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  1. I'm with you on this. It was on Sky Anytime and I like Dwayne Johnson so stuck it on on a lazy Sunday. I went from jesus this is shit the rock is cringeworthy, to ok let's see what happens, to ooh billy crystal, this isn't bad, to yeeaahh get that tooth Rock Merchent was doing his usual thing, but I like him so found it amusing. It's still pretty cheesy crap, but strangely I ended up enjoying it. Unlike the pacifier which went from this is rubbish, to OFF!
  2. Yep, opening sequence and a couple of times since. Bloody annoying.
  3. Stick with it. I'm a fan of the show, but season 2 started to drag with that crappy story line. Season 3 however, that's made of win. Back on form. Edit: I've just read back a couple of posts. Can't believe people are saying 3 is worse than 2.
  4. Great thread this. I'm gradually working my way through it having watched the film a couple of times. I think it's a fantastic film. Something about the totems I don't understand though. I understand Arthur's comment above. It makes perfect sense. A totem should only be known to the owner, you should never let another person touch it. That way, if you were in someone elses dream, there is no way that the dreamer could try to recreate your totem to trick you. As the dreamer has never touched your totem, how could they possibly recreate it exactly as you know it. Perfect! If that's the case, then why have Cobb's totem spin indefinitely as a sign of dreaming. It doesn't make sense. If he was in someone elses dream, why would the top spin indefinitely? surely just the weight or feel or noise when it span would be wrong, telling him he's dreaming? Arthur's totem being a loaded die is perfect, only he knows what number it will always land on, where it is weighted, how it feels, the texture, unless someone got hold of his totem it would be impossible to reproduce in a dream.
  5. Thanks for reminding me of the points in the book Paradigm. I really need to revisit them. There is a nice link on Empire at the moment regarding book moments cut from the films. It reminded me of Azkaban and the meaning of prongs, wormtail etc not being mentioned in the movie which was a nice moment in the book, which I sadly missed from the film. Azkaban still just takes it as my favourite, although this is a very good film. I agree that it felt less corners were cut for this one.
  6. Just got back from seeing it and thought it was very good. It didn't feel over two hours long, although it began dragging a little during the hiding/camping scenes. I'm not sure the young kids will sit still during those bits for long. It opens brilliantly and there are some great action scenes. There is also a beautifully animated scene towards the end when Hermoine tells the story of Thoroughly enjoyed the film and can see why they split it into two films. I can't wait for part two.
  7. BTTF II when Young Biff throws the kids basketball onto to upstairs balcony of someones house. Am I right?
  8. I love the show but have to agree that the sillyness went a little too far. It's inevitable that the car will end up in the water so let's just let it go? That's just ridiculous. Also Jay's lies (as others have said) are just too farfetched now to the point of parodying himself which grates a little. There were some cracking lines in it though. All that aside it's been a good series and I've enjoyed it almost as much as the previous ones. I would definitely like to see more.
  9. That doesn't make sense. Why hire a stage magician to help kill a vampire? At least the original made sense in Charley's mind. Peter Vincent may have been an actor, but at least he was an actor that had a career based on killing vampires in movies. McLuvin as Evil Ed? Might work. I like Farrell, but I can't see him in the Dandrige role. It will be intersting if he can pull this off. Not that it's a demanding role, but Chris Sarandon had a confident but sophisticated arrogance about him. Farrel can do arrogance, but not in the same classy way, more of a cocky way. Someone a little older may be a better fit. As for Tennant....seriously? Mind you, I've never seen him in Who, he may just be the right level of cheese for the role. I'm a big fan of the original and although it's not a widely regarded classic, I wouldn't have said it is one that needs updating. Will give the remake a watch.
  10. Never mind. All sold out at Mondotees
  11. That's a beaut! Any idea where I can purchase that poster from?
  12. I for one would welcome 3D. Avatar shows it can work wonderfully if done right. If they film it with 3D in mind, then that's great. What's the problem? It's when they do a "clash of the titans" see the dollar signs, make it 3D afterwards and fuck it up that's a problem.
  13. Nah, they only do it by purchasing the full airbag assembly. Thanks for the replies though folks. I will have to look into things a bit further and see if I can find someone online to make it.
  14. This may be more suited to an 'ask the forum' post, but I thought I would start here as someone here may have the skills to help. Long story short, my car is a Holden rebadged in the UK as a Vauxhall. I've been slowly turning it back into a Holden and most of the badges for the outside of the car can be bought fairly cheaply from eBay. The only thing you can't get easily, is the steering wheel badge. You pretty much have to buy the whole air bag assembly. Here's the old badge I took off. Pretty much a very thin piece of what feels like tin 38mm across, with matt black background. Here's the empty recess (hadn't finished removing sticky stuff yet): I got a company to make a gel badge with the Holden logo which I fit into the recess. It looks ok, but I would really like a metal one, or even plastic to replace the rubber gel coated badge I have on there now. I'm not even sure about how to start getting something like this made, so I thought I'd see if anyone here had the materials or means to do it? Thanks.
  15. This. I've seen that film more times than I care to mention.
  16. Tempy


