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  1. Hmm, having watched the advert that Deepcake produced using Bruce's likeness, and other shots from that link, they don't seem particularly proficient in Deepfake. I've seen better amatuer videos on TikTok.

  2. 1 hour ago, mexos said:

    I'm not sure, I saw a little clip and... dunno it's like the uncanny valley in reverse. Just felt off to me. Obvs I will watch them though.

    I hear ya. The game characters are so ingrained that to use actors which look so unlike their game counterparts is a little jarring for me. I’m sure the performances will win me over but these clips are doing nothing for me at the moment. I’m excited to see it regardless.

  3. 23 hours ago, cubik said:

    One weird thing though:

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    The day time scene after the night time fight where Jane Thor is introduced, the one where Thor & Jane are first talking about their relationship.


    Both of their faces were proper weirdly CGI'd. Not just smoothed out but almost as if the studio had badly superimposed their faces onto another actor, like that AA advert from a few years ago where the kid sings Proud Mary.



    Totally with you on this. I noticed it too and it was very off putting, like overly done and very amatuer looking skin smoothing. Thankfully it didn't seem as noticable through out the rest of the film. 

  4. Great shout @MardiganX. This wasn't on my radar at all. Thank you.

    Smashed it in a few days and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really do hope we get another series.


    Interesting direction it took when...



    He successfully initiates a code black reset to save Sarah, only to be unceremonioulsy dumped a little later whilst on holiday. Poor George :lol:  I wonder what triggered that? given we'd previously seen them in another timeline be happy, fall pregnant, get married and enjoying life before the pandemic started to take hold. I may have to go back and see if there were signs I missed that she wasn't happy and perhaps George was blinding by his feelings.


    It'll be interesting to see the consequences of giving Sarah the serum. That's got to backfire surely.


  5. 4 hours ago, JohnC said:

    It's just a checkpoint. As everyone seemed surprised to see it, maybe even a temporary one, with the gate posts being mobile. It's not designed to be there without troopers there too. Seems like a more robust checkpoint than the average police checkpoint on this planet. They would be even more useless if someone came along and murdered all the police at it.

    I don’t think the issue is with the gate itself. It’s clearly meant as a checkpoint to stop vehicles passing through the valley as a pedestrian could walk around it.

    They specifically show Obi-Wan going to the trouble of disabling the gate. He can’t power it down with the controls so he shoots the panel. He really must want it down, so you logically assume his intention is to jump back in the transport and drive through, but no he just walks through it. When I watched it I thought ‘well what was the point in that?’ as did many others. It’s very minor thing but the odd logic momentarily pulls you out of the story.


    There are several scenes which do this and you shouldn’t have to wildly speculate the characters motives to make sense of it. The story should tell you or hint at it. Vader with the fire was very odd and again it pulled me out the story.


    I am enjoying the story regardless, but cannot disagree with some of the criticism here. It doesn’t feel nitpicky. I think there are some issues with this show that could be easily resolved. It feels rushed and it’s a real shame. I really enjoyed Mando but thought Boba was pretty poor too. The quality is taking a dip.

  6. 24 minutes ago, Sabreman said:

    Er... I thought these two episodes were quite poor. I like some of the story ideas, but the execution of pretty much every aspect is clumsy and unexciting at best, and at times woeful. The action is unbelievably bad.


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    The first Jedi the Inquisitors track down escaping because he runs away after pulling down a piece of tent. Leia's Home Alone level chase scene through the woods, where the bad guys do their utmost to not catch up with her before legit falling over themselves. Inquisitor lady's wacky Crouching Tiger bounce around the rooftops that, despite starting at best a couple of hundred yards away, fails to get her to Obi-Wan who has all the time in the world to casually escape. 


    "Your fear betrays you"


    Fuck offffffff... come on, give us something new. Yes we all got the reference, Jeez.


    Why would Obi-Wan be out of practise? If he's dedicated to looking out for Luke he should be on the top of his game. Why would kidnapping Leia bring "too much attention" to the Organas? Nobody's going to arbitrarily question whether she's actually their kid just because she's been kidnapped. Lazy plotting that only does the job of making things happen because they have to.


    It's just so half-arsed.


    Finding it hard to disagree with all of your comments. I enjoyed it but...



    ...disappointed that they've gone with the Obi-wan is out of practise schtick. It feels cheap and purely for plot reasons and to introduce peril. I understand that he cannot or doesn't want to use the force for fear of detection, but the fact that someone as capable as he would lose it like that doesn't feel right.


    When luke catches up with him years later in A New Hope, he is clearly still a very powerful Jedi, strong with the force and still capable of taking on Vader. Maybe it's just me but I would have prefered a very powerful Obi-wan chosing not to use his powers to stay hidden rather than losing his skill.


  7. 2 minutes ago, robotattack said:


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    There were fan theories that Howard was going to die from something (like a heart attack) triggered by caffeine sensitivity because he had tea when he made a coffee for his wife. Purposeful misdirection from the writers?



    Yeah, I thought the same. The fact that the vet made a point of mentioning that it should be fine for anyone with a tolerance to caffeine and then purposefully showing Howard taking tea. Great bit of misdirection.


  8. 4 minutes ago, Pete said:

    one question:

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    how did the make Howard's pupils dilate?

    I missed that, but I think I might watch this episode again anyway


    The dodgy vet gave them an untraceable drug that was like a massive caffeine hit. Dilated pupils, hyperactive, sweating, all to make it look like Howard had been on the coke. They laced the photos with it which the PI gave to him.


  9. I noticed this too, and I can’t even recall the last 3D film I watched at the cinema. I can understand it with IMAX as you would use the cinema’s glasses, and with Covid I could see that being an issue. However, with the usual Real 3D screenings you take your own £1 glasses so I guess it’s just dying out.


    I can’t say I miss it that much. I had a 3D telly but when it went bang I just replaced it with a normal OLED.

  10. I’m by no means a huge Beatles fan, but I enjoy their music and I’m really enjoying it so far as the process is fascinating to watch. I really like seeing and hearing them just sitting together, chatting shit, playing and working things out. It’s great.

    When the audio doesn’t match I do find it a little jarring. It’s almost like they’ve got sound-a-like voice artists to overdub the visuals but that’s probably because I’m less used to hearing John and George speak rather than sing. Ringo however is embedded due to my son going through a classic Thomas phase 😂

  11. Yeah this does look good. Bearing in mind it's only Sep and there's still a bit of Summer sun still in the sky, it's the first Christmassy thing I've seen that's given me a nice little twang of Christmas spirit. Even if it is too bloody early :) 

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