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  1. Been a while, was fun to hook up for a raid again
  2. Was a lot of fun helping guide the newcomers through VoG, thanks for the invite.
  3. Tonight was excellent, thanks for the Flawless run guys, so many funny moments along the way. Purple Jizz Down!
  4. Great session folks! Thanks to everyone, it was tense but bloody good fun. Positive mental attitude wins every time. As Capp said, I'm more than happy to help those who still don't have Flawless, you know what to do
  5. Yep still up for attempting this, will see you guys tomorrow night.
  6. If you give me 15 I can jump in on my Titan, done it with all my other characters this weekend.
  7. Count me in, Wednesday is the only night I can't do it (VoG night innit), so any other time is grand with me.
  8. Congrats on knocking out the Flawless Raider trophy guys, well done. Feel free to throw us an invite if anyone runs it again during the coming week, only one I need to get now.
  9. Good run in Trials last night, the last game on our card was baffling as the team quit before it started?! Ended the card 9-2 (had the mercy boon so counting that) and managed to get The Messenger as well, which is a beast in Crucible
  10. *Throws Hunter/Titan/Warlock off the Tower*
  11. Time Wasted on Destiny: 5 weeks 4 days 19 hours 17 seconds Do I get a free can of red bull for that?
  12. A good haul, thanks to all who turned up, really enjoying raiding again, its so much fun. As per usual I got a Mythoclast apologies to whoever I stole it from I want this for my hunter:
  13. Video from Crota the other night when he went walkabout
  14. Aye, was a cracking evening of raiding, have missed it for sure. Thanks to everyone who turned up, was a lot of fun
  15. Count me in if you need anyone for a raid, either VoG or Crota
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