!
  18. Found this site called Destiny Exotics http://destinyexotics.com/ that lets you see just how much you've had drop in-game or acquired through Iron Banner and tot it up. Even counting items I've sharded due to duplication or not wanting them, I've had 75% of all items, none too shabby. Here's my personal haul to date: http://destinyexotics.com/?share=IzAMLFwj2nIKVU051vSrE5l5QghLVMvYIAA=
  19. Praxic Fire bought! Also used some motes to buy an exotic engram and got... Mask of the Third Man for my Hunter been after that for ages.
  20. When it comes to Destiny, I take anything that isn't 20 shards across 3 Nightfalls as a win, which happened to me the other week. Saw this on GAF
  21. I knew what you were up to, ventured in to to see what it would be like, felt like I was in Bryce 3D back in the 90's A better haul than last weeks NF today. Insurmountable Skullfort with better Intellect than what I have already, and a Fourth Horseman which became a handy shard after I depleted my stock this past weekend upgrading various bits of armour and Hard Light over the weekend.
  22. Titan chest that gets me to 32, AND heavy ammo synth? That'll do for me
  23. Time to put two top hats on your Moomin in that case
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