    You went for one then, cool. I think I might treat myself in the new year. I've been banging on aout getting something for ages and getting on my doris's nerves .
  17. Tempy


    Hi all, I have been toying with the idea of getting a coffee machine with milk steamer to make latte's, but like the sound of these Bialetti's as they are also a lot cheaper. Can anyone answer the questions above? I would like to know the answers too. I realise you're not gonna get the latte action without the steamed milk, but could you knock out an espresso shot and just add warm milk to it? the purists may hate it, but I don't like black coffee
  18. Thanks for the heads up on that. I'll check it out. I managed to procure Session 9 and Noroi on the back of the Paranormal Activity thread, so might give one of them a watch tonight. I bought A Tale of Two Sisters from Zavvi a while back, just haven't got round to watching it. My missus isn't that fond of scary movies, which means I have to watch them on my own. Great for getting sucked in as I can give it my full attention. Shit for when I wake up at 4am needing a piss and have to brave going to the toilet on my own. Gory stuff doesn't really do it for me on a scary level. It's the fear of the unseen, ghosts, poltergeists that really shit me up even though I don't believe in that shit. The exorcist is one of the only films that stilll scares me to this day. It may be something to do with still having memories of having seen bits of it as a kid that disturbed me. It's also the idea of it. That something like that, if it happened, would just happen and you'd have no real control over it. No way of fighting it off. It just slowly takes over, knocking, banging, scratching, takig over your body. Fuck that shit. I say again, as much as I don't believe in all that shit, the idea of it is enough to terrify me. I know some people don't rate The Exorcism of Emily Rose much, but there's a scene in that that shit me right up. I just imagined myself being in that position. Fucking terrifying.
  19. Can't look at him without thinking of this: Some cracking covers in here, really taking me back to my yoof!
  20. I refuse to believe it was camera trickery, purely because it takes no skill on Derren's part. There must be a proper gag to it, otherwise they could have stuck any old presenter there, let the techies behind the scenes do the work and pulled off the same trick. Like him or loathe him, he is the best at what he does and very entertaining. I'll be interested to see how it was done, but doubt he'll actually give it away.
  21. Oh man, that would be great. I wish they would even release the original on XBLA, I would buy it in a second. There's an old thread about the game on this forum and people posted you tube links to the songs. Classic. I'm amazed it ever got made. On paper it must have sounded shit, but when you play it everything is just right. Brilliant. I guess this will never happen with more popular rythym based games such as your Rock Bands and Guitar Heroes. I would liked to have seen a Duke Nukem sequel. I have such fond memories of the original and playing lan mulitplayer with my mates until the wee small hours. Shame it will probably never see the light of day now.
  22. Tempy

    Invert look

    Invert all the way. I don't know why, it just feels more natural. Doesn't matter if it's a flight sim or not. Although I do think that people that play flight sims non inverted are weird. Pull back to climb is the same in a real plane, pulling down to nose dive is just wrong.
  23. Ah bollox, I've been playing the slidy block puzzle one, which is actually pretty good. It does get quite hard in terms of trying to get the perfect score for each level. Right.....off to try the other one.
  24. I've played Space Ace. The controls work ok, although it can be a little buggy. I couldn't get past one scene where it asks you to energise so that Ace goes into beefed up mode and the button you have to press wouldn't light up. This meant that I kep missing it and getting eaten by green fluffy dog things. I tried the game a bit later and it was working fine. It does look beautiful though. Don Bluth animation for the win! The controls are pretty easy. On the right of the screen you have left, right, up and down, and an energise button in the bottom left screen area. I have only played it on cadet mode, so the arrows or energise button light up for you. I tried it without and it's fooking hard guessing where to move Ace or Dexter. Not sure it's worth the money except for nostalgic reason. It's very very short. Wait for Dragon's Lair I've only recently gotten into Bejewelled 2 and I love its simple puzzle action. I'm hooked. Can anyone recommend anything similar? I also have the brilliant Peggle and Drop 7. I couldn't get on with Droplitz though.
  25. I love the scene in Goblet Of Fire when Mad Eye Moody explains the three unforgivable curses. It goes from funny and jovial to, BANG! "oh so you think it's funny do ya? how about I have her drown herself, or jump out of a window". Brendan Gleason was a great choice for the role.
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