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  1. Yes mate. Not used the service for a couple of days, but switched on this morning to be greeted with a message on my Samsung saying there is a problem with the app on 2016 models. They are working on it and to use another device to view the service. Perhaps an update has broken it on older televisions. Edit: pic
  2. Yeah I think so. If my 6 year old son went to a friends house and I found out the parent let the kids watch IT, I wouldn't be happy. They should have checked it was alright with you first as a courtesy. They can fuck their own kid up if they want, but not yours. It wouldn't even cross my mind to put that content on if my son had a friend over. I don't wrap my kid in cotton wool but that's a bit much.
  3. Yeah they are nice. I like the last green one. Very reminiscent of Olly Moss’ take on the original trilogy.
  4. In an earlier episode Jared’s character says that due to the lining in the core, which is designed to force the atoms to collide with each other, the radiation is being forced directly upwards now that it’s open. So anyone looking down into the core is getting a massively high dose of radiation focused directly at/into them. Horrific.
  5. Regarding the pregnant lady, apart from the fact she loves and wants to comfort her husband, it’s covered in the podcast and easy to forget that back then people didn’t understand radiation and the danger. If you knew a fire was burning at a nuclear power station would you go close to watch it? Absolutely not, but they did back then.
  6. That looks like it could be great fun.
  7. I'll add Back to the Future. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching that movie. It is just brilliant and there are so many feel good moments.
  8. I was going to post that. I just re-watched that at the weekend with my 4 year old who loves it. Becoming a dad has turned me into a right old softie. Pretty much from the scene from where he says "you did it Charlie" to when Charlie gives him the biggest hug having learned his whole family can move into the factory just choked me up. Gene Wilder's performance is such a joy and I get such a feeling of nostalgia when I watch it. Lovely. We've watched the remake on Netflix and it's not good.
  9. Sorry but I totally disagree. I recently watched the 4K 3D re-release at the cinema and it looked fantastic. John Connor’s ginger mullet mate aside, it doesn’t look dated at all. It’s a solid sci-fi action movie and still puts most modern action films to shame. The liquid metal T-1000 effects are a little dated, I’ll give you that but you’re so drawn in at that point it doesn’t matter.
  10. That looks fucking awful. The tone feels way off but hopefully it's just a trailer misstep, especially that music choice. I'd definitely be up for another equalizer type action movie with an older actor in the role and lots of violence, but Bruce's acting is shocking these days, especially in this. Worse than phoning it in. I'm was really looking forward to Shyamalan revisiting the Unbreakable universe, but Bruce is stinking up the place up with his I'm dead inside acting these days.
  11. I grew up watching his Film review show. I remember taping his Back to the Future 2 review so I could see a brief clip of the hover boards over and over. I was transfixed. R.I.P
  12. I think he's referring to Anthony Ingruber. https://youtu.be/vwLv993khfI Sorry, don't know how to embed from my phone.
  13. Two episodes left of Death on the Staircase and it's fascinating. This sort of thing is right up my street. I've even got my wife hooked and she rarely enjoys the same things I do on telly. I love a bit of real life court case action. I'm sure someone commented in here about there being an update released in 2013? I came to thank them as I didn't realise that, but cannot find the comment now. Whoever it was, thanks I'll have to track down The Staircase II from 2013 as it doesn't seem to be in iplayer. I've watched Making a Murderer, Thin Blue Line, Paradise Lost (all three), Dear
  14. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but someone has edited Breaking Bad into a 2hr movie. Apologies if this is old, but I've only just seen it shared. https://player.vimeo.com/video/206717304
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