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  1. Yep, Christmas vacation goes on every year because apart from being a great Christmas film, it's also funny. You should check it out, it's brilliant. I've never watched Vegas though as I've heard it's pretty awful and never been all that bothered about watching it.
  2. Skippy's peanut butter, smooth and chunky in huge tubs for less than a fiver. I always buy their Lamb mince and freeze it as it is brilliant. Very tasty and no gristly bits. The trays of Danishes are amazing. The swirly ones with icing and raisins are so soft and tasty, awesome. Also their apple pie is enormous and excellent. The only apple pie I've had that is so good you can eat it without cream, ice cream or custard and it's still great. The ready to bake lasagne is very good too. Can easily feed four, has loads of rich meat and sauce and probably far too much cheese than is healthy but all the more lovely for it. The problem with CostCo is the portions. Make sure you've got a decent sized appetite or freezer.
  3. I really enjoyed this and was expect the whole ending to be a let-down, but the end is fine. Didn't need it, but certainly didn't ruin the film or lessen my enjoyment of it. As for….. Definitely will be watching it again when it comes out.
  4. I watched this on released and really enjoyed it . I subsequently recommend this to a few people. It's by no means a fantastic film and upon reflection doesn't totally make sense, but I was riveted whilst I was watching it. The screen I was in wasn't packed, in fact it was only about half full but pretty much nobody made a sound for the entire duration of the film. They must have been as engrossed as I was. I agree with the bit about the dog. I'm not a dog lover at all, but that was very uncomfortable to watch. it's not that it's graphic, it's just that it's not very pleasant. The film is definitely worth a watch.
  5. Agree with the cameo, it was great fun and was one on the few scenes that got a laugh. I thought this was ok, but not as enjoyable as the first one. The comedic moments fell flat and just became irritating after a while. Not Sam's parents in transformers level of irritating, but still...not great. I suspect the kids will love it though. The young lad with his nan in front of me was laughing away and clearly enjoying it. There's a bit after the first section of end credits (as always) which was a bit WTF for me. Perhaps that's me not knowing anything about the comics. Great to see Idris Elba's role beefed up a bit. He really has a strong screen presence. For opening week on an orange Wednesday, the cinema was pretty empty.
  6. I had to IMDB The Monster Club. I thought you meant The Monster Squad. I've said this in another thread but I'd like to see I Am Legend done properly. I don't read a lot of books, so it's not often I get to see a book I've really enjoyed make it to the big screen. This was one and I was hugely disappointed. Would love to see it in the hands of a decent director.
  7. In contrast I watched Ben earlier today and enjoyed it much much more. As much as you can enjoy something that dark and sad. I was much more emotionally engaged and genuinely felt for Ben and his family towards the end. It felt to me like he did genuinely want to kick the habit and it wasn't completely just the bullshit lies that addicts always roll out about wanting to quit. When he says "I can feel myself dying, I can see what it's doing to my body but I still can't stop doing this shit" it is heartbreaking. Interesting documentary.
  8. Totally agree with this. It was bleak but found it interesting enough to sit through until the end. Once I'd seen the end, it was so obviously staged that it made me doubt the rest of what I'd seen. As others have said, the quick cut choppy editing was bloody annoying too.
  9. Plissken has just posted about the sword and the sorcerer in another thread and the actor in that, Richard Lynch, reminded me of this trailer. I saw this trailer countless times in front of other rentals I watched back in the day, but I've never actually seen this film.
  10. I remember loving Sakura killers as a kid. I loved anything Ninja related. American ninja and old Sho Kosugi movies. Loved them all. Christ that looks awful though. Amazing the shit you'll watch when you're a kid. I barely remember any of that film now except the crazy acrobatics and the red and blue ninja suits.
  11. I've heard of it, but never actually got round to seeing it yet. I'll track it down
  12. I am legend, by someone that's read the book and thinks it's great but then doesn't proceed to change it in almost every way.
  13. Yes!....and as a My Name is Earl fan, I was also very pleasantly surprised to see Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) during the movies opening few minutes I can't quite work out why they pitched the trailer that way either as it markets it as a very different film and more of a mystery about how he did manage to land that plane. At least that how I perceived it and I would have liked to have seen that film. It doesn't matter that it turns out to be a slow drama as I also very much enjoyed it for what it is, but I think that primarily to do with Denzel's performance which is good. I agree with comments on here about the crash, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was brilliantly shot and very tense even though I knew the outcome. I thought it was an enjoyable movie.
  14. Well I hope it's not due to another decline in health. Thanks Cookie Never caught the first one at the cinema so I'm looking forward to this.
  15. That looks just as fun as the first of which I'm a big fan. I've recommended the first to so many friends who seem to have neglected it over some of the more seemingly well known kids films. I'm a bit gutted that Mr T is no longer voicing Earl. It seems Terry Crews has taken over. No mention on IMDB of why the swap.
  16. I'm actually surprised at how much I'm liking this. It's not fantastic, but it's enjoyable now I'm starting to get used to it and I like the characters. I resisted at first as I was expecting something else but now I'm starting to enjoy it for what it is. The problems I have with it are Ricky's performance. It's not very convincing. Too much gurning and it can be distracting although sometimes he does get it right. I don't understand the inclusion of the Kev character. Why would a sexual pervert who constantly drinks throughout the day and makes inappropriate comments be allowed anywhere near that place. I know it's been said before, but it doesn't make sense to me. I wouldn't mind as much if I thought his comments were funny, but I don't think the show is any better for having him in it. The comic relief should definitely come from Karl's character. He is clearly the best thing in it. His rant at the daughter that was after her mum's ring was brilliant. Yes it was what you as the audience was hoping for, it's very manipulative in that way, but it still worked in terms of pay off so I can forgive it for that. I'll keep watching
  17. I generally trust the forum collective when it comes to reviews but that being said I will still go and see a film if I think it might be a good laugh. The general consensus is pretty accurate though. This is not a good film. If you took Willis and the McClaine reference out of the film, as an over the top action flick it would be ok'ish. As an addition to the Die Hard franchise, it sucks. Another problem is, I don't like Jai Courtney. It's like another Sam Worthington and nobody wants that. He looks good, but is just lacking in any sort of natural charm or charisma. Some of the action scenes during the car chase at the beginning are very impressive, the explosions are great and everything feels very real and weighted (in terms of the stunt not the action). You sit there thinking, wow they actually launched that truck at the side of another even bigger truck carrying a big concrete tube. The collisions are hard and powerful and look real. It's some quite impressive stunt work. The problem is in the way that all these stunts play out as part of the chase, it is all so farfetched that it is massively distracting. I'm up on this bridge, I need to be down there so I'm just gonna drive off the side of this bridge, in heavy traffic, even though it's about 20 feet up and there are people driving underneath. Someone mentioned about McClaine punching a civilian to commandeer a vehicle. That's not even the worst bit of civilian disregard. At one point he drives a heavily armoured vehicle over the roofs of several civilian cars crushing them to fuck. My mate turned to me and said "they're all dead then" lol. The scenes get progressively more and more farfetched after this. I wouldn't mind if the Die Hards were meant to be that sort of film, but I don't think they are. In the first three John is just a normal guy. A great cop, but still a normal guy. He gets hit, you feel it, and you can see him suffer. He gets beaten, bleeds, gets cut and you can see him struggling. By the end of the first Die Hard he looks fucking exhausted. In this he leaps from a 40 story building whilst being shot to fuck by a helicopter and walks away with barely a mark on his nice white T shirt. In another scene John pulls a nice large bit of metal rod out of his sons side which has impaled him. They then go off about their business for the rest of the film without so much of a twinge or any reference to it and it goes on and on and gets worse and worse. It's great to look at, but some parts by the end are so over the top and CG it's like watching a computer game cut scene. So disappointing.
  18. Haha I watched that not long ago. By no means a great film, but definitely good fun. Watching Richard trying to outrun shuffling zombies (not running ones for a change) with his even slower zimmer frame shuffle
  19. Sad news. One of those rare actors where you get the impression that if you met him, he'd be as lovely as he appears on screen. Rest in peace.
  20. Same here and totally agree with your comment. Took me a little while to get into it, but it suddenly clicked and started to enjoy it and chuckled at a couple of bits. I just didn't love it. This had happened before though. Cars irritated me at the beginning on first watch but I slowly warmed to it when Lightening gets to the town and you meet the other characters. I enjoyed it a lot more the next time I watched it. Maybe that will happen with Brave but for now something's missing. The magic just isn't there. I've not seen Cars 2 yet btw.
  21. Damn, why isn't this part of the bargains thread? After downloading Ep1 of TWD I decided it would be madness not to get the others at 200 points a piece. I'm really enjoying it so far except for not being able to invert the controls and the fact I've had an Xbox notification block my choices. I've heard there are other bugs but don't want to read for fear of spoilers. It's a really enjoyable game so far though. Couldn't find any bargain deals on live points so picked up some at game. Then I found the link in here for 4200 points cheap. My own fault for not dipping in the discussion thread for a while I suppose. Also means I missed out on Mark of the Ninja as its back up to 1200 points
  22. Were it not for the fact I knew he was in town playing Captain Hook in panto, I doubt I would have believed it was him for one second. The guy's minted, god knows why he would want to spend any time in Chatham.
  23. Miranda Richardson standing behind me in the queue at a petrol station. Didn't say anything to her as I was too scared. I'm sure she's lovely, but she looked scary. Bob Geldof walking his daughter to school in Hammersmith years ago. I shouted "Alright Bob?" across the street and he waved back. 90's pop star Kavanagh at Kentish Town tube station. My missus was a fan back in the day, but wouldn't go and ask him for a pic. Nick Berry at Bluewater That nice gentleman judge from strictly Len something or other sat on the table behind us in a restaurant at Bluewater. Didn't speak to him but could hear that he was incredibly polite and accomodating to the staff in the retaurant and the people that stopped to say hello. Noah Huntley who I think was in Hollyoaks years ago and was also in 28 days later at a tube station in London. Forget which. Syd Owen driving his range rover towards the Medway Towns about a month ago, god knows where he was going. Maybe he's in Panto somewhere? Vanilla Ice eating in Chimichangas in Chatham. Took ages to pluck up the courage to go over with my mate and say hello. Waited until he was finished eating and then pounced on him. He wasn't impressed to begin with. He probably thought who are these two chumps?. He warmed up once I apologised for disturbing him, but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He let his guard down and was actually very friendly. I posed for a cheeky picture. Legend! I met Orbital on the tube on the way to Camden on my birthday last year. Made my day that did. Got a picture then too. My missus knew something up because I was ignoring her even more than usual as for two stops I was trying to pluck up the courage to say hello. They were quite pleased to be spotted and was happy to pose for a picture and said they rarely ever get recognised. Spotted Vic Reeves and his Wife Nancy walking along Maidstone high street a couple of years back. Back in the day I used to work for security for the Seduction and Caister weekenders. At one of the Seductions I sat back stage with Slipmatt and Ratpack whilst they were chilling out drinking Jack Daniels. That was cool. Surreal, but cool.
